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Knowledgespeak is the world's first online news service to report all the relevant developments within the STM publishing industry, on a daily basis. This is a free service that also offers additional resources including a blog area, calendar of events, articles, white papers and a directory of STM publishers.

Subscribers to Knowledgespeak are able to:

  • Stay informed by receiving daily news summaries of important industry developments, forthcoming events, new products and services launched, etc.
  • Track competitor activity
  • Discuss and participate in relevant blogs
  • Easily locate relevant database providers, events, interesting articles and white papers, etc.
  • Search for past articles
  • STM publishers will also be able to promote their products/services by sending in their press releases and through online advertising

The service is provided by Scope e-Knowledge Center, a leading information and research company that helps clients build intellectual property. Scope offers world-class database, research and analysis services to organizations in the US, UK and Europe. In operation for over 18 years, Scope has built a strong international clientele. Headquartered in Chennai, India, we also have a marketing network which spans New York, London, Chicago, Orlando and Brussels.

Scope is a unique e-knowledge organization, based on the emerging paradigm of linking knowledge and human resources around the world, regardless of geographical distances. Each of our services spearheads an activity / area of knowledge, with the underlying purpose of helping our clients benefit from value-added intellectual property.

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