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60th anniversary edition of Review of Particle Physics published in Physical Review D
- 20 Aug 2018

The sixtieth anniversary edition of the Review of Particle Physics has been published in the American Physical Society (APS) journal Physical Review D (PRD). The Review is an evaluation of the properties of all the known elementary particles and of searches for new hypothetical ones. In 118 review articles, it summarises the latest information on particle physics and related areas such as cosmology.

In 1957, physicists Murray Gell-Mann and Arthur H. Rosenfeld published a paper that reviewed theory and experiments involving particles known as hyperons and heavy mesons. The paper was associated with an unpublished technical report listing the data associated with all the elementary particles known at that time. Meanwhile, Matts Roos of the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics was compiling his own list of particle data. In 1964 the two publications merged. Over the course of sixty years, the Review has grown from a few dozen pages to nearly two-thousand, with 227 authors adding new data from 758 papers reporting 2,783 measurements for the 2018 edition.

The Review has been published in a variety of leading physics journals in the US, Europe, and China. The publication this year in the journal Physical Review D is the 20th time the Review has appeared in a journal of the APS.

The most recent, complete edition is available online in Physical Review D and through the PDG website. However, the PDG Book, which contains the Summary Tables and all of the full review articles, and a 260-page PDG Booklet will be available in print.

In total, the Review of Particle Physics includes 41,371 measurements. Frequent references to the data in its pages ensure that the Review is the most cited physics publication in the world, with more than two-thousand citations annually.

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HighWire addresses changing consumer demands with SAMS Sigma
- 17 Aug 2018

HighWire, the technology partner of choice for leading commercial and scholarly publishers, has announced that consumers can register and onboard in seconds with its SAMS Sigma identity management application. SAMS Sigma is a customisable self-service platform for publishers that allows single sign-on across multiple content sites, and delivers unparalleled customer experience for the end user; simplifying access to publications and saving time.

SAMS Sigma removes the need for the consumer to re-register and undergo multiple verifications, as users can now sign-on with one single identity across all publications.

Leading publishers are now prioritising and investing in improved customer experience. Market forces are pushing for ease of access for end-users, and greater access control for publishers and institutions. HighWire's system has been built to specifically address these challenges for the publishing industry, and SAMS Sigma reaches beyond the capabilities of conventional platforms, extending publisher control to include identity, authorisation and verification in one place, across multiple journals.

HighWire built SAMS Sigma to support all current authentication methods, including name and password, trusted referrer, IP, library card and Shibboleth.

The standalone product has been designed to work in concert with HighWire's platform, but can also integrate into publishers' existing technology stacks; fully customisable on all profiles and licenses. This further enables bespoke reporting according to each publisher's needs across content entitlement, licenses and subscriptions, conflicting IP ranges, voucher usage, and emails. Through its single identity sign-on, SAMS Sigma also provides publishers with a powerful view of tracking activity across all journals.

Supporting a variety of business models including consortia and sub-organisations, SAMS Sigma helps to enable GDPR compliance, including validation and consent of all users, and publisher control over statutory documents, both with audit trails. It has also been carefully designed to support varied content offers including free, freemium, trials, and subscriptions, with a powerful API for external system integration, such as eCommerce or Salesforce.

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O'Reilly announces enhancements to its Safari platform
- 14 Aug 2018

O'Reilly, the premier source for insight-driven learning in technology and business, has announced several enhancements to its SafariTM platform - including new single-sign-on capabilities, customisable and shareable playlists, mobile application improvements and an improved analytics dashboard for users. O'Reilly's new Safari platform demonstrates its commitment to ongoing innovation and enhancements for users of its learning platform.

The upgraded platform is available through ProQuest, O'Reilly's partner in the academic market, with a full-time, equivalent-based pricing model and unlimited content access for faculty and students. Access to O'Reilly's Safari platform arms academic institutions with critical business and technology content and new learning models for researching and understanding of new technologies.

The new features and enhancements to Safari include single-sign-on through EZproxy, an access and authentication software that connects content providers, enabling academic libraries to easily configure their accounts so users can access the platform without entering their log-in information.Users can now create custom lists of content, from chapters and short video clips to entire books, and then share playlists with their community. Learning paths combine text and video to improve learning success. Each learning path is a logical, well-crafted sequence of expert-led learning content designed to help users progress at their own pace. The O'Reilly mobile app can now save and organise content in playlists, has enhanced search functionality, faster downloads and an updated reading experience. Safari's new Insights and Analytics Dashboard offers librarians and administrators data insights into the content and formats with which their academic community is engaging. The new feature has drastically faster load times and enables users to download reports on-demand.

In addition to the new platform enhancements, the new Safari platform includes technology and business eBooks from more than 250 publishers along with videos, case studies and exclusively produced content from world-renowned innovators and corporate leaders. It also provides expert-curated learning paths and self-assessments to meet the needs of all learners.

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McGraw-Hill Education launches 20th edition of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine
- 14 Aug 2018

Learning science company McGraw-Hill Education has announced the launch of the 20th edition of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine in the United State and Canada. First published in 1950, Harrison's is considered to be the foremost, leading medical reference book worldwide for medical and healthcare students, trainees, their teachers and medical practitioners. Each new edition is comprehensively updated to reflect the latest thinking and information in medical science, diagnoses and treatments.

The landmark 20th edition has been extensively updated with new and revised content, covering areas such as: the latest diagnostic methods and technologies; LGBT healthcare; problems associated with microbial resistance to therapeutics; clinical applications of epigenetics and genomics; emerging hi-tech treatments for neurological disease; and disease pathogenesis.

A team of over 700 contributors and six world-renowned editors created the new, definitive 20th edition, which presents essential medical insights, supports in-depth knowledge retention and includes the latest recommendations from clinical trials, as well as updated lists of Suggested Further Readings. The new edition also continues to offer information on both general approaches to treatment considerations and specific therapeutic regimens.

Harrison's serves both as a textbook for medical students and as a clinical reference for trainees and practicing physicians. The new 20th edition comprises: 4,100 pages in two volumes with over 1,600 illustrations; 1,400 tables ranging from simple to very complex; and 200 decision trees and algorithms - all of which go towards creating a comprehensive and accessible reference book.

The accuracy, accessible layout and comprehensive coverage of modern internal medicine makes this the most essential edition of Harrison's ever.

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SAE International's new publication focuses on properties of polymer matrix composites
- 09 Aug 2018

SAE International, a global association committed to being the ultimate knowledge source for the engineering profession, has published a new book that focuses on properties of polymer matrix composites.

'Composite Materials Handbook Volume 2 - Revision H' is an update to the CMH-17 compendium. The new handbook contains statistically-based data for polymer matrix composites that meets specific CMH-17 population sampling and data documentation requirements, covering material systems of general interest. Selected historical data from previous versions of the handbook that do not meet current data sampling, test methodology, or documentation requirements, but are still of potential interest to industry are also included in this volume.

Seventeen new data sets with complete documentation and publicly available specifications were added in the new 'Revision H' of the Composites Materials Handbook, Vol.2. The new data sets include carbon fibre and glass fibre composites.

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