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Research and Markets adds 'E-books Market in Europe 2018-2022' report to their offering
- 12 Feb 2018

Market research and data services provider Research and Markets, Ireland, has announced the addition of the 'E-books Market in Europe 2018-2022' report to their offering.

The latest trend gaining momentum in the market is emerging formats for publishing e-books. Publishers are offering e-books compatible with different ebook readers and devices to significantly drive the popularity of e-books. Publishing formats such as Mobi, EPUB, and KF8 are gaining preference among readers due to the high convenience offered. Also, these online book formats are user-friendly and compatible with several latest electronic devices.

E-books market in Europe is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.58% during the period 2018-2022. According to the report, one of the major drivers for this market is growing popularity of e-readers. Due to the growth of digitization and continuous technological improvement, consumers are extensively demanding for gadgets and digital devices such as e-readers. E-readers enables the readers to access wide library of reading content. E-readers are gaining prominence in the digital books market as they allow easy portability and access to expansive online book library at an extremely light weight. Also, the reducing prices of advanced e-readers is further encouraging the buyers to purchase e-readers.

Interested parties may visit https://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/zr3knv/europe_ebooks?w=5 for more information on this report.

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Bowker connects users to StreetLib publishing platform
- 16 Oct 2017

Visitors to the Bowker website myidentifiers.com will now be able to access StreetLib, a publishing platform offering all the essential book publishing tools in one place. StreetLib supports authors and publishers by providing the services necessary to publish and sell books online in multiple formats. It also provides technical and commercial assistance to help its users get the most out of its services. Bowker's Myidentifiers.com is the official ISBN registration site for American publishers. Bowker is a ProQuest affiliate.

StreetLib has developed the tools necessary for authors/publishers to write, edit, publish, and sell their books — in print or digital format — on one platform. Social media is used to deliver relevant and timely information directly to its users, customised to their interests. They can follow other users, publications, and topics, and receive personalised suggestions. Since the StreetLib platform is all-inclusive, it brings together authors and publishers working in different genres, in all phases of the writing and publishing process.

With the addition of StreetLib, Bowker Identifier Services becomes a one-stop solution that publishers can use to obtain virtually all the products and services required to get a book published, discovered and sold. As the only official ISBN agency for the US, Bowker provides a complete service to authors, including identifiers (ISBNs, barcodes, Standard Address Numbers) that match the right assets to the right title throughout its publishing, distribution and selling journey.

Brought to you by Scope e-Knowledge Center, a trusted global partner for digital content transformation solutions - Abstracting & Indexing (A&I), Knowledge Modeling (Taxonomies, Thesauri and Ontologies), and Metadata Enrichment & Entity Extraction.

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Global sales in the medical publishing market fell 2.4 percent in 2012, says Simba report
- 05 Sep 2013

Media and publishing intelligence firm Simba Information has released a report, according to which, global sales in the medical publishing market fell 2.4 percent to $10.1 billion in 2012. The report, Global Medical Publishing 2013-2014, found that the worldwide recession had a broad impact on the revenue streams of medical publishers. Academic institutions faced budget pressure, which made subscription renewals difficult. Corporate customers and advertisers also cut back their spending in light of the recession's impact. Globally, the market has been flat since 2010. Books and pharmaceutical journal advertising are on the decline. Thomson Reuters and McGraw Hill, once market leaders, have sold their medical publishing businesses.

The patterns have been clear for several years, but accelerated in 2012, particularly the decline in book sales. Simba estimates that medical book sales fell 2.5 percent to $2.96 billion in 2012.

In response to the market's challenges, other leading medical publishers are moving aggressively to develop and acquire information-based products that are often accessed via mobile devices and can be integrated into the workflow within the healthcare system. Individual print book sales, a mainstay in medicine and nursing textbooks, are being supplanted by applications on tablets and mobile phones, electronic references and other online services.

As a result, online services continue to be the fastest growing activity in medical publishing - up an estimated 3.8 percent in 2012. The developed world and English language are particularly important to this sector, but much of the growth comes from emerging markets like the Middle East and South East Asia where investments are being made in upgrading healthcare systems.

Global Medical Publishing 2013-2014 provides detailed market information for medical and healthcare publishing, segmented by delivery medium - journals, books, online services, newsletters/looseleafs/directories and other activities (audio, video and CD-ROM). It analyses trends impacting the industry and forecasts market growth to 2016. The report includes an in-depth review of 15 leading medical publishers, including Reed Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer, Truven Health Analytics, Springer Science+Business Media, John Wily & Sons, Igaku-Shoin, Thieme, American Medical Association, Epocrates and others.

