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ConTech 2018 - Conference chairs to meet to finalise 2018 conference programme
- 22 May 2018

The ConTech conference chairs are meeting on May 23, 2018, to finalise the conference programme. ConTech 2018 is aimed at information providers and content owners who increasingly have to address the challenges of competing in a data world, driven by machine learning, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. ConTech 2018 - Transforming content through data science, AI and emerging technologies is scheduled for November 29th and 30th in London.

ConTech 2018 will help organisations understand how data-ready they are and what opportunities exist in this exciting new world. Get practical advice and learn from the content pioneers embracing this new technology - whether making decisions about strategic people and technology investments, looking to explore how data technologies can transform the business of delivering data driven content projects and products.

Core themes will include:

Moving to data driven content publishing - How can publishers and content teams become more data driven? How does the move to becoming data driven impact the content products you develop? What is the business case for becoming data driven and how can it effect the bottom-line? How do you move to a data driven model without breaking the content products you've already built?

The journey from intelligent content to the content product of the future - What data science tools and techniques can you adopt to improve content creation, management and delivery? What role do artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning have in developing the next generation of content products? What does a good content project built around data look like today? What will the content product of the future be?

Deploying AI, machine learning and data science in content operations and teams - How do you manage the cultural issues of bringing content and data specialists together? How do you develop a culture that embraces data? How can your content teams become rapid and flexible enough to exploit the opportunities of richer data? What does a good data driven content project look like? What are the lessons of projects that have deliverable measurable benefits?

Data ethics and trust - How do you adopt a more data driven approach to your content while maintaining the trust of your users? What is best practice in data ethics and how does it impact your reputation? What are the legal parameters of working with user data? How can ethical approaches to data build your brand and deepen your relationship with your users?

A skeleton agenda that shows the outline format and the different elements of the programme is available online at http://bit.ly/CT18Concept.

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AAAS and China Association for Science and Technology explore new collaboration
- 18 May 2018

Leaders of the China Association for Science and Technology and counterparts at the American Association for the Advancement of Science explored ways to build on a longstanding collaboration between the two scientific organisations through science communication and education partnerships.

During a meeting at AAAS headquarters in Washington, D.C., six CAST representatives highlighted a three-day world conference the organisation is hosting on science literacy in Beijing beginning on Sept. 17. The event will mark the 60th anniversary of CAST, a non-governmental federation of Chinese academic societies, associations and grassroots organisations dedicated to augmenting science literacy throughout China.

Xu Yanhao, a vice president and executive secretary of CAST, voiced particular interest in AAAS' communication training programs and called on a colleague who heads up such efforts to describe steps taken to advance public understanding of science throughout China.

Bill Moran, publisher of the Science family of journals, discussed another central interest raised by Xu: how Chinese scientists are perceived by editors of leading scientific journals. Last June the number of manuscript submissions from Chinese scientists to scientific journals overall surpassed submissions from U.S. scientists, Moran noted, adding that the Chinese submissions rate overall was just behind the number of submissions from the European Union. A lower proportionate number of papers including Chinese authors have been accepted for publication, he said, but they are growing.

AAAS and CAST have a history of cooperation - a partnership that is among AAAS' most enduring international collaborations. AAAS first reached out to China's science, technology and engineering community when the AAAS Board of Directors travelled to China in 1978, a year before the two nations established diplomatic relations. Since then, AAAS and CAST have continued to seek ways to deepen mutual engagement between scientists and engineers.

The 1978 meeting cleared the way for the organisations to reach their first formal agreement in 2007. The collaboration put in place joint publishing projects that resulted in a collection of scientific research papers, first published in Science, being translated and distributed in China and a set of science literacy materials developed by AAAS' Project 2061, a science literacy program, being translated and posted on a CAST website. In 2016, AAAS renewed the agreement for five years.

Among other joint efforts, EurekAlert!, an online news service of AAAS, has provided science communication seminars to CAST's public information officers. AAAS has also collaborated with CAST on issues of scientific integrity and professional ethics.

