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OCLC WorldShare Management Services expands mobile capabilities
- 21 Jun 2017

Global library cooperative OCLC is introducing Digby, a new mobile app that will soon be available as part of WorldShare Management Services, the cloud-based library services platform. Digby is specifically designed to increase the efficiency, accuracy and independence of student library workers.

As a suite of web-based applications, WorldShare Management Services (WMS) already allows library staff to do their work wherever needed-in the library, at home or on the go. Now with the Digby app, WMS helps the library's student workers become more productive too.

The intuitive design of the Digby app provides student workers with clear instructions for handling pull-list and re-shelving tasks. Digby lets student workers scan library materials right in the stacks-saving them time and reducing their reliance on paper slips.

Staff and student library workers from Butler University Libraries, part of PALNI, were among those who provided advice and input in development, and then tested the Digby app before the pilot ended last month.

WMS is built on the cloud-based WorldShare platform that supports a suite of library services and provides flexible access to library data through APIs and other web services. With WorldCat as its foundation, WMS enables individual libraries to draw on the collaborative data and work of libraries worldwide for more efficient workflows. WMS also offers interoperability with third party and campus systems, including financial management, learning management and student records systems as well as self-check technologies.

The Digby app will be available from the Apple and Google Play app stores in August 2017-initially for WMS libraries in the United States, and subsequently for all WMS libraries worldwide.

Interested parties may stop by the OCLC booth (1824) at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago at 10 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday, June 24-25, for Spotlight Sessions focusing on the new Digby app. Product demos are also available ongoing at the booth.

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ProQuest collaborates with Asian Studies scholars, librarians and Chinese-language publishers to meet demand for Chinese-language resources
- 31 Mar 2017

ProQuest is collaborating with Asian Studies scholars, librarians and Chinese-language publishers to offer a selection of Chinese-language ebooks, enabling libraries to provide resources demanded by researchers. The growing collection spans thousands of titles available on the Ebook Central®, ebrary® and EBL platforms. The platforms' multi-language interfaces accommodate readers of traditional and simplified Chinese, and other languages.

Driven to stay on top of evolving industry demands, ProQuest recently surveyed academic librarians about their needs and usage regarding non-English content. The results demonstrate a strong interest in making Chinese-language content available to address the needs of their researchers. The results reveal that 47% of respondents purchase Chinese-language content; nearly 30% say Chinese-language content is among users' most requested non-English language content; 24% say they are not adequately supporting patrons' needs for Chinese-language content; and when asked what non-English digital format resources they would like to offer, 30% said frontlist ebooks and 25% said backlist ebooks.

To make curating a collection more straightforward, ProQuest has simplified the selection and acquisition processes for libraries by partnering with an ever-growing list of distinguished Chinese-language publishers including Peking University Press, China Social Science Press, Zhonghua Book Company, Tianjin Ancient Books Publishing House, People's Literature Publishing House, Higher Education Press, China Intercontinental Press, and many more. Librarians can choose from thousands of trusted titles to create a customised ebook collection tailored to the specific needs of their researchers, within their institution's budget. They may also choose to offer titles under ProQuest's Demand-Driven Acquisition model, where titles are only triggered for purchase if a title is used.

ProQuest's Chinese-language ebook content is an expansion of a larger program. The company's iconic Dissertations and Theses database - PQDT Global - includes approximately 110,000 works written in Chinese from scholars at 110 institutions in China. A partnership with Chinese university consortia CALIS will bring tens of thousands of additional graduate works into this database. Additional resources curated for Asian Studies scholars include Chinese Newspapers Collection in the ProQuest Historical Newspapers database, Asian&European Business collection and the East&South Asia database.

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ProQuest and De Gruyter join forces to provide more ebook choices for OASIS users
- 22 Feb 2017

ProQuest has partnered with De Gruyter to make De Gruyter ebooks available for purchase through the OASIS® system. Spanning 28 subject areas including architecture and design, computer science, economics, engineering, law and music, De Gruyter provides access to 26,000 ebooks from over 15 international imprints.

Through OASIS selection and acquisition, users enjoy access to one of the broadest print and ebook title databases in the industry; they also benefit from powerful search, profiling, collection management and reporting tools. OASIS users select from proven ebook aggregator platforms - Ebook Central, EBL, ebrary, MyiLibrary, EBSCO - plus a growing list of publisher platforms including UPSO, Wiley Online Library, Info-Sci, Taylor&Francis, CRCnetBase, and now De Gruyter.

Over the last 12 months, ProQuest has made significant enhancements to the OASIS platform to streamline workflows and support faster and better collection development. These include value-add features such as a DDA MARC removal service, DDA add button, awards profile, collections support, WorldCat links and faster ebook order processing.

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Unbound Medicine and APSA launch Pediatric Surgery Library
- 16 Feb 2017

Unbound Medicine, a provider of knowledge management solutions for healthcare, and the American Pediatric Surgical Association (APSA), the nation's largest professional organization serving the pediatric surgical specialty, have launched the Pediatric Surgery Library - the premier digital resource for pediatric surgical education, training, and research.

In the past, pediatric surgeon authors would spend hours recording their knowledge and expertise in book chapters that were published once a decade by commercial publishers. The Pediatric Surgery Library was created as an alternative - to be current, affordable, and accessible on any device.

A visionary team of APSA leaders working with experts from Unbound Medicine developed a new approach to encoding and disseminating pediatric surgical knowledge. More than 400 APSA member surgeons now author evidence-based, multi-faceted content in uPub - Unbound's online authoring and content management system. After online editing and approval by an editorial board, the content is published instantaneously worldwide - to smartphone and tablet Apps as well as to a full-featured website.

Updated regularly, the Pediatric Surgery Library is structured by learning objectives and is augmented by surgical images, videos, and links to Maintenance of Certification CME and the medical literature. Native Apps for Apple and Android device are fully integrated with the PedSurgLibrary.com website and both are available for one price for individual users and institutional site-license customers.

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Glasstree Academic Publishing launches new ebook service, puts academics in control
- 25 Jan 2017

Newly-launched Glasstree Academic Publishing has announced the launch of its new ebook service, allowing academics to independently publish their cutting-edge research affordably, and in a matter of hours. The offering dramatically increases online speed-to-publication, with academic authors able to publish their monographs and books expediently, at a cost of just $20 per title.

As part of the launch, Glasstree, in partnership with Creative Commons, will provide a range of Gold Open Access options while offering highly competitive processing charges - up to four times more affordable than the industry average for monographs.

The full-service Open Access option comprises manuscript assessment and copyediting, designated Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), Kudos tools such as bibliometric and citation tracking, and double-blind peer reviews by independent reviewers, and is available to authors from only $3,000.

Glasstree launched in November 2016 as a challenger to the traditional academic publishing model, providing the scholarly and academic community with a new way to publish, share, and profit from its work - in both print and online. Created by Lulu.com, the new platform puts authors and academic institutions in control of their content, giving them full and transparent autonomy over the entire publishing process from start to finish.

Glasstree enables academics to make a significant profit from their own work, reversing the traditional academic publishing revenue model, which typically pays authors an average of just nine per cent royalties, to offer 70 per cent of the profits from sales. Its accelerated speed-to-market allows academics to publish their research in a matter of days or weeks, sharing their insights in record time.

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