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BISG study reveals correlation between genre preference and reading device selection
- 08 Apr 2013

Multi-function tablets have become consumers' preferred e-reading devices, overtaking dedicated e-readers for the first time, according to the Book Industry Study Group (BISG)'s Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading survey. The survey is an ongoing study conducted with book research firm Bowker.

Results from the first installment in Volume Four of the survey show 44 percent of e-book readers prefer a tablet, up from 37 percent in the August 2012 survey. During the same period, respondents' choice of a dedicated e-reader fell from 49 percent to 42 percent. The study suggests the trend will continue as respondents' intent to purchase a dedicated e-reader has dropped, while intent to purchase has remained consistent for tablets, at about 37 percent.

Understanding device use is important, as the survey reveals further correlation between device choice and genre preference, with certain fiction genres continuing to dominate on dedicated e-readers, while some specialised nonfiction genres perform better on other devices.

The survey also reveals that those who prefer dedicated e-readers were more likely to select general fiction, mystery, literary fiction, or romance as key e-book genres than users of other types of devices. How-to guides and manuals were more popular with those who prefer reading e-books on personal computers. Consumers who prefer e-reading via smartphones were more likely to read travel books than either tablet or dedicated e-reader users.

The study also shows the consistent upward swing in preference for e-books over print. About 82 percent of Power Buyers (consumers who acquire e-books on a weekly basis) say they prefer e-books over print and nearly 70 percent of Non-Power Buyers say they now prefer e- over print.

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ebrary unveils German language e-book database covering multiple disciplines
- 13 Mar 2013

ebrary, a ProQuest business, has announced a new German-language e-book subscription database for academic libraries. The ebrary Deutsche Sammlung collection includes STM, humanities and arts disciplines. It features more than 4,500 titles from publishers such as De Gruyter, Aarhus University Press, International Monetary Fund, Ohne Verlag and Frank & Timme GmbH.

The collection can be subscribed to on its own, or in conjunction with the Academic Complete collection. Many ebrary customers are said to use subscription databases as affordable, high quality base collections, and then examine their usage statistics to determine where to apply additional budget in patron driven acquisition, short-term loan, and perpetual archive. This acquisition model is seen to provide libraries with a flexible and cost effective way to maximise their budgets while serving the diverse needs of their researchers and students.

The company will be showcasing the new Deutsche Sammlung collection and Academic Complete, at Bibliothekartag, a library conference in Germany, March 11-14, 2013.

E-Book user base expands to 24.5 percent of adult population, says Simba report
- 23 Aug 2012

Media forecast and research firm Simba Information, US, has published an addendum to its recently released Trade E-Book Publishing 2012 report. In addition to showing an updated list of e-book hardware trends, the data indicates that about 24.5 percent of US adults consider themselves to be e-book users, up from about 17.2 percent the year before.

The entire addendum, which is based on data collected from Simba’s nationally representative consumer survey conducted in July and August 2012, will be distributed, free of charge, to purchasers of Trade E-Book Publishing 2012. This report also provides an analysis of how much money e-book users spend on digital titles and a full psychographic analysis that profiles e-book user habits. Devices profiled in this edition, as well as in the addendum, include Barnes & Noble’s Nook line, smartphones (including the iPhone), Amazon’s Kindle devices, Apple’s iPad and more.

The report also tracks the demographics of book buyers by gender, age, household income, education level and more and provides extra value by showing demographic details of all e-book users and singling out those who have received free e-books in the past 12 months.

The report is available at http://www.simbainformation.com/redirect.asp?progid=84048&productid=6885450.

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Loss of bookstores does not translate into growth of e-books, says Simba report
- 24 Jul 2012

Media forecast and research firm Simba Information, US, has released the fourth edition of the 'Trends in Trade Book Retailing' report. The report compiles data from multiple sources to confirm what Simba anticipated in the third edition: that the loss of bookstores would not translate into growth of e-books in 2011.

Data from Simba shows that most consumers continue to buy print books, and the discovery of e-books is still very much interconnected with that of physical content. The report also indicates that the more retail channels consumers have access to, the more likely they are to be book buyers and leisure book readers. However, with physical bookstores still 'subsidising' the online channel by acting as a showroom for content, the industry must think of creative ways to build a sustainable system.

The 'Trends in Trade Book Retailing 2012' report details the interconnected worlds of print and e-book retailing through profiles of each of the three major channels of book retailer - bookstore, online and 'other.' Key demographic details and trends unique to each are provided, including gender, age, household income, education level, purchasing habits and more. Five-year trend data is also new to this edition, as is exclusive data showing to what extent e-book consumers have bought digital content from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple's iBookstore, and other e-book sources.

