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UK OUP named publisher and distributor of the year at booksellers' awards - 22 Mar 2011

Academic publisher Oxford University Press (OUP) was recently named Publisher and Distributor of the Year at a Booksellers Association award ceremony. This is the sixth time in seven years that OUP collected the Publisher of the Year award, and the seventh year in a row that it won the Distributor of the Year prize at the Conference for Academic, Professional & Specialist Booksellers Awards Ceremony.

OUP sales representative Stevie Thomson also took home Publisher Sales Rep of Year Award on the night, rounding off a successful ceremony for the publisher.

The awards are judged by booksellers and Bookseller Association members working in the UK who score publishers throughout the year. Categories focus specifically on the services being offered to booksellers by publishers such as engagement with bookshops, support from central or head office services, delivery turnaround times, and publishing.

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UK NISO and UKSG announce 30 more publishers endorse KBART - 22 Mar 2011

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and UKSG have announced that 30 more publishers will now be able to supply metadata that conforms to the recommended practice, KBART: Knowledge Bases And Related Tools (NISO RP-9-2010). Endorsement of this publication, which contains practical recommendations for the timely exchange of accurate metadata between content providers and knowledge base developers, indicates that the format and content of data supplied by the publisher to knowledge bases and related tools conform to the KBART recommendations.

The latest endorsers are the American Psychological Association, Edinburgh University Press and the Scitation platform, which delivers metadata on behalf of 28 society publishers.

By providing a common set of metadata requirements for the information supply chain, KBART helps to reduce the administrative burden of metadata management, and ensures greater visibility and usage of content. The joint UKSG/NISO KBART Working Group is now focusing on Phase II of the project, which will tackle some of the more advanced issues with knowledge bases in the supply chain. The Phase II recommendations will outline additional steps that can be taken by all stakeholders to further improve the library user's experience when using link resolvers and their related knowledge bases, and will specifically address consortia-specific metadata transfer, open access metadata, and enhanced support for e-books and conference proceedings.

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US AIP Publishing re-launches Journal of Laser Applications on the Scitation hosting platform - 22 Mar 2011

AIP Publishing, a division of the American Institute of Physics (AIP), has announced the re-launch of the Laser Institute of America's Journal of Laser Applications (JLA) on AIP's innovative Scitation hosting platform. As part of a new strategic partnership agreement between the Laser Institute of America (LIA) and AIP, LIA designated AIP to publish their flagship journal on behalf of the society.

Scitation has infused JLA with a broad range of interactive features, helping users find the content they need more quickly. Researchers will discover redesigned abstract pages, including related articles, article outlines, and an article objects tab, which provides direct access to tables and figures. New table of contents pages offer expandable abstracts and keywords. JLA users will also benefit from enhanced search functions, including faceted results and intuitive search suggestions, which filter results and help them find relevant information more quickly.

In addition, JLA now features dynamic full-text HTML, including a slide-out navigation bar, inline links to references, and inline search, which reveals lists of popular related articles. JLA now also offers a streamlined mobile version of its website.

First published in 1988, Journal of Laser Applications has been a major forum for the exchange of ideas and information on the diverse applications of photonic technology, including materials processing, laser safety, and sensing and measurement.

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Canada Canadian government unveils transparency initiative with limited scope - 22 Mar 2011

Long accused of systemic secrecy and reluctance to disclose information on issues ranging from food safety to drug approval, the Canadian government has unveiled certain transparency initiatives, according to the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ). The initiatives include datasets like ones on the number of dairy cows in Canada and soldiers of World War I.

Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) are not among the 10 departments and agencies posting data at a new web portal. Moreover, licensing restrictions and requirements around what data is to be shared are seen to make the initiative substantially narrower than those now underway in other nations like the US.

The initiative will see the federal government share the data it collects in a 'more useful format,' proactively release information about its activities on an ongoing basis, and give Canadians 'a stronger say' in policies and priorities through expanding 'Web 2.0 technologies,' the government claimed in unveiling its plans (http://open.gc.ca/open-ouvert/aop-apgo-eng.asp).

Officials also launched an Open Government website with links to preexisting disclosure pages on various department sites (http://open.gc.ca). Additionally, they kicked off an open data pilot project to provide the public with 'single-window access' to select federal datasets (http://www.data.gc.ca/default.asp?lang=En&n=F9B7A1E3-1).

