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New Appointments and other administrative changes

Cochrane Taiwan announces appointment of new Director
- 28 Apr 2017

Cochrane Taiwan has announced that the appointment of Chiehfeng (Cliff) Chen as its new Director, effective February 2017.

Cochrane Taiwan's work in supporting and promoting evidence-based healthcare goes back to 2003, and Cliff has been involved with the team's activities for 11 years. Under the leadership of Founding Director Ken Kuo, the Cochrane Taiwan team has been instrumental in establishing the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine at Taipei Medical University with government support for initiatives including funding for Cochrane Library access for all Ministry of Health and Welfare affiliated hospitals.

Cochrane Taiwan's many other accomplishments include their key role in establishing an informal alliance of countries in East Asia in 2007 that meets annually and provides opportunities for training in systematic reviews. Taiwanese people are frequent users of the Library, often in the top ten of countries for full-text downloads, at the top of the list of non-English speaking countries for many years. Taiwan has made around 3,800 Cochrane Review abstracts available in Traditional Chinese; these have been translated by an active network of 500 clinicians.

Ken will be stepping down from managing day-to-day operations but will continue to provide advisory support and contributions to the team's work.

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Lauren Pressley elected ACRL vice-president/president-elect
- 17 Apr 2017

Lauren Pressley, director of the University of Washington (UW) Tacoma Library and associate dean of UW Libraries, has been elected ACRL vice-president/president-elect. She will become president-elect following the 2017 ALA Annual Conference in Chicago and assume the presidency in July 2018 for a one-year term.

Kelly Jacobsma, Genevra Thome Begg dean of libraries at Hope College, and Jeanne R. Davidson, head of public services at South Dakota State University, have been elected to the ACRL Board of Directors as director-at-large.

During her 13-year membership with ACRL, she has served on the Value of Academic Libraries Committee (2016-present), the ACRL Conference Cyber Zed Shed Committee (2009-11) and on the DLS Program Planning Committee (2010-12). She has also served on the WGSS Instruction Committee (2005-09) and as the WGSS Core Books editor (2007-08).

Pressley currently serves as a councilor-at-large on the ALA Council (2010-present) and as a member of the ALA Resolutions Committee (2013-present). Previously, she served on the ALA Presidential Advisory Committee (2013-14), the Peter Lyman Memorial/SAGE Scholarship in New Media Committee (2008-11), the Emerging Leaders Subcommittee (2009-10) and the Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship (2005-09). Her work in LITA includes serving as a LITA Emerging Leader (2008), LITA Committee Chairs coordinator (2014-16), director-at-large on the LITA Board of Directors (2011-14), as a member of the LITA Forum Steering Committee (2012-13) and on the LITA Budget Review Committee (2012-13).

Her work with state, regional and other national associations includes serving on the New Media Consortium's Horizon Project Advisory Board (2010-13), as a founding cochair (2014-16) and advisory board member (2016-present) of Library Pipeline, as secretary/treasurer for the North Carolina Library Association's Technology and Trends Round Table (2008-09) and cofounder of the NC-Library Instructional Technology Group (2008).

She is a member of Beta Phi Mu and was a participant in the University of California-Los Angeles's Senior Fellows executive leadership program (2014). She was the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Early Career Award at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, School of Education (2011), was a Library Journal Mover&Shaker (2009) and participated in the NCLA Leadership Institute (2008).

Full ACRL election results are available on the ACRL website.

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Atypon triples staff size in four years, now hosts over 40% of all scholarly journals
- 12 Apr 2017

With the addition of its 330th employee in March, Atypon has officially tripled in size since 2013, adding 220 staff in four years. Atypon has been steadily expanding its teams to serve a growing customer base and support its continuous product development. The company is on track to exceed its hiring target of 100 more customer service and engineering staff in 2017.

The company's organic growth supports the development of several new product features for Atypon's Literatum, the industry's most widely used online publishing platform. They include an interactive exams module, recently premiered on the American Pharmaceutical Association's newly relaunched publication website; a business intelligence module that is in beta testing with 23 publishers; the industry's first in-browser eReader for both books and journals, a fully integrated feature of Literatum available this year; and the ability to support any content type as a first-class publication, from videos and blogs to magazines and interactive data sets.

