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Search Technologies

ProQuest integrates Syndetics Unbound with Ebook Central, makes discoverability easier for library patrons
- 06 Mar 2018

Libraries with the Academic Complete® subscription, ProQuest's flagship ebook resource, can now provide an enhanced user experience for their patrons in the Ebook Central® platform, as the result of a new integration with the Syndetics Unbound service.

Syndetics Unbound is an enrichment service that integrates with a library's catalog or discovery layer, adding up to 16 interactive elements designed to encourage exploration and increase circulation. ProQuest has integrated the Syndetics Unbound service's most popular enrichment elements into the Ebook Central platform - an added value that helps connect students and researchers to relevant resources they may not have otherwise discovered.

These elements, which draw from ProQuest and LibraryThing data are now available for students and researchers to view on the Ebook Central 'book detail' page, which provides real-time availability and key bibliographic information for ebooks in a library's holdings.

Syndetics Unbound enrichment elements will release on Ebook Central this month to Academic Complete customers. Those who subscribe to Syndetics Unbound for their catalog or discovery layer will also get the functionality for any ebooks acquired through Ebook Central.

The Academic Complete collection is ProQuest's flagship ebook subscription, providing 150,000 multi-disciplinary ebooks to libraries around the globe. Delivered on the Ebook Central platform, it provides unlimited multi-user access, powerful research tools and DRM-free chapter downloads. More university presses contribute to Academic Complete than any other subscription, and in the next few years it will be the only subscription to carry more than 14,000 high-demand, high use Wiley titles. Academic Complete also includes a Book Display Widget for promoting titles on any website.

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OCLC in deal with publishers worldwide to make more content discoverable through libraries
- 31 Jan 2018

OCLC has signed agreements with distinguished publishers from around the world to add metadata for high-quality books, e-books, journals, databases and other materials that will make their content discoverable through WorldCat Discovery.

OCLC has agreements in place with 325 publishers and information providers to supply metadata to facilitate discovery and access to key resources relevant to researchers, faculty and students. OCLC recently signed agreements with such content providers the Asahi Shimbun Company, Hogrefe, East View Information Services, Kluwer Law International B.V., Kubikat, Mergent and Practising Law Institute (PLI).

Metadata from many of these publishers will also be made available to users through other OCLC services based on individual agreements. Details about how this metadata may be used in library management workflows will be communicated to OCLC users as the data is available.By providing metadata and other descriptive content, these partnerships help libraries represent their electronic and physical collections more completely and efficiently.

WorldCat Discovery provides over 3 billion records of electronic, digital and physical resources, including articles, books, dissertations and audiovisual materials in support of libraries and information seekers.

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Content from Institution of Engineering and Technology added to InnovationQ Plus
- 23 Jan 2018

Technical professional organisation IEEE and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) have announced that the latter's full-text journals and conference papers are now fully discoverable on InnovationQ Plus, a patent discovery and analytics platform from IEEE and IP.com, a global leader in intellectual property solutions.

InnovationQ Plus combines a powerful machine learning-based search engine with a global patent database and critical non-patent literature to provide a unique IP discovery and analysis solution. It allows IP professionals to see the full picture of the technical landscape to determine patentability, identify market opportunities, and uncover competitive intelligence.

IET's mission is to promote the general advancement of science, engineering, and technology and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas including knowledge-sharing activities to gather and distribute scholarly and professional content through a variety of physical and online channels to a global audience. More than 230,000 full-text IET journals and conference papers are now indexed within InnovationQ Plus.

Indexing IET full-text content in the InnovationQ Plus discoverability engine is key to a platform enrichment strategy that has also included numerous other enhancements over the last year. InnovationQ Plus recently added a comprehensive corporate tree from S&P Global Market Intelligence to create accurate portfolios by organisations, enhanced semantic mapping to better evaluate market and competitive landscapes, and an advanced query builder that combines the ease of semantic searching with the precision of fielded, Boolean, and proximity searching.

All current subscribers can now search this content at no additional charge.

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Digital Science launches Dimensions, a next-generation research and discovery platform linking publications, grants, policy, data and metrics for the first time
- 16 Jan 2018

Global technology company Digital Science has announced the launch of Dimensions, a new platform that aims to democratise and transform scholarly search. A collaboration between six Digital Science portfolio companies (Altmetric, Digital Science Consultancy, Figshare, Readcube, Symplectic and ÜberResearch) and more than 100 research funders and universities, Dimensions offers a better, faster way to discover, understand and analyse the global research landscape, without wasting time searching for information across multiple poorly integrated tools.

Dimensions breaks down barriers to discovery and innovation by making over 860 million academic citations freely available, and delivers one-click access to over 9 million Open Access articles. Within Dimensions, 124 million formerly siloed documents, including $1.2 trillion in funding, 86 million articles and books, and 34 million patents, are linked through 3.7 billion connections and contextualised with metrics and altmetrics. Built using real-world use cases, it combines advanced concept extraction, natural language processing, categorisation and complex machine learning to create a flexible and robust tool that meets the most demanding modern research needs.

Whereas previous tools and datasets have focused mostly on publications and citations, Dimensions takes a different approach - by integrating funded grants, publications and citations, altmetric data, clinical trials and patents, a complete picture of the research landscape emerges; from resources entering the system, research outputs, recognition, patents reflecting the commercial trajectory and the translation of medical research into treatments.

Under a pricing model designed to reduce the strain on institutional budgets, research organisations have the option to license additional data types and analytical functionality to benefit from a more comprehensive view of the research landscape. An extension of the one-click access to include publisher content licensed by the institution is also available.

A new Dimensions API also provides access to the underlying data in the easiest and most flexible way possible, using a domain-specific language designed with non-technical users in mind. The API can be used not just for data retrieval but also to aggregate data or return different facets in one single API call, enabling direct integrations and machine-to-machine implementations.

Dimensions is available now, and can be accessed at www.dimensions.ai.

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Global engineering and technology TV platform unveils video search functionality
- 08 Jan 2018

IET.tv has launched Engineering Video Intelligence (EVI), a powerful, new video transcript search function, which allows users to keyword search within its entire video database to find exact and relevant time stamped content at the click of a button.

The online platform, run by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), claims to be one of the largest dedicated engineering and technology video databases in the world and includes industry news, technical and regulatory updates, expert insight and interviews, as well as EngTalks and lectures.

The new functionality takes away hours of trawling through video content to find specific extracts and will be highly beneficial to practising engineers, technologists, academics and researchers who want to find accurate content quickly. The search functionality also enables users to navigate to individual words or phrases within the video while the video is playing and will recommend related videos from the database based on search results.

Users can now use EVI search by visiting the IET.tv homepage or by using the EVI search toggle on the search results page.

Brought to you by Scope e-Knowledge Center, a trusted global partner for digital content transformation solutions - Abstracting&Indexing (A&I), Knowledge Modeling (Taxonomies, Thesauri and Ontologies), and Metadata Enrichment&Entity Extraction.
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