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  A virtual showroom, showcasing STM products, services, tools and support solutions
  Currently there are 193 publishers, 227 service providers and 55 support tools and services providers
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  Services Provider
 Data Management(33)
 Web-based Information services(25)
 Information and Publishing Services(21)
 Data Research and Consulting services / solutions(21)
 Digital content services(19)
 Sales and Marketing services / Subscription Agent(14)
 Book & Journal Distribution(8)
 IT-Enabled Services(8)
 Community / Social Networks / Professional Interest Groups(8)
 Publishing services(7)
 Healthcare information services(6)
 Book / Journal production(6)
 Electronic/research databases services(5)
 E-content services and Technology provider(5)
 Content Design, Creation, Aggregation, Storage and Distribution(5)
 Library information/solutions provider(4)
 Website Design, Development and Management(3)
 Technologies and Supporting Services(2)
 Publisher Linking services(2)
 Data aggregation / Search tools and services(2)
 Editor / Editorial services(2)
 Electronic Research Databases(2)
 Digital Publishing(2)
 Online reference library(2)
 Education and research services(2)
 Indexing/Taxonomy/Bibliographic Services/Cataloging(1)
 Data Quality /Cleansing and Enrichment(1)
 Online Information Services(1)
 Authors/publisher rights(1)
 End to End solution Provider(1)
 publisher partnership programs / consortiums(1)
 Information resources and technologies provider(1)
 Technical Databases Publishing(1)
 Peer review and Manuscript tracking / Citation alert services(0)
 Composition and Typesetting(0)
 Database design and Implementation(0)
 Graphic Design Services(0)
 Research and data services(0)
 Risk Analyses / R&D/Forecasting / Recommender systems(0)
 Journal performance tracking(0)
 Pricing and market intelligence provider(0)
 Recommender systems(0)
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