The initiative may constitute compliance with the government's stated commitment to the OECD to launch a new portal to provide one-stop access to federal datasets by the fall of 2010 (www.oecd.org/dataoecd/48/56/46342001.pdf).

No rationale was reportedly provided for excluding Health Canada and PHAC from the pilot project. Only select datasets from 10 federal departments will be made available via the new portal, only one of which - Citizenship and Immigration Canada - was among the top five recipients of Access to Information requests between 2009 and 2010 (www.infosource.gc.ca/bulletin/2010/b/bulletin33b/bulletin33b02-eng.asp). Health Canada received the fourth most requests during that period.

According to the CMAJ, Health Canada recently come under fire from health experts and open government policy experts for keeping the data that informs its decision-making processes under wraps in the name of protecting industry interests.

While most of the information currently posted on Canada's new open data portal is machine-readable, some maps and older data are posted as PDF documents or images. Users must also agree to a licence in order to access the portal. That licence contains restrictions on an individual or organisation's ability to 'disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the data made available.' No such clauses are found in open government licences required by other nations, the CMAJ has pointed out.

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US Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco 2011 previews exhibitor announcements - 22 Mar 2011

O'Reilly Media, Inc. and UBM TechWeb, co-producers of the annual Web 2.0 and Gov 2.0 events, recently previewed exhibitor announcements that will be made at the Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco, scheduled for March 28-31, 2011, at Moscone West. Web 2.0 Expos are annual events that bring people, ideas, products, and companies together to build stronger Web 2.0 communities, shaping the next-generation Web. Registration is now open at www.web2expo.com/sf.

In addition to sponsor news, each day will bring big announcements from the event's main stage. The line-up of Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco exhibitors making announcements is growing, and they'll be making more news on site.

Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco will consist of a multi-track conference, new 'unconference' style Conversations, a rich exposition featuring companies showcasing the latest innovations and many networking opportunities and event.

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US Righthaven loses copyright lawsuit filed against non-profit organisation - 22 Mar 2011

Copyright enforcement firm Righthaven, US, reportedly lost a lawsuit last week in a ruling that a nonprofit's reposting of an entire newspaper article was a lawful fair use. The ruling, if upheld on appeal, could possibly change the way that copyrighted newspaper articles get treated on the web.

Righthaven is seen to have garnered controversy by suing 250 different blogs and websites over newspaper copyrights. With the latest ruling, the company has lost its second case. The first finding of fair use was over a website that only quoted about 25 percent of a Las Vegas Review-Journal (R-J) story.

In general, 'fair use' is the rule that justifies partial use of a copyrighted work. Fair use allows for quotation in a book review or news report. However, in certain situations, judges have found 100 percent of a work to be fair use. In a hearing on March 18, US District Judge James Mahan found this case as one of those circumstances. He ruled that it was legal for Oregon non-profit Center for Intercultural Organizing (CIO) to post a full copy of a newspaper article from R-J on its website. The judge based his decision on several factors including that CIO serves a completely different market than the R-J.

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US Thomson Reuters announces add-on module to its Newport Premium Solution - 22 Mar 2011

Information services provider Thomson Reuters, US, has announced the launch of the Newport Biologics Module, claimed to be the most essential source of competitive intelligence for the rapidly growing market in biologic and biosimilar drugs.

The development of biological drugs has seen a dramatic increase during the past five years with nearly 6,000 clinical trials with a biological intervention being reported since 2005, according to Thomson Reuters. With this increase have come new government regulations promoting competition in the sector.

The Newport Biologics Module claims to be a vital addition to the Thomson Reuters Newport Premium solution and will allow generic drug companies, biotech firms or manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), to assess their own opportunities to enter the biosimilars market or to spot potential competitive activity.

The module provides unique manufacturing process data covering biologic drugs, including recombinant proteins, antibodies, factors, and vaccines. Companies considering pursuing biosimilar opportunities can analyse multiple potential bio-manufacturing processes for each drug, genetic sequences, process steps, starting materials, and equipment required, as well as review related patents and literature.

Thomson Reuters Newport products is built on more than a decade's experience of supplying solutions to meet the critical business challenges in the highly competitive and global generic and API markets. These products are now used by more than 250 of the world's leading generic companies and API manufacturers operating in 60 countries around the world.

Thomson Reuters Newport Premium integrates intelligence on more than 40,000 launched products with more than 300,000 brand names containing over 10,000 different active ingredients and over 20,000 corporate groups involved with manufacturing and marketing dose products of both small molecule and biologic active ingredients.

