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Citation Statistics / Analyses / Enhancements

Clarivate Analytics to be exclusive provider of Web of Science citation data to Australian Research Council for ERA 2018
- 22 Aug 2017

Clarivate Analytics, the global provider of trusted insights and analytics to enable the research ecosystem to accelerate discovery, will provide citation data to the Australian Research Council (ARC), a Commonwealth entity within the Australian Government that provides advice on research matters, administers the National Competitive Grants Program and administers Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA).

Web of Science will be the exclusive source of citation data for the ARC to use when assessing the quality of research at Australian higher education institutions in the 2018 round of ERA. This exercise includes evaluations informed by a range of indicators including citation metrics and peer review, with a focus on those relating most clearly to the quality of research outputs.

Through ERA, the ARC identifies excellence in research by comparing Australia's university research outputs against international benchmarks, creating incentives to improve the quality of research and identifying emerging research areas and opportunities for further development. Using Web of Science data, the ARC exercise will be supported with high quality and accurate data as well as coverage of key relevant journals to identify and promote Australian research excellence.

As the country's national research evaluation framework, ERA identifies and promotes excellence across the full spectrum of research activity in Australia's 42 higher education institutions. The ARC has responsibility for ERA, which provides the government, universities, industry and prospective students with valuable information about academic research performance in Australia, nationally and internationally, for all discipline areas.

ERA promotes high-quality research to benefit Australian society and drive the country's innovation and economic growth. For more information about ERA and ERA 2018, visit: http://www.arc.gov.au/excellence-research-australia.

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Wolters Kluwer announces IF gains across its Lippincott and Medknow journal portfolio
- 18 Aug 2017

Wolters Kluwer, a global provider of information and point of care solutions for the healthcare industry, has announced Impact Factor gains across its Lippincott and Medknow journal portfolio. The latest Impact Factor (IF) scores and specialty rankings are based on the 2016 Journal Citation Report (Clarivate Analytics).

The Medknow open access journal portfolio had a stellar performance with 78 percent of the 32 titles listed in the JCR seeing an increase in their IF rating over the previous year. Six journals saw significant gains including the International Journal of Shoulder Surgery, Neural Regeneration Research, CytoJournal, National Medical Journal of India, Journal of Minimal Access Surgery, and Journal of Research in Medical Sciences.

For Lippincott's 201 titles listed in the JCR rankings 61 percent of the journals had gains over the previous year with 15 titles increasing 25 percent or more. Lippincott publishes the #1 ranked titles in the subject categories: Education, Scientific Disciplines, Hematology, Peripheral&Vascular Disease, Rehabilitation, and Surgery.

In the top 5 ranks, Lippincott holds 25 spots across 18 specialties; in the top 10 rankings Lippincott holds 51 spots across 33 specialties; and rounding out the top 20 rankings, Lippincott holds 91 spots across 44 specialties.

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Elsevier's CiteScore shines a spotlight on high-quality journals neglected by other metrics
- 26 Jul 2017

Elsevier, a global information analytics company specializing in science and health, claims that its CiteScore is currently the only metric for more than 200 top-quality academic journals from numerous renowned publishers that guides them in their exceptional work. Metrics are an important tool to determine editorial choices when editing research journals and managing their role in their respective fields.

Analysis by Elsevier has found 216 journals from 70 publishing houses in the top 10% of the most-cited journals in their subject category with no critical journal metric other than CiteScore. CiteScore is the only fast and readily available metric to allow these journals to be recognised as highly-influential publications.

Each of the 216 journals have been published 45 times or more in the past three years. Taylor and Francis is the publishing house with the highest number of journals in the top 10% for their subject areas that only benefit from a CiteScore, Elsevier is second (28 journals) and Springer Nature third (20 journals).

CiteScore metrics were launched in December 2016 in response to academia's call for metrics that provide a broader, more transparent view of an academic journal's citation impact. CiteScore metrics are part of a basket of metrics available on Scopus (including journal, author, institutional, and article-level metrics), supporting a holistic view of research performance. Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books, conference proceedings and trade publications.

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SAGE Publishing reports continued growth in 2017 Journal Citation Reports
- 20 Jul 2017

Academic publisher SAGE Publishing has reported continued strong performance and growth across its journals portfolio in the 2017 Journal Citation Reports.

SAGE continues to see consistent growth within the reports. In 2017, 70 percent of SAGE journals received an increased ranking with 49 percent of SAGE journals now ranking within the top half of their subject category. 233 titles now place in the top 30 percent of the JCR and over 100 SAGE journals received a top 10-category rank. 566 titles are now listed totaling a 40 percent increase in SAGE journals indexed titles over the last five years. In an increase from the 2016 reports, this year also saw 21 titles receive their first ranking.

In the SSCI category SAGE now has 393 titles listed, a 27 percent increase over the last five years. Of those titles, 68 percent received an increased Impact Factor, 3 of those titles represent newly ranked titles for SAGE. 134 journals are now placed in the top 25 percent of the JCR rankings for their category. In the 2017 reports SAGE publishes the market-leading journal within 8 SSCI categories: Communication; Cultural Studies; History&Philosophy of Science (SSCI); Psychology, Applied; Psychology, Social; Social Sciences, Mathematical Methods; Social Work; and Women's Studies.