The report is available at http://www.simbainformation.com/redirect.asp?progid=83930&productid=6903769.

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Australia, one of the leading markets for e-book adoption, says Bowker research
- 23 May 2012

Australia is one of the leading markets for e-book adoption, according to Bowker Market Research's Global eBook Monitor. The study tracks consumer attitudes to and purchasing of e-books in 10 major world markets. Bowker Market Research is a service of Bowker, an affiliated business of ProQuest.

Australia ranks along with the UK and the US in adoption of e-books, with 43 percent of its online population reporting they have downloaded at least some digital content in the past six months. About a third of wired Aussies downloaded a free e-book, but 21 percent felt committed enough to the format to pay for a book.

Bowker's Global eBook Monitor revealed that majority of Australian respondents have regular and convenient access to desktop and laptop computers. More than half have access to smartphones, about a quarter are using tablets and another 10 percent have access to dedicated e-readers. The connections to devices that support e-books means the market is primed for further development.

The Global eBook Monitor seeks to track consumer purchases of e-books, and attitudes about e-books, in 10 major world markets and aims to inform the publishing industry during a critical period of change. An annual study, over time it is expected to create a unique view of market shifts in response to new digital formats. It currently operates in partnership with Pearson, Tata Consultancy Services, AT Kearney and Book Industry Study Group (BISG).

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E-book consumers choosing tablets over e-readers, says BISG Study
- 01 May 2012

E-book consumers’ preference for tablets is accelerating rapidly as dedicated e-readers drop in popularity, according to the Book Industry Study Group’s (BISG) Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading survey. The second installment in Volume Three of the study shows that, over the course of just six months, consumers’ “first choice” preference for dedicated e-readers such as those from Amazon and Barnes & Noble declined from 72 percent to 58 percent. Tablet devices are now the most preferred reading device for more than 24 percent of e-book buyers, up from less than 13 percent in August 2011.

Further, the increase in tablet preference was not primarily for Apple’s iPad (which rose by just over 1 percent), but for non-Apple tablets – overwhelmingly from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. These non-Apple devices increased from 5 percent to 14 percent over the same period.

The BISG study, powered by Bowker Market Research, points to a buoyant book market. Nearly 30 percent of respondents in the February 2012 survey reported an increase in dollars spent on books in all formats since they began acquiring e-books, while nearly 50 percent reported an overall increase in the volume of titles purchased in any format. The numbers are even rosier for the e-book market: more than 62 percent of respondents reported an increase in dollars spent on e-books, and more than 72 percent said they have increased the volume of e-titles they are buying. Some publishers are reporting that even when overall revenue has declined, profitability — particularly for e-books — has increased.

In addition to “Power Buyers” (those who acquire e-books at least weekly), this report looks at the behaviour of “Casual Buyers,” who purchase one or two books a month. The study reveals that this second generation of e-book and e-reader adopters is catching up with Power Buyers in a number of ways.

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Simba Information releases fourth edition of Trade E-Book Publishing report series
- 12 Apr 2012

Publishing forecast firm Simba Information, US, has released the fourth edition of its flagship Trade E-Book Publishing report series. According to the report, 17 percent of US adults have read at least one e-book in 2011, up from the 11 percent who did so in 2010. In keeping with the report's tradition of measuring the commitment individual adults have to e-books, the percentage of adults who bought e-books was shown to be 11 percent of adults, up from 9 percent.

Some of the usual book consumption habits still remain. The report finds that about four times as many adults bought a paperback book compared to an e-book. The children's and young adult (YA) market continues to lag behind the digital development of adult trade. The report shows about 23 percent of all adults bought at least one children's/YA print book in 2011 while just 4 percent purchased a children's or YA e-book.

Another finding in the device analysis was that more consumers have begun reading e-books through tablet devices, but not every tablet goes to a new reader. Findings in the report conclude one in 10 Kindle owners have updated their Kindles in the past three months. Additionally, 53 percent of iPad owners - up from 40 percent in last year's report - do not use e-books at all.

The report also tracks demographics of book buyers on gender, age, household income, education level and more.

Brazil and India set for greatest growth in e-book purchase, says Bowker research
- 28 Mar 2012

Australia, India, the UK and the US are leading the world in e-book adoption rates, according to Bowker Market Research's Global eBook Monitor. The study tracks consumer attitudes to, and purchasing of, e-books in major world markets. Bowker Market Research is a service of Bowker, an affiliated business of ProQuest.

