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Inera Inc. launches eXtyles STS, a Word-to-XML solution for standards publishers
- 18 Jan 2018

Inera Inc., a provider of editorial and XML software for scholarly and technical publishers, has announced the release of eXtyles STS, the newest member of the widely-used eXtyles product family. eXtyles STS supports NISO's latest standard, NISO STS, officially known as ANSI/NISO Z39.102-2017. Inera's eXtyles STS solution allows standards publishers to adopt this new 'standard for standards' while allowing their committees to continue drafting documents in Microsoft Word.

eXtyles STS provides tools for quick and accurate structuring, editing, and conversion of standards content from Word to high-quality XML, with no in-house XML expertise required. Designed to offer an immediate, cost-effective solution for standards organisations who need to produce NISO STS XML, this comprehensive eXtyles configuration will meet the needs of most organisations that publish standards and can be further customised, if necessary, to accommodate unique publishing requirements.

The eXtyles STS XML conversion solution also facilitates the process of editing standards in Word with sophisticated editorial features. Such features include a unique user-friendly interface for applying Word styles from an integrated document template and advanced tools to identify in-line references to standards and ensure that normative references are properly cited in the text.

The publication of standards is a complex process involving committee authorship, multiple rounds of revision, and multi-format production. All eXtyles STS processes operate within the familiar Word environment, and the valid NISO STS XML created from Word can be used as a single source for multi-format standards publishing.

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The University of the Andes (Colombia) unveils trilingual OA journal site on Atypon's Literatum online publishing platform
- 18 Jan 2018

The Universidad de los Andes (University of the Andes) in Colombia, a private research institution and one of the top universities in South America, has launched a new site for all of its journals on Literatum, Atypon's online publishing platform. The trilingual site offers researchers content in Spanish, Portuguese, and English, with interfaces available in Spanish and English. The Literatum platform natively supports content in any language.

Designed by Atypon, the new mobile-optimised site includes individually branded sections for each journal, with related editorial content at the article level. Multimedia such as videos and reader surveys with real-time results are enhancing users' experience.

For the first time, the University can document content usage across all journals. And as of November 2017, 75% of site visits were resulting in a full text download. Literatum's visualised reporting informs the editorial teams which articles are most accessed and downloaded, by journal, year of publication and the selected reading format, allowing them to closely monitor content usage.

An integrated dual-search functionality allows users to search the entire corpus of ten OA journals, or a single journal, making it fast and simple for researchers to find the content that they need. The new journal site cross-promotes relevant titles from, and links to, the University's book catalogue. Additionally, the new Author Services section provides a portal for authors to both prepare and submit their articles. The site includes the entire published backfile of each journal, starting from 1979.

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Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. set to publish new peer-reviewed journal - Bioelectricity
- 17 Jan 2018

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. has announced that it will publish Bioelectricity, a peer-reviewed journal and an influential and dynamic meeting place for the rapidly growing bioelectricity community.Spearheaded by Editor-in-Chief, Dany Spencer Adams, Tufts University, Bioelectricity will be published online and in print with open access options. The journal will seek to provide an authoritative, high-profile forum for groundbreaking original research papers, review articles, and captivating front matter, debate, and commentary. A preview issue of the journal is planned for summer 2018.

Authoritative Associate Editors include Dr. Annarosa Arcangeli, University of Florence School of Medicine; Dr. Emily Bates, University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine; Dr. Mustafa Djamgoz, Imperial College London; Dr. Richard Kramer, University of California, Berkeley; Dr. Michael Levin, Tufts University; Dr. Richard Nuccitelli, Pulse Biosciences Inc.; Dr. Ann Rajnicek, University of Aberdeen; and Dr. Min Zhao, School of Medicine, UC Davis.

The journal will provide rapid, fair peer-review and welcomes original research papers on every aspect of bioelectricity in biology and technology, including basic research (in any organism), translational, clinical, and agricultural applications. Specific areas of interest include (but are not limited to) bioelectric mechanisms associated with cancer, cell signaling, channels and pumps, channelopathies, development, health, homeostasis, immunity, microbiology, physiology, regeneration, and senescence; practical applications for biomedical approaches, electropharmaceuticals and electroceuticals, medical devices, nanotechnology, regenerative medicine, synthetic biology, tissue engineering, and transplantation; and tools for bioelectricity research including imaging, intellectual property and patenting, bioethics, optogenetics, simulation software and mathematical models, and tools to manipulate bioelectric signals.

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Journal of Transition Medicine joins De Gruyter's medicine portfolio
- 16 Jan 2018

Academic publisher De Gruyter has announced that the recently launched OA publication the Journal of Transition Medicine will join its medicine portfolio. The journal will be published in cooperation with the German Society for Transition Medicine (DGfTM). Dr. Martina Oldhafer of the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein and Professor Lars Pape, MD of the Hannover Medical School will serve as the editors-in-chief of the journal. They will be supported by a prestigious international editorial board.

The Journal of Transition Medicine is the first international interdisciplinary journal which exclusively concentrates on transition medicine. The editorial board's overarching goal for the journal is to improve the quality of medical care for young people with chronic illnesses during their transition into adulthood. In addition to physicians, experts from several professional disciplines involved in transition care - or dedicated to its improvement - such as sociologists, psychologists, social workers and researchers in the healthcare sector, are involved with the journal.

The journal's concrete objective is to disseminate research results in the area of transition medicine, including biological and behavioural science, public health and even public policy.

The Journal of Transition Medicine will publish four issues per year in English. The journal will contain original research articles, reviews and case reports as well as guidelines and recommendations.

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Research Square's new multimedia product, Video Bytes, helps share research results with the public
- 11 Jan 2018

Research Square, a provider of innovative solutions for improving scholarly communication, has announced the launch of a new multimedia product, Video Bytes. These brief, informative videos summarise a piece of published research for a lay audience in a 1-minute overview. Each Video Byte combines on -screen text, relevant imagery and footage, and music to create a compelling and aesthetic take on recent research and how it impacts society. Two samples can be viewed on Research Square's website: www.researchsquare.com/videos.

Video Bytes are an offshoot of Research Square's successful Video Abstract product, first developed in a trial with Nature Publishing Group in 2015. Like Video Abstracts, Video Bytes cover any field of research and are available for purchase by authors, editors, institutions, funders, or any other interested parties. They are created by Research Square's scientifically trained animation and scriptwriting teams, with input from the authors of the research being summarised. After creation, Video Bytes are posted on social media with appropriate tags and descriptions to enhance their chances of being found.

Video Bytes are available for researchers, universities, funders, and other interested parties to purchase through Research Square's website, https://www.researchsquare.com/videos.

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