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Elsevier expands medication dose checking capabilities in its Gold Standard Drug Database
- 11 Jul 2018

Elsevier, the information analytics business specialising in science and health, and part of RELX Group, has announced the expansion of medication dose checking capabilities in its Gold Standard Drug Database. Expanded content in Gold Standard Drug Database supports health professionals and healthcare organisations in preventing clinically and financially harmful drug dosing errors.

The dose checking content protects against excessive, inadequate and/or potentially dangerous doses to ensure optimal delivery of the patient's medication. Available within the clinical decision support suite of Gold Standard Drug Database, the dose checking content is now the most robust in the industry.

Gold Standard Drug Database exclusively offers TRUE Daily Updates™ to deliver advanced drug data and decision support for integration into health systems and applications. In tandem with evidence-based, peer-reviewed content, intelligent screening tools in the Gold Standard Drug Database protect against false negative alerts that can lead to unsafe drug therapy decisions, and false positive alerts that cause dangerous alert fatigue and overrides. These safeguards are designed to help reduce the nearly 700,000 emergency department visits and 100,000 hospitalizations each year due to adverse drug events (U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, ahrq.gov).

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Wolters Kluwer Health’s UpToDate featured in current issue of the Global Public Health journal
- 28 May 2012

Healthcare information provider Wolters Kluwer Health (WK Health), US, has announced that UpToDate, part of Wolters Kluwer Health, was featured in the current issue of the Global Public Health journal.

The article, Health care workers in Africa access a broad range of topics using evidence-based online medical information, was co-authored by Dr. Margaret L. McNairy, Dr. Alysse G Wurcel, Dr. Franklin Huang and Dr. Johanna P. Daily. The article investigates the relationship between access to evidence-based, online clinical resources and improvements in patient care in RLS. Clinicians in RLS can now access UpToDate by applying to the international grant subscription program on Global Health Delivery Online (GHDonline.org).

A total of 102 healthcare workers (HCW) were trained to use UpToDate across four hospitals in Africa. Of the 102, 64 completed a survey at the end of the program. The majority of users were doctors (63%), nurses (25%) or medical officers and/or students (12%). Ninety-six percent of users felt ‘very comfortable’ with English. The data suggests that the provision of evidence-based medical information resources via the Internet is feasible in RLS, is used for a broad variety of topics, and could improve providers' knowledge, clinical practice and potentially patient outcomes. The methodology also demonstrates that initial and regular training and support is needed for these resources to be fully used in RLS.

Four hospitals were chosen for this study based on their affiliation with the authors’ sponsoring institutions: two medical centers in Rwanda, one hospital in Malawi, and one hospital in South Africa. UpToDate provided unlimited, 24 hour free access to its knowledge system via the Internet and all hospitals had satellite or cable Internet access that was free for the clinical staff. The study began in January of 2009 and lasted 6 months.

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Thomson IP Management Services launches new intellectual asset management software - Thomson IP Manager 3.0
- 26 Oct 2009

Thomson IP Management Services, part of Information services provider Thomson Reuters, US, has announced the release of Thomson IP Manager 3.0, an enterprise-scale software solution for managing patents, trademarks, invention disclosures and licensing agreements. Intellectual asset management has expanded beyond the legal department to now become the focal point of many organisations. The new intellectual asset management software empowers organisations to design tailored IP processes and drive collaboration across all stages of innovation.

An exclusive, patent-pending technology, the Process Architect, allows an organisation to define and implement structured processes tailored to their unique intellectual property workflow. IP matters move seamlessly from specialist to specialist via a Collaboration Portal, ensuring stakeholder input and accelerating communication. As a company’s IP strategy evolves, the Process Architect provides unsurpassed flexibility by enabling workflows to be easily modified.

The Thomson IP Manager 3.0 release also features several system enhancements including significantly faster performance, new form letter functionality, and new ways to associate files and images with case data. This release marks the debut of Thomson IP Manager in Europe, extending the company’s IP management and payment service offerings there.