Among the company's initiatives with industry-wide reach are universal resource access (URA)-which significantly improves the research experience with seamless access across all publisher sites via a single login-passwordless login, and R&D into artificial intelligence. Software developers and client services comprise 92% of Atypon staff-70% and 22%, respectively.

Atypon's staff expansion is supported by the opening of four new development hubs-in Oakland, California; Rochester, New York; Thessaloniki, Greece; and Prague-in addition to a second office in Athens, Greece, and a newly expanded office in Amman, Jordan, for a total of 11 offices in 10 cities worldwide.

Several publishers joined the Literatum community in 2016, including SAGE and Wiley, two of the world's largest. New publication websites launched by Atypon in the last year include SAGE, the American Institute of Physics (AIP), and Human Kinetics. Earlier this year, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the American Physiological Society (APS), and the British Editorial Society of Bone&Joint Surgery became Atypon clients.

Literatum now hosts 24 million articles, 11,400 journals, 188,000 eBooks, and 976 websites for over 2,400 societies and publishers - more than 40% of the world's English-language scholarly journal articles, based on statistics in the March 2015 "STM Report" issued by the International Association of Scientific, Technical&Medical Publishers. Atypon's market share has increased more than 15% since 2015.

In October 2016, Atypon was acquired by Wiley and functions as an independent business unit of the publisher.

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eLife appoints 85 new editors in 15 subject areas
- 07 Apr 2017

eLife has announced the newest members of the eLife Board of Reviewing Editors (BRE), bringing expertise in: Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology, Cancer Biology, Cell Biology, Computational and Systems Biology, Developmental Biology and Stem Cells, Ecology, Epidemiology and Global Health, Genes and Chromosomes, Genomics and Evolutionary Biology, Human Biology and Medicine, Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Disease, Neuroscience, and Plant Biology.

The Reviewing Editors are responsible for reviewing articles, at the request of the Senior Editors, and recruiting additional reviewers as needed. Once reviews are in, the participating reviewers consult with one another to finalise their decision and form a consolidated set of comments for the author.

eLife editors are invited to join eLife by the Editor-in-Chief, after consultation with appropriate Deputy, Senior, and Reviewing Editors.

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New Vice-Chair and Directors elected to RLUK Board
- 06 Apr 2017

Research Libraries UK (RLUK) has announced the election of Robin Green (Warwick) as Vice-Chair, and Diane Bruxvoort (Aberdeen) and John Scally (National Library of Scotland) to its Board of Directors.

Robin Green was elected to the RLUK Board in March 2016, and is currently Librarian at the University of Warwick. A focus throughout his career has been on collaboration and collaborative services: he was Director of RLUK (in its former guise as CURL) from 2005-2007, member of OCLC's Global Council from 2007-2013 and Chair of the EMEA Regional Council in 2012. He is currently a member of SCONUL's Collaboration Strategy Group and an officer of the new Mercian Collaboration of academic libraries in the Midlands. He will succeed to the role of Chair in March 2019, following his two year term as Vice-Chair.

Diane Bruxvoort is currently University Librarian&Director at the University of Aberdeen. She serves as the chair of the Grampian Information Network, the vice-chair of the Scottish Confederation of University Research Libraries (SCURL) and is on the Collaboration Committee of the Society of College, National and University Libraries (SCONUL). Her previous administrative roles include the University of Florida and the University of Houston, large research universities in the United States. Diane is interested in the library as third place, collaborative collection development, and the changing role of libraries in supporting the university research community.

John Scally is the National Librarian and Chief Executive of the National Library of Scotland, a major European research library and one of the world's leading centres for the study of Scotland and the Scots. He was previously Deputy Head of Rare Books at the Library before becoming Director of University Collections and subsequently Director of Library and University Collections at the University of Edinburgh. He is a member of the British Library Advisory Council and a Board member of the Scottish Library Information Council. He holds a PhD in History from the University of Cambridge.

Dr Scally has a number of research interests, including book history, book illustration and early modern history with a particular focus on the 17th and 18th Century. He has published on a number of these topics, including a book on Robert Louis Stevenson's illustrators, articles and book chapters on the Scottish Parliament before 1707 and the British Civil Wars of the 1640s. He has taught and guest lectured in a number of institutions and was involved in establishing the MSc in the History of the Book at the University of Edinburgh. The application of technology to humanities research and teaching is a growing interest. Currently, the concept of the digital shift in libraries is a particular fascination and something that occasionally keeps him awake at night.

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