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US SavoirSoft's grant and licensing programme to study new ways to connect with digital collections - 22 Mar 2011

SavoirSoft, a micro-publishing marketplace that enables its members to securely distribute and profit from their digital works, has announced it will provide grants and no-fee licenses to its micro-licensing publication platform for public and private, not-for-profit academic libraries, university presses, and on-line teaching initiatives.

Institutions participating in SavoirSoft's grant and licensing programme will study new ways to connect with digital collections and demonstrate innovative collaboration and distribution tools for micro-publishing using openly available, non-proprietary computing formats freely accessible by all current and future computing devices. Results and findings will be made available to participants so best-practices in support of digital scholarly publishing, academic research, and on-line teaching may be further advanced by all.

SavoirSoft's grant programme is designed to help universities, libraries, and on-line education organisations build new digital micro-publication and distribution channels that enrich information access and digital literacy of their user communities. Up to $1.2 million in no-fee licenses and grants will be awarded.

Eligible organisations are those educating future writers and information professionals; developing on-line teaching aids, materials and curricula designed to be distributed digitally across the Internet; and those who are currently providing, managing, or studying access to digital library collections. Program applications are considered individually by SavoirSoft's Board of Directors on a first received, first reviewed basis.

More details on the programme can be found at: www.savoirsoft.com/universities.html

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UK Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals launches OA design journal on QScience.com - 22 Mar 2011

Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals (BQFJ) has announced the launch of Tassmeem on QScience.com, the digital publishing portal for research journals. Tassmeem is a new, peer-reviewed, open-access, international design journal that provides a multi-modal forum for the exchange of ideas and findings on all aspects of creative research. All content in the journal will be 'open access', meaning they are free-to-read on the web and authors retain copyright on their works.

The journal seeks to publish high quality, thought-provoking, original research that engages in the evolving scholarship of design. It will cover areas such as creativity and innovation, design education and pedagogy, design theory, criticism and history, sustainability, applied design, design methodology, interdisciplinary design, experimental design, the practice of design and global/local design.

QScience.com's advanced technology makes research findings readily accessible and searchable using multimedia functionalities to support text, data, audio and video formats. It is also the first scholarly research platform to make journal abstracts available in both English and Arabic.

QScience.com already hosts six scholarly journals covering diverse subject areas such as cardiology, information & library studies, sustainable energy, education, Middle Eastern healthcare and Islamic studies. Many other journals are scheduled to be added in 2011.

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US Dialog seeks applications for 2011 Roger K. Summit Scholarship - 22 Mar 2011

Online information services provider Dialog, part of the ProQuest family of businesses, is seeking applicants for its 2011 Roger K. Summit Scholarship. Open to applicants from around the world, the US$5,000 award is given annually to a promising graduate student in library and information sciences.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is April 30, 2011. To qualify, candidates must be enrolled in an accredited library or information sciences programme. A panel of information professionals will select the winner after reviewing academic achievement, interest in electronic information services and faculty recommendations.

The Roger K. Summit Scholarship is named in honour of Dialog founder and Chairman Emeritus Roger K. Summit, a pioneer in developing the technology behind online information retrieval. Since 1993, Dialog has presented 26 scholarships. This year's winner will be announced at the Special Libraries Association's 2011 Annual Conference, scheduled to be held June 12-15 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the US. Applications are available at http://gep.dialog.com/scholarship/application.shtml.

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India Attention Subscribers - www.myscoope.com lets you access Knowledgespeak using your mobile devices - 22 Mar 2011

Mobile access for Knowledgespeak is now available via our new beta application, SCOOPE STM Mobile. Subscribers on the move can now gain easy access to Knowledgespeak through a reader-friendly mobile phone interface.

This application is uniquely available in two versions: a mobile browser version and a Java application version. The mobile browser version, www.myscoope.com, is designed specifically for all types of Mobile Phones and Devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad, Black Berry and Android phones. The Java version - SCOOPE.JAR - is for all other Java enabled phones which are not browser friendly.

Some of SCOOPE STM Mobile's user-friendly features include:

Selecting desired news items
Saving News articles in the local phone memory for later reading
Search options
Forwarding information via SMS or email
Navigating to the URL links listed in the news item

Knowledgespeak is currently inviting feedback/suggestions from its subscribers as to their experiences with the service. Please send in your feedback to us at kspeaknews@scopeknowledge.com

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