The meeting between AAAS and CAST representatives comes at a time of bilateral tensions between the United States and China. The White House has proposed implementing tariffs on Chinese goods and limiting Chinese investments, particularly those related to the U.S. technological innovation sector, in a move intended to better protect U.S. intellectual property.

The Chinese government has recently mandated that all scientific data collected in China be turned over to government-approved data centers before appearing in publication, an action about which the U.S. National Science Foundation raised concerns.

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Springer Nature launches third Change the World, One Article at a Time campaign
- 15 May 2018

Springer Nature has launched its third Change the World, One Article at a Time campaign, helping to uncover research-based solutions to real-world problems. The campaign will showcase more than 250 articles published in Springer Nature journals in 2017, which have been handpicked because the research within them has the potential to have a significant impact on society's grand challenges. All articles in the campaign are freely available until July 31, 2018 through the dedicated Change the World page on Springernature.com.

As one of the world's largest publishers focused on academic research, educational content and science journalism, Springer Nature's dissemination and application of evidence-based sustainability research is an initiative intended to help support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Successful delivery of these goals will require academic, business and policy leaders to work together to address the world's most pressing problems. The Springer Nature Grand Challenges programme, launched in 2017, aims to enable just this, by linking high-quality research and independent analysis published by Springer Nature to those policy and business leaders tasked with addressing these challenges.

Towards this end, on July 11, 2018, the Springer Nature Grand Challenges programme will hold its first global conference in Singapore. Science and the Sustainable City will bring together global experts to discuss and collaborate on solutions to the challenges of sustainable development in cities against the backdrop of climate change, population growth and soaring energy and water needs. The event, which will be co-located with the World Cities Summit, brings together speakers involved as city leaders with solutions providers from diverse fields including planning, construction and technology, as well as experts in ecology and urban development from leading global research institutions.

Interested parties may visit www.springernature.com/gp/researchers/campaigns/change-the-world to read free-to-access articles as part of the Change the World, One Article at a Time campaign. The full agenda and speaker list for Science and the Sustainable City is available at http://www.nature.com/natureconferences/sscs2018/index.

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ARL Membership convenes in Atlanta for Spring 2018 meeting
- 14 May 2018

Association of Research Libraries (ARL) member representatives, ARL Leadership Fellows, staff, and guests gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, on April 24-26, 2018, for the 172nd Association Meeting. The meeting was convened by ARL president Mary Ann Mavrinac, vice provost and Andrew H. and Janet Dayton Neilly Dean of the University of Rochester Libraries.

Session topics included artificial intelligence and machine learning; the future of library and information science education; collaboration among galleries, libraries, archives, and museums; and success amid demographic shifts.

All available presentation slides and other materials, including the Arlies Film Festival videos, are linked from the speakers' names or session titles in the summary of the meeting.

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SPEC Survey webcast on Accessibility and Universal Design
- 10 May 2018

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) is offering a series of webcasts that present the findings from the latest SPEC surveys and allow webcast participants to discuss trends with the survey authors. A 45-minute webcast will follow the publication of each SPEC Kit in 2018.

The next webcast in this series will cover the Accessibility and Universal Design survey (SPEC Kit 358), which explores how ARL member libraries are meeting the accessibility needs of individuals with disabilities. This study gathered information on support for assistive technologies in libraries, services provided to individuals with disabilities, staffing and training for these services, evaluation of resources, and institutional policies and procedures in this area. The survey also included questions on universal design, an approach to design that makes spaces and services more inclusive of all, regardless of their needs.

The webcast will review survey findings reported by ARL member libraries in January 2018. The survey authors will provide an overview of how those libraries are meeting the needs of individuals with disabilities; discuss a sample of exemplary services and resources; review trends and current approaches from respondents; and highlight resources for libraries interested in more information on accessibility and universal design.

The webcast will also include a discussion of promising trends and conclude with a question-and-answer session.

The webcast, 'Accessibility and Universal Design', is scheduled for June 13, 2018, from 1:00-1:45 p.m. EST. Presenters include Carli Spina, Head Librarian for Assessment&Outreach, and Margaret Cohen, Head Librarian, Educational Initiatives&Research Services, at Boston College.Interested parties may register online by June 6, 2018.

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