Research for Bowker's Global e-book Monitor was conducted among the online population in 10 countries – Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, Spain, the UK and the US – in early 2012. India, Australia, the UK and the US lead in adoption of e-books, with more than 20 percent of respondents reporting purchasing e-books in the six months prior to the survey. Respondents in France and Japan were the least likely to have purchased an e-book, at 5 and 8 percent, respectively. While purchase behaviour varies by country, awareness is relatively consistent: more than 80 percent of respondents in each country know it is possible to digitally download a book.

The Monitor reveals that the market for e-books is set for a rapid increase in Brazil and India. Over 50 percent of respondents from these two countries said they were likely to buy an e-book in the next six months, a prediction that would double and triple the number of e-book buyers in India and Brazil, respectively. About a third of respondents in the UK and US said they had plans to purchase an e-book soon, compared to one in five in France, and one in seven in Japan.

Age and gender are consistent predictors of purchase behaviour globally. For example, in most countries surveyed, men are more likely than women to buy an e-book. Germany shows the greatest divergence, with 18 percent of male respondents having bought an e-book in the past six months, compared to only 8 percent of women. In almost all markets, the older the respondents, the less likely they are to have recently purchased an e-book. Purchase rates in India, Brazil, the UK, US and France are highest in the 25–34 age group, with Australia, Spain, Germany, South Korea and Japan highest among 18-24 year olds.

The numbers of e-books downloaded in the past six months within genres indicates significant differences between countries. In the UK and Australia the concentration is on adult fiction, while in India and South Korea the concentration is on both professional/business and academic/textbooks.

The Global eBook Monitor seeks to track consumer purchases of e-books, and attitudes about e-books, in 10 major world markets and aims to inform the publishing industry during a critical period of change. An annual study, over time it is expected to create a unique view of market shifts in response to new digital formats. It currently operates in partnership with Pearson, Tata Consultancy Services, AT Kearney and Book Industry Study Group (BISG).

Key findings from the research will be presented and debated at two webinars hosted by the BISG on April 2 and April 23.

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Al-Manhal and Scientific Research Support Fund sign research syndication agreement
- 15 Aug 2011

Al-Manhal, an Arabic full-text searchable electronic content platform, recently signed an agreement with the Scientific Research Support Fund, of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Under the deal, Al-Manhal will distribute 17 Jordanian scientific journals issued under the fund's umbrella.

The journals will reportedly enrich Al-Manhal's ever-expanding database of full-text content published by the Arab world's leading research institutions and publishing houses.

Al-Manhal is a joint venture between the management of TechKnowledge, the Middle East's leading electronic library consultancy, and Wolters Kluwer (Ovid), a global publisher and provider of academic and professional electronic information. Al-Manhal's full-text electronic platform was created specifically to enable academics, researchers and scientists to have access to the output of the Arab world's leading research institutions and publishing houses.

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EBSCO Publishing's extensive collection of eBook and audiobook titles now integrated on EBSCOhost
- 22 Jul 2011

Electronic research databases provider EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO), US, has announced that its extensive collection of over 300,000 eBook and audiobook titles (formerly from NetLibrary) is now integrated on EBSCOhost. EBSCOhost now provides content from the most in-demand publishers available via new acquisition models including expanded ownership plans to serve the unique needs of libraries and their patrons.

In addition, EBSCO is also paving the way for new models such as short-term leases, subscription models and expanded Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) which will be introduced within the next few months. eBooks and audiobooks on EBSCOhost include the same features as EBSCOhost databases along with specific features directly related to eBooks and audiobooks.

Users can opt to select the library's eBook and audiobook collections from among the Choose Database page and search the multiple content types together - merging results from EBSCOhost databases, eBooks and audiobooks - and eliminating silos of information. The EBSCOhost platform offers libraries better collection development, reporting and access options while providing eBook and audiobook users with a more robust and integrated search experience.

EBSCOhost provides access to content from hundreds of the world's leading publishers. These include: Taylor & Francis Group, Brill Academic Publishers, IOS Press, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., M.E. Sharpe, Inc., Maney Publishing, University of Toronto Press, SAGE Publications, Inc., ABC-CLIO, AudioGO and many more. The growing list of publishers provides content in more than 30 languages with thousands of titles added each month.

The ownership model allows library administrators to determine how many simultaneous users they want to offer for each eBook purchased and to decide which model works best: unlimited users, three users or one user. The unlimited user model allows libraries to provide first-class service to patrons by purchasing eBooks with unlimited simultaneous access—so patrons will never experience turn-aways or holds for titles. The three user model is an option for titles that are in high demand while the one user model provides patrons access to eBooks one user at a time.

