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Awards, Certifications and other Achievements

Celebrating two years of Emerald Publishing Services
- 21 Mar 2017

Academic publisher Emerald Publishing Services (EPS) has announced that since its launch as a third party publishing program for research dissemination two years ago, 16 agreements have been signed with a range of universities and associations worldwide, comprising a combination of new journal launches and acquisitions.

Through a variety of services which include electronic production, editorial consultancy and bespoke marketing campaigns, EPS converts peer-reviewed papers into professional publications both in print and online.

Journals published via EPS are hosted as open access on emeraldinsight.com, enhancing the discoverability, impact and value of the research through the use of enriched metadata and search engine optimization.

New journal launches for 2017 include PSU Research Review: An International Journal and the International Journal of Crowd Science, strengthening Emerald's existing subject collection of education; engineering; innovation; economics; logistics and social care.

The 16 existing partnerships include a mix of universities and associations based in North America, China, the Netherlands, Peru, Taiwan, Turkey, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Republic of Ireland, with more anticipated throughout 2017.

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IOP Publishing announces Reviewer Awards winners for 2016
- 20 Mar 2017

IOP Publishing, as part of its commitment to recognise and reward peer review, has announced their Reviewer Awards winners for 2016. The best reviewers from each journal have been carefully selected by their Editors based on the quality, quantity and timeliness of their reviews.

Each journal has chosen one person to receive the Reviewer of the Year Award, and selected a number of other excellent reviewers to receive Outstanding Reviewer awards.

Of the 27,000 researchers who reviewed for IOP in 2016, 1,408 have received an award. Please visit the respective journal pages to see the winners listed in full. Winners come from 140 countries, with Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (France) and the University of Cambridge (UK) picking up the most awards, with eight and seven respectively.

Peer review forms the backbone of scholarly communication, providing essential rigour and validation for published papers.

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Clarivate Analytics announces the 'Eugene Garfield Information Sciences Pioneer Award' to honour Dr. Eugene Garfield's legacy to Information Sciences
- 20 Mar 2017

Clarivate Analytics, formerly the Intellectual Property&Science business of Thomson Reuters, has announced the creation of the 'Eugene Garfield Information Sciences Pioneer Award' to honour the legacy of Dr. Eugene Garfield, the visionary founder of the Web of Science and a pioneer of Information Science. This award will be given annually to at least one promising information scientist, selected by a board of prominent scientometricians.

Clarivate Analytics, the home of the Web of Science and Journal Impact Factor, currently supports innovative research by individuals in the scientometric community through a thought leadership program, which gives researchers access to Web of Science data, as well as to scholarships such as the American Society of Information Science&Technology's Outstanding Teacher Award and Dissertation Proposal Award. Both awards were created in the early 1980s by Dr. Garfield. This new award will enable additional researchers to advance the field and build on Dr. Garfield's legacy.

The Scientific&Academic Research business of Clarivate Analytics continues to build on the early work of Dr. Garfield who developed the Science Citation Index, Current Contents and many other indexes in the sciences. By revolutionising data-driven science, Clarivate is the leading provider of citation and innovation data and analytics to research organisations throughout the world.

At least one prize will be given annually for the most innovative research in scientometrics, which can be applied to the field globally. It will be awarded to an early-career researcher (i.e., no more than PhD + 10 years) and based on the application criteria and on the researcher's needs. In addition to the award, Clarivate Analytics will provide the successful applicant with in-kind support and access to Web of Science data.

The online award application will be available starting in April 2017. Until that time, anyone interested should register to be notified when it becomes available, by sending an email to danielle.connelly@clarivate.com.

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MyScienceWork wins NFAIS national 'Startup Shootout' competition
- 17 Mar 2017

The 2017 Winner of the Year in the National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) Startup Shootout was MyScienceWork, a startup organisation that serves the whole scholarly community with services and products optimized by strong semantic algorithms and one of the largest databases of research content and profiles.

MyScienceWork, represented by COO, Laurence Bianchini, competed with three other contestants for the title: Yewno, represented by Ruth Pickering, co-founder and chief strategy and business development officer; Code Ocean, with CEO Simon Adar presenting; and Protocols.io, represented by CEO Lenny Teytelman.

The judging panel comprised of Kent R. Anderson, founder of Caldera Publishing Solutions, which provides strategic and business consulting for scientific and scholarly publishers; James Phimister, Principal, PHI Perspectives, a management consulting firm focused on supporting organic and inorganic growth for clients in information and science based markets; and Jason Rollins, Senior Director of Innovation, Clarivate Analytics, which owns and operates a collection of leading subscription-based services focused on scientific and academic research, patent analytics and regulatory standards, pharmaceutical and biotech intelligence, trademark protection, domain brand protection and intellectual property management.

MyScienceWork received a plaque from NFAIS and an invitation to present in an upcoming NFAIS Webinar.

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EBSCO eBooks reaches one million title mark
- 09 Mar 2017

EBSCO has continued its commitment to libraries to continually grow their selection of best-selling, front list and award winning e-book titles by reaching the one million e-book mark. Libraries looking to build their e-book collection can rely on EBSCO eBooks from EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) to provide the most e-book options and the best integrated platform user experience possible.

Since EBSCO first began offering e-books to libraries, the focus has been to offer an extensive collection of e-books from publishers around the world and a comprehensive and powerful search experience. EBSCO proactively acquires new content in critical areas, based on the dynamic needs of libraries. In the past six months, approximately 16,000 e-books were added each month and in the past seven years EBSCO eBooks has seen an increase of 800,000 e-books. EBSCO eBooks is accessible via the well- known, easy-to-use EBSCOhost® platform and integrates seamlessly with all EBSCOhost content. Allowing end users to search for e-books along with their EBSCOhost database content improves the discoverability of library collections.

To provide more choices to librarians and their patrons and allow librarians more freedom to make purchasing decisions, e-books are available to purchase on a title-by-title basis as well as in Subject Sets and Featured Collections. EBSCO creates approximately 21 pre-packaged Featured Collections per month and also offers a choice of 27 Subscription Collections that are updated quarterly. Subject Sets allow for quick and easy purchases in particularly high-interest subject area and approximately 50-60 Subject Sets are released each year.

EBSCO is committed to focus on optimising the e-book user experience for library patrons. Being fully integrated with EBSCOhost and EBSCO Discovery Service® and offering access to the world's finest collection of content, EBSCO eBooks platform offers time saving and patron-friendly features like print and save as well as improved performance, and both vertical scrolling and sequential paging. EBSCO also updated the EBSCO eBooks mobile experience, making it easier to access industry leading content by no longer requiring an Adobe ID login.

Libraries have several options when purchasing e-books from EBSCO: using the ownership model (one user, three user, unlimited user, concurrent access); through Patron-Driven Acquisition (PDA); via lease; or subscription collections. Titles can be purchased through GOBI, OASIS, EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM), Titlewave and Mackin.com. With no markups and no fees of any title and no minimum order requirement, EBSCO eBooks is an economical and convenient way for libraries to acquire the titles that researchers, clinicians and students need.

EBSCO also offers a premium collection of 70,000 high-quality audiobook titles. EBSCO Audiobooks provides audiobooks directly from mobile devices to make on-the-go listening easier. Audiobooks are available to purchase in ECM through a Single User perpetual access model.

Brought to you by Scope e-Knowledge Center, a world-leading provider of metadata services, abstraction, indexing, entity extraction and knowledge organisation models (Taxonomies, Thesauri and Ontologies).
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