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WK Health launches order set development solution - ProVation Order Sets
- 08 Apr 2009

Medical information provider Wolters Kluwer Health (WK Health), US, has launched ProVation Order Sets, powered by UpToDate Decision Support, an innovative order set development solution that combines ProVation Medical's technology platform with UpToDate's premier clinical decision support content. ProVation Order Sets streamlines the delivery of standardised care for improved patient safety, outcomes, clinician performance and regulatory compliance.

An actionable, customisable order set authoring and management solution, ProVation Order Sets enables hospitals to put evidence-based healthcare into practice by establishing and maintaining standards of care. It helps improve patient care by providing easy access to a comprehensive repository of evidence; reduces costs related to medication errors and increases patient safety through built-in standardisation at the point of care; aids implementation of evidence-based practice across medical specialties; and provides a solid return on investment by simplifying the order set review and approval process.

The newly unveiled ProVation Order Sets offers automatic linking to evidence-based content from UpToDate, a clinical decision support tool covering more than 7,700 topics in 14 medical specialties. UpToDate includes more than 79,000 pages of text, graphics, links to Medline abstracts, more than 260,000 references and a drug database. Content is continuously reviewed and updated by physician editors and authors.

ProVation Order Sets also utilises Wolters Kluwer Health's Ovid platform to provide one-click access to all web-based journal information to which a medical facility subscribes. This enables delivery of highly specific content in the context of clinician workflow, whether clinicians are developing order sets or utilizing them at the patient bedside.

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Elsevier demonstrating clinical decision support tools at HIMSS event
- 08 Apr 2009

STM publisher Elsevier, Netherlands, has announced that it is offering a suite of tools designed to improve healthcare quality through enhanced clinical decision-making and problem solving at the point of care. The suite ranges from evidence-based medicine (EBM) offering brief, mid-length and full-length answers to clinical inquiries, to online training and drug decision support, and advanced predictive analytics. The tools, projected to streamline clinical workflow as they improve outcomes and enhance patient care quality, are being demonstrated at Elsevier's booth (no. 3644) at the ongoing HIMSS conference in Chicago.

Providers' need for tested, comprehensive information and analysis tools is seen to have intensified as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) puts a fresh focus on quality improvement and reporting. ARRA is calling for an increased emphasis on evidence-based medicine, clinical decision support and performance measurement.

Elsevier's most significant product groups addressing clinician and healthcare business needs in this environment include Evidence-Based Clinical Content; Patient-Specific Predictive Analytics, Outcomes Analysis, Regulatory Compliance Solutions (MEDai); Interdisciplinary Care Plans, Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines and Integrated Documentation (CPM Resource Center); Drug Decision Support and E-Prescribing (Alchemy CDS modules); and E-Learning Competency and Staff Management Solutions.

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Swets puts decision support service into Beta testing phase
- 26 Feb 2009

Subscription services provider Swets, Netherlands, has announced that following an enthusiastic reception at a pre-launch event at ALA Midwinter, SwetsWise Selection Support, a decision support service, has entered into its beta testing phase. The tool seeks to combine customers' usage statistics with their subscription holdings and pricing information. This results in a fully integrated price-per-use overview for collection analysis, with the flexibility to include additional customer-specific data.

SwetsWise Selection Support is claimed to contain an intelligent combination of price and usage information that will revolutionise the way libraries view and report on the true value of their collection. The objective data included in the tool is seen to provide librarians with a reliable basis from which to make sound, informed purchase decisions, ensuring that the available budget is spent in the most appropriate manner.

The new service utilises an award-winning technology behind the ScholarlyStats platform to collect usage statistics and integrates this data with the extensive subscription details and price information stored in SwetsWise Subscriptions. Reporting is available at account and consortium levels, as well as customised reporting. Holdings and price information will be automatically maintained and updated by SwetsWise, including any new subscriptions. Customer-specific fields may be added, along with free text and file uploads, offering a high level of flexibility. These reports will help customers to fully analyse their entire subscription spend and make better informed decisions.

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