Of particular note across the SSCI portfolio are Public Understanding of Science which with an increased IF (2.552) is now marked as the market leading journal in its category and the Journal of Consumer Culture which retains its market leading position in its category with an IF of 3.579, its highest to date. In addition Public Policy and Administration which received its first impact factor of 1.529, putting it into the top twenty journals in the Public Administration category. Several journals also saw a marked increase in their impact factors: Qualitative Research (increase of 20 percent) putting into the top quartiles of both its disciplines; Progress in Human Geography (increase of 12 percent) is retaining its 2nd position within its category, and New Media and Society (increase of 34 percent) placing it as the top journal within its category.

As a result of SAGE's organic growth across the journals portfolio and SAGE's strategic acquisitions within the medical, engineering and technology disciplines SAGE has seen a 43 percent increase over the past five years in the number of titles indexed in the SCI index. This year saw 217 journals now ranked, making this a 6.4 percent increase from the number of titles ranked in 2017 reports. 34 journals are now ranked in the top 25 percent of their SCI category.

By 5 year Impact Factor, SAGE publishes the market-leading journal in Orthopaedics and History&Philosophy Of Science (SCI). In the 2016 reports SAGE publishes the market leading journal within 3 SCI categories: Audiology&Speech-Language Pathology; Rehabilitation (SCI); and Orthopaedics.

Of particular note across the SCI portfolio are both the Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice and Pulmonary Circulation, both of which received their first impact factors at 1.735 and 2.178 respectively. Marked increases were also seen in: The American Journal of Sports Medicine (26 percent increase) putting it back as the market leading journal in orthopaedics; the open access journal Trends in Hearing (40 percent increase) making it the market leading journal in Audiology&Speech-Language Pathology and in Otorhinolaryngology; International Journal of Robotics Research (113 percent increase) making it #2 in the field of Robotics; Therapeutic Advances in Medical Oncology (60 percent increase); Therapeutic Advances in Neurological Disorders (59 percent increase) and Palliative Medicine (15 percent increase).

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Wiley posts strong performance in 2017 Journal Citation Reports
- 17 Jul 2017

Wiley's performance in the 2017 release of Clarivate Analytics' Journal Citation Reports (JCR) remains strong, maintaining its position as #3 in terms of the number of titles indexed, articles published and citations received. Overall, 1,214 Wiley journals were included in the reports (+9 from last year), of which 57% were society publications - strengthening Wiley's position as the world's leading society publishing partner.

Wiley journals were ranked #1 in 26 subject categories, and achieved 363 top-10 category rankings. Particular success stories include the continued high performance of CA-A Cancer Journal for Clinicians (retaining its #1 spot across the entire JCR with an Impact Factor of 187.04), and the successful separation of the American Geophysical Union's Journal of Geophysical Research, which appeared for the first time under each of its constitutive titles, ranking highly across 7 distinct subject categories.

In Physical Sciences, the journals Advanced Electronic Materials (4.193), Energy Science&Engineering (2.172), ChemNanoChem (2.937) received their first impact factor.

Wiley journals continued to lead within their subject categories with Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering ranking as the top journal in two categories (Construction&Building Technology; Transportation Science&Technology). International Journal of Energy Research retained its #1 ranking in the Nuclear Science&Technology category, Mass Spectrometry Reviews remained #1 in Spectroscopy, and WIREs Computational Molecular Science is the #1 journal in Mathematical and Computational Biology for the third straight year.

The impact factor of Advanced Science (open access) also increased dramatically, with a change of 50.6% to 9.034.

In Life Sciences, 7 titles ranked #1 in their fields. Land Degradation and Development (ranked #1 in Soil Science), Wildlife Monographs (ranked #1 in Zoology), Fish and Fisheries (#1 in Fisheries) and Global Change Biology (#1 in Biodiversity Conservation) all retained the #1 ranking from last year.

Within Earth Science, The American Geophysical Union (AGU) continues to have highly cited journals that rank in the top of their subject areas, including Water Resources Research and Reviews of Geophysics and Paleoceanography. Additionally this year, for the first time, separate impact factors have been calculated by Clarivate for each Journal of Geophysical Research title.

In Health Sciences five journals are ranked #1 in their category: Addiction, CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, Head&Neck, Ultrasound in Obstetrics&Gynecology and World Psychiatry, with CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians ranked #1 journal in the JCR overall. 215 (67%) Wiley Health Sciences titles listed in the 2016 JCR saw an increase in impact factor and 65 titles appear in the top 10 of their category. Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology, an open access journal, received its first impact factor.

In Social Sciences and Humanities, five journals are ranked #1 in their category including The Economic History Review, The Journal of Finance, Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, American Journal of Political Science, and Criminology, which moved into the top spot in the Criminology and Penology subject category. Of the 352+ Social and Behavioural Sciences and Humanities titles listed in the 2016 JCR, three additional titles now appear in the top 10 in their category, for a total of 70 titles holding a top 10 spot.

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