Later this year, EBSCO will introduce additional options including short-term lease and subscription models. For a percentage of the cost of a one user model, libraries can provide access to an eBook title through a short-term lease—available for one day, seven days, fourteen days or twenty-eight days. In addition to lease options, eBook anthologies that contain high-interest titles in several different subject areas will be available to libraries on a subscription basis. eBooks on EBSCOhost will also allow a library to select titles based on the library's collection development initiatives and purchase only the titles that patrons use through Patron Driven Acquisition options.

Patron Driven Acquisition will enable libraries to build a collection with guaranteed usage. EBSCO's PDA programme helps libraries preserve their budgets while maintaining control over the collection development process. With Patron Driven Acquisition, librarians can create a list of titles using their own specific criteria, and then expose the bibliographic records to end users without purchasing the titles.

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EBSCO Publishing announces unlimited usage options and free upgrades for H.W. Wilson Retro Index customers
- 27 Jun 2011

Electronic research databases provider EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO), US, has lifted the simultaneous user restriction and provided a free upgrade to unlimited access for all Wilson Retro Index customers. Customers with simultaneous user access to the 15 Retro Indexes available from H.W. Wilson will now have unlimited access to those resources.

EBSCO had planned to move WilsonWeb users to the unlimited access model by September but has been able to complete the task much sooner. All WilsonWeb Retrospecitve Index users will maintain their, now unlimited, access when they migrate over to the EBSCOhost platform by the end of the year.

Wilson Retro Indexes include Applied Science & Business Index Retrospective; Applied Science & Technology Index Retrospective; Education Index Retrospective; Essay and General Literature Index Retrospective; Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective; Library Literature & Information Science Retrospective; Readers' Guide Retrospective; and Social Sciences Retrospective, among other. Many other Wilson databases include some sort of restriction on the number of simultaneous users that may access the product. Moving forward, EBSCO will offer individual institutions affordable upgrade options to move to unlimited access.

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EBSCO to transition eBook titles into EBSCOhost
- 14 Jun 2011

Electronic research databases provider EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO), US, has announced that corporate libraries will soon be able to maximise the value of their eBook collection as EBSCO transitions its eBook titles into EBSCOhost. Available in July 2011, eBooks on EBSCOhost will enable corporations worldwide to make their eBooks and corporate research solutions more accessible to researchers while also providing a more comprehensive and powerful search experience to researchers.

eBooks on EBSCOhost's functionality is based upon the EBSCOhost search experience familiar to users worldwide. Corporate workflow will be enhanced with the ability to search eBooks alongside other EBSCO resources via EBSCOhost, learning management systems (LMS) and other corporate portals. EBSCO offers Featured Collections geared toward corporate libraries and are created by EBSCO's collection development team.

EBSCO will offer various purchase models including a one-user, three-user, or unlimited-user model. EBSCO will also offer a lease model, where libraries can acquire titles for a short period of time for a fraction of the list price. In addition, a Patron Driven Acquisition purchasing model will also be available to libraries for purchase and lease models. Libraries can create a specific list of titles for purchase, or develop a profile for title inclusion, and titles will be purchased based on patron usage activities.

eBooks on EBSCOhost may be integrated into corporate portals and Intranets as well as LMS. The EBSCOhost Integration Toolkit allows EBSCO's content to be incorporated into an organisation's workflow - providing seamless access to premium content.

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NISO launches E-book special interest group to foster collaborative work
- 09 May 2011

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and its Architecture Committee have announced the creation of a Special Interest Group focused on e-books (the NISO E-book SIG). Simultaneous with the formation of the group, NISO is issuing a call for participation in the E-book SIG and its associated monitoring group.

The E-book SIG seeks to explore a range of industry best practices and standards related to the creation, distribution, discovery, delivery and preservation of digital book content. The primary responsibilities of the group will be to continuously monitor and review the state of the industry for e-books and to suggest areas for new initiatives within NISO or areas where NISO can engage with other communities on e-book work underway outside of NISO. The group will also host thought leader meetings and commission relevant research to advance the state of the industry.

While NISO is best known for shepherding groups focused on a specific problem through the creation and implementation of recommended practices and standards, NISO's new strategic initiatives seek to widen its outreach within the information industry.

Specifically, the NISO Board and Architecture Committee seek to emphasise organisation's role as a facilitator within the industry; one that can foster cross-community dialogue in a given topical area and provide a place for the incubation of ideas even if no formal standards process within NISO is ever initiated as a result.

