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  Friday, March 22, 2019
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  • To invest and not spend beyond your advertising    budget.Knowledgespeak subscribers include decision makers holding    top management positions such as CEO,COO,Vice    President,Directors and General Managers.
  • Knowledgespeak is the only daily intelligence resource exclusively    for the STM information industry.
  • Knowledgespeaks international coverage spanning 60 nations will    help to create awareness about the latest events in your    company,as well as the products and services offered
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    About our Readership

    Knowledgespeak reaches the most relevant audience, which includes STM Publishers, Publishing Service Providers, STM Associations, Scholarly professionals, Scientists, Academicians and Librarians, spread across more than 60 countries.The site receives an average of over 23,000 hits per month.The newsletter is distributed free of charge everyday to over 2000 decision makers holding top management positions.


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    About Knowledgespeak

    Knowledgespeak is the world's first online intelligence service to report on all the relevant developments within the STM information industry. The service has become the benchmark for STM news and is widely subscribed by people who matter in the STM industry. As an STM publisher / service provider, Knowledgespeak provides you the right platform to post your banner advertisement. Banner advertisement in is sure to give you a definite edge over any of your other online advertising options.

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