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ProQuest enhances Ebook Central platform user experience
- 11 Oct 2017

ProQuest has again teamed with students and other researchers to make the experience of using the Ebook Central® platform more efficient, effective and valuable. The popular ebook platform has enhanced its book detail pages to boost usability with simplified workflows, more chapter-level capabilities, and improved file naming conventions that make it easy to organise downloaded resources.

Libraries that offer Ebook Central will deliver an enriched experience to their users. For example, users can now connect to the exact content that is important to research or classwork-at both the chapter and subchapter level-allowing them to make better use of the ebooks available on the platform. The book detail pages feature detailed availability, descriptive and bibliographic information. Tables of contents can be expanded to quickly view chapter subsections and zero in on the section of the ebook needed.

Once users find the chapter or subsection they need, they can read online or download a DRM-free file using a new streamlined login process. New automatic file naming conventions mirror book and chapter titles and help users keep track of the content that they download.

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University of Montana celebrates first anniversary of campusM mobile solution implementation
- 17 Aug 2017

Ex Libris®, a ProQuest company, has announced that the Ex Libris campusM mobile solution and portal has powered the University of Montana's campus app for a full year, with resounding success.

The University of Montana (UM), an early North American adopter of the internationally popular campusM solution, launched the app in August 2016 and has received nearly 12,000 registrations in just one year. The solution's ease of use and robust administration interface led to a rapid implementation brought about by only a small core team of four people, a few student employees, and IT colleagues across campus to assist with some of the development.

According to analytics available through the campusM solution, the most popular services and functionality provided by the app include the LMS integration with Moodle, food menus through the Food Zoo option, and personalized class schedules and grades. Food Zoo, which was developed with the campusM App Extension Kit (AEK), displays cafeteria menus, nutritional information, and daily updates for students.

In a particularly successful campaign, the UM team used the campusM app, leveraging its push notifications mechanism, to host voting in the annual student government elections. This voting system, which resulted in an extremely positive turnout, replaced the Ellucian Banner® system used previously.

Upcoming developments for the UM campusM app include a tutoring service to help connect students with tutors on campus, an International Development Studies (IDS) service to connect students in the IDS program with scholarship, internship, and program information, and integration with the university's Cascade Content Management System so that content owners can more easily manage their service content.

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Sheridan builds mobile app for the International Society of Managing&Technical Editors
- 25 Jul 2017

Sheridan, a provider of print, publishing services and technology solutions to publishers, recently worked with ISMTE to develop and launch a robust mobile app for the Editorial Office News (EON) newsletter for ISMTE. Members can now access EON through the app, anytime, anywhere.

The EON mobile app gives users full search capability, as well as the ability to download issues, access past issues, and toggle between full-page views and text-only views. Active URL and email links within facilitate deep content exploration and the potential for member-society interaction. Members also receive automatic 'new issue' alerts. ISMTE can manage subscriptions easily through the app, and gain important insight into member preferences through detailed usage analytics.

Members can visit Google Play or the App Store to download the EON app.

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IOP Publishing and IPEM celebrate launch of first ebook collaboration
- 18 Jul 2017

IOP Publishing and the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM) have marked a new milestone in their 40-year relationship, with the publication of their first ebook together.

The book is the first in a new ebooks programme by IPEM and IOP Publishing, specifically designed for the medical physics and biomedical engineering communities.

It was written by IPEM Fellows Professor Patrick Horton, Honorary Consultant Physicist at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, and David Eaton, chair of IPEM's Radiotherapy Special Interest group, from Mount Vernon Hospital, Middlesex.

Titled Design and Shielding of Radiotherapy Treatment Facilities, it is the heavily updated second edition of IPEM Report 75, first published in 1997 as part of IPEM's reports series, which provide consensus guidelines on a wide range of topics.

The new edition contains numerous updates, including guidance on new radiotherapy treatment techniques such as IMRT, VMAT, and FFF linacs, which impact on shielding requirements; special treatment techniques covering Gamma Knife, TomoTherapy, and CyberKnife; new shielding materials such as Magnetite concrete/ Nelco, Ledite and Verishield blocks; new bunker designs; and new calculation techniques.

It also aims to capture experience from the expansion in bunker construction in the National Cancer Plans, and to reflect current UK ionising radiation regulations.

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Atypon announces new features in latest release of Literatum
- 13 Jul 2017

A fully integrated eReader, a new multi-user license framework, and three new login options are among the new features in Atypon's latest release of Literatum, the most widely used and fully featured online publishing platform for the professional and scholarly publishing industry. The first of three regularly scheduled yearly updates, this release also includes Atypon Insights, a new business intelligence module that significantly upgrades Literatum's reporting capabilities.

Atypon's new in-browser eReader replaces PDF with EPUB to provide a superior online and offline reading experience for both books and journal articles-an industry first-and to keep readers on publishers' sites. By providing an alternative to PDFs, the Atypon eReader also reduces unlicensed content usage. EPUB is a non-proprietary open publication standard and a portable format that can be easily shared.

Based on open-source technology developed by the Readium Foundation, the Atypon eReader provides synchronized reading across multiple devices and offline in-browser support. Upcoming releases will include annotation, social reading, collaboration, and a personalised user dashboard.

Atypon Insights is Literatum's new business intelligence module. It collects event-level behavioural data on readers' content usage to uncover actionable intelligence. Its drag-and-drop tools and clear, familiar visualisations allow for on-the-fly report creation and interactive data exploration.

Three new authentication solutions-secure 'remember me' cookie-based login, passwordless login, and login via phone number verification-give publishers new options for providing their readers with fast, seamless access to their content while eliminating password-related security risks.

Atypon has also added a new multi-user license framework that enables publishers to control concurrent content usage by combining multiple variables, including duration and the number of simultaneous users and/or access requests. These new parameters enable publishers to offer consumer rental options, emulate a lending library, and create new broader offers for unserved market segments.

Additional new Literatum features in this latest product release include proprietary search algorithms that improve relevance ranking; more accurate search results for inaccurately spelled names; a new tool that enables designers to build customised website search queries; faster search query results; and faster content availability.

Literatum has been in continuous development for 20 years. More than two-thirds of Atypon's staff is devoted to software engineering.

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