Initially, the NISO E-book SIG will identify relevant ongoing or proposed work related to e-books. It will then begin outreach to the communities within the library, publishing, information system and scholarly communication communities actively engaged in some aspect of e-book development and support.

The NISO Architecture committee is seeking nominations for experts interested in actively participating in the core E-book SIG from all areas of the community. In addition to the core group, a larger monitoring group will also be established to receive updates from the core group and provide feedback.

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Professional and scholarly books hold 75.9 percent of the US e-book market, says Simba report
- 21 Apr 2011

Media industry and forecast analysis firm Simba Information, US, has released a new report titled ‘Professional Publishing in the Digital Age: E-Books in Libraries.’ Although consumer trade books get a majority of the attention, professional and scholarly books, which include the legal, scientific/technical, medical and business segments, hold 75.9 percent of the $1.76 billion US e-book market, says the report. Further, the report predicts library collection managers will set aside more of their budget for E-books over the next few years.

The clear advantages E-books offer librarians, including archiving and long term access, enhancements and features, usage statistics and cost savings, are pushing professional publishers to continue to work with the library community to fully develop this market. According to the report, surveyed library collection managers are expecting e-books to become a more significant share of publishers' and distributors' offering, with 60 percent indicating that in five years e-books will represent 11 percent or more of their library's acquisition budget.

The current mindset of professional publishers is to replicate the print version of a book, which is creating challenges in the adoption of e-books, including the use of format standards like EPUB and establishing acceptable digital rights management, the report noted.

Professional Publishing in the Digital Age: E-Books in Libraries provides an overview and financial outlook for e-books in the professional market defined by four key segments - legal, scientific/technical, medical and business. The report also discusses advantages, challenges, pricing models, usage, and platform providers, and analyses e-book categories, major e-book publishers and e-book technologies.

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EBSCO adds 26 new prepackaged subject sets to e-books offering
- 01 Apr 2011

Electronic research databases provider EBSCO Publishing, US, has released 26 new e-book subject sets. These are seen to provide libraries with a quick and convenient way to begin or expand their e-book collections.

The latest e-book subject sets span more than seven key collection areas covering arts and humanities, business and economics, IT, non-English content, personal growth and how-to, science and technology and social sciences. With these latest subject sets, particular attention was given to the personal interests of public library consumers with the addition of popular subject areas such as photography, personal finance, home computing and how-to. According to EBSCO, the extensive content in each of these subject areas provides users with a wealth of information-whether it's for the novice or expert in the subject area.

E-book subject sets are a prepackaged set of titles chosen specifically to meet the library's needs for new titles focusing on popular, in-demand topics. The collection development team of librarians and collection specialists seek to use their expertise and knowledge to create collections and subject sets for libraries. To date, EBSCO has created a total of 124 e-book subject sets, representing more than 1,880 titles. All subject sets from EBSCO include titles published within the past three years and have no duplication among current or past offerings.

EBSCOhost offers nearly 300,000 e-books and audiobooks. The company is proactively soliciting new content in key areas and approximately 5,000 new titles are expected to be added each month. EBSCO has released a preview of e-books on EBSCOhost allowing librarians and end users to see how its collection of premier e-book titles is being integrated into EBSCOhost. A full migration to the EBSCOhost platform is expected by July.

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Preview of eBooks now available on EBSCOhost
- 23 Mar 2011

Electronic research databases provider EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO), US, is releasing a preview of eBooks on EBSCOhost. The move comes a year after acquiring NetLibrary from OCLC.

The preview will allow librarians and end users to see how their library's collection of eBook titles from EBSCO/NetLibrary is being integrated into EBSCOhost, allowing for a more comprehensive and powerful search experience. Current customers will be able to explore their own eBook collections on EBSCOhost. The preview is designed to showcase the look and feel of eBooks on EBSCOhost and provide a live environment for librarians and users to test and trial the functionality.

EBSCOhost libraries will be able to access the preview site through the Try New Features link on EBSCOhost. NetLibrary users will see a banner with the link on the NetLibrary interface. A link to a survey will be included on the preview, and results will be monitored during the preview period which will end with the migration from NetLibrary to EBSCOhost in July.

EBSCO offers an authoritative collection of eBooks on EBSCOhost - a growing collection of more than 250,000 titles. Thousands of eBook titles are loaded each month from hundreds of leading publisher partners in more than 30 languages. eBooks on EBSCOhost provides extensive subject coverage and MARC records are provided for all eBooks at no additional cost.

eBooks on EBSCOhost allows libraries to provide one single platform for the user interface, reporting, authentication, setup, and maintenance as well as the ability to brand and customise the interface. Users will be able to search across any combination of EBSCOhost databases and eBook collections using the same familiar EBSCOhost basic search screen as well as advanced search options and browsing features.

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Japan's e-book content market to cross $2 billion by 2015, says Nomura Research Institute
- 22 Dec 2010

Nomura Research Institute (NRI), a Japan-based think-tank and systems integrator, has predicted that the market for e-book content in Japan will grow to be worth $2.9 billion in 2015. This is 2.8 times its value in 2010.

About 14 million digital book readers will have been shipped to the domestic market by the end of 2015, up 18-fold from the 780,000 that will have been shipped as of the end of this year, the institute said. Further, it says that an explosion of e-book readers, combined with the anticipated spread of smartphones with e-book reader applications, will cause available e-book content to greatly diversify.

The year 2010 saw the e-book market firmly establish itself. US-based Apple released the iPad tablet computer in May while South Korea's Samsung Electronics started marketing its e-book reader Galaxy Tab last month. Japan's Sony and Sharp also released their own rival devices - Reader and Galapagos - in December.

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US e-book sales to reach $2.81 billion in 2015, says Forrester report
- 09 Nov 2010

Independent research company Forrester Research, US, has released a report according to which, sales of electronic books are expected to hit nearly one billion dollars in the US this year and to triple by 2015. The market research firm estimates that US spending on e-books is expected to total 966 million dollars this year, up from 301 million dollars last year and to reach 2.81 billion dollars in 2015.

According to the report, the number of e-book readers with dedicated devices in the US was expected to grow from 3.7 million at the end of last year to 10.3 million at the end of this year, and to 29.4 million in 2015. Seven percent of online US adults who read books read e-books, a number that is expected to double a year from now, the report noted.

A Forrester survey of e-book readers has found that 35 percent read e-books on a laptop computer, 32 percent on Amazon's Kindle, 15 percent on Apple's iPhone, 12 percent on a Sony e-reader and 10 percent on a netbook computer. Nine percent said they use a Nook e-reader from Barnes and Noble. While another nine percent said they use Apple's iPad, eight percent said they use some other e-reader and six percent said they use a cellphone other than the iPhone.

Forrester also said that Amazon's Kindle store 'stands to benefit tremendously' from the rise in e-book reading because of its existing relationship with book buyers through Amazon.com. Fifty percent of people who bought an e-book in the past month have reportedly purchased e-books from the Kindle store.

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Gideon ties up with O'Reilly Media to distribute infectious diseases e-books
- 02 Nov 2010

Medical-decision support applications provider Gideon Informatics, Inc., US, has announced a partnership with publisher O'Reilly Media, Inc. to distribute a new series of 411 Gideon e-books on infectious diseases. The e-books can be read on Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, mobile devices and personal computers. The series, said to make it easier for medical professionals to stay up to date on developments in the field of infectious diseases, provides a comprehensive compilation of disease data for every country in the world.

The new collection features one series of e-books dedicated to infectious disease data by country, and another series that details the 'global status' of each disease. It encompasses over 95,000 pages of text, supplemented by 30,000 graphs and 200,000 clickable linked references.

The country series of Gideon e-books includes a review of the status of every infectious disease - for each of 200 countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. The 'global status' series summarises the clinical features and epidemiology of every individual disease, with an entire book dedicated to each condition - from Acanthocephalan worms to Yersiniosis. The Gideon e-book series also includes entire e-books for lesser-studied countries, such as Andorra, Djibouti and Kiribati; and diseases such as Coltiviruses, Dicrocoeliasis and Australo-Pacific Arboviruses.

Additional titles in the series include: Infectious Diseases and Bioterrorism and Infectious Diseases of the World. Gideon Online also offers a free e-book on Infectious Diseases of Haiti (314 pages, 36 graphs), which has already been downloaded over 10,000 times. It is available for free download or on Amazon.com for $1, for the US: Kindle version.

In addition to all diseases which are endemic to a given country, each book includes all published data regarding imported diseases and infection among expatriates. The entire series will be updated annually.

O'Reilly Media's Digital Distribution Service provides e-books in multiple formats to online book retailers and channels including Amazon, Apple iTunes, Book Glutton, eBookPie and Barnes & Noble. The Gideon e-book series is available through these channels and directly on the company's website at www.gideononline.com/ebooks.

The data in these e-books are based on the Gideon Online database, which incorporates all relevant information from text books, peer-review journals, Health Ministry reports and ProMed, supplemented by an ongoing electronic search of the medical literature. The company's e-books are seen to complement its web application by expanding easy access to Gideon's content without a subscription or Internet access.

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E-books to garner 10 percent market in 3 years, says Kelkoo study
- 25 Oct 2010

Retail research company Kelkoo UK has predicted that the e-book market will experience accelerated growth over the next three years, when e-books could account for 10 percent of all books sold.

E-readers are also predicted to experience significant growth with a total of 1.3 million units expected to be sold over the next three years. E-books currently represent 0.8 percent of the total book market, equivalent to £40 million of the UK's £5.2 billion book industry.

According to Bruce Fair, Managing Director of Kelkoo UK, e-books are not currently as popular as printed books. However, the recent price war on e-readers combined with the launch of a plethora of devices - such as the third generation Kindle, Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPad - should act as a catalyst to boost consumer interest.

Amazon has reportedly been leading the way in the e-reader market. The company recently announced that its Kindle device was its highest selling product on both Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk during the third quarter. Last month, the company announced the launch of the Kindle Single, a new e-book product.

The Kelkoo research further reveals that e-books are unlikely to take a majority share of the publishing market in the near future but thanks to innovations and growing popularity it is becoming an important element of it.

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ebrary launches e-books programme for pharmaceutical companies
- 28 Sep 2010

Digital content products and technologies provider ebrary, US, has announced a new e-book programme for pharmaceutical companies that seeks to support their digital content needs through the entire product lifecycle. From R&D to manufacturing and distribution, to marketing and sales, ebrary provides the e-books and digital content services that can help pharmaceutical companies increase productivity, while extending their information budgets.

Currently available, ebrary's new programme includes a choice of models for acquiring e-books and other authoritative materials from publishers such as CRC Press, Elsevier Health Sciences, Informa Healthcare, Springer and Wiley; choose to subscribe with unlimited access, purchase individual titles; and buy based on employee usage. ebrary also offers many Doody's Core Titles; DASH! (Data Sharing, Fast); ebrary's do-it-yourself e-publishing tool; InfoTools and other research technologies; 24/7 web-based training with a real person; and complimentary marketing services.

To enable companies to stretch their budget dollars, ebrary recommends that pharmaceutical organisations subscribe to its new Pharmaceuticals Subscription E-book Database. The database seeks to provide simultaneous, multi-user access to a collection of more than 100 e-books on topics such as drug delivery, toxicology, clinical trials, drug safety, quality control, pricing and pharmaceutical marketing.

Companies may subsidise the subscription by purchasing individual titles in all key areas of the product lifecycle. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies may use DASH! to upload and enhance their collections with their own digital materials such as e-prints, product information, research reports, patents, proposals, government documents and competitive intelligence.

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ebrary to provide digital editions of CHOICE Outstanding Academic Titles
- 26 Aug 2010

Digital content products and technologies provider ebrary, US, has announced a partnership with CHOICE to offer digital editions of more than 1,000 of the latter's recent Outstanding Academic Titles (OAT). CHOICE is a publishing unit of the Association of College and Research Libraries, and the premier source for reviews of academic books, electronic media, and Internet resources of interest to those in higher education.

Published annually, the CHOICE OAT list represents the top 10 percent of more than 7,000 academic books, electronic media, and Internet resources reviewed by CHOICE that year. Under the new partnership, ebrary customers will now have easy, convenient access to a collection of CHOICE's OAT in e-book format. For the first time, universities, colleges, and other institutions can now provide their students, faculty, and other researchers with anytime, anywhere access to a digital collection of OAT as selected by CHOICE.

Spanning all academic subject areas including Business & Economics, Education, History, Language & Literature, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, and Sciences, ebrary's CHOICE selection features leading publishers including Cambridge University Press, Duke University Press, Harvard University Press, Oxford University Press, Routledge, University of California Press, University of Chicago Press, Wiley, and Yale University Press. The titles may be previewed at http://site.ebrary.com/lib/choicetitles.

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ebrary launches Aerospace e-book database
- 10 Jun 2010

Digital content products and technologies provider ebrary, US, has announced the availability of a new subscription database that includes a current selection of full-text e-books in aerodynamics, aeronautics, astronautics, control, fluid dynamics, human factors, radar, shipbuilding, turbulence, vibration and other aeronautic topics. Publishers such as Artech House, Cambridge University Press, CRC Press, Elsevier and Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) have contributed to the growing collection, which may be previewed at ebrary.com/lib/aerospacetitles.

Aerospace, aviation and defence companies may supplement their subscription with additional databases in Core Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Engineering & Industrial Management, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering, and more. Individual titles are also available for purchase from ebrary's growing catalogue of over 177,400 e-books in related subject areas.

Organisations participating in ebrary's DASH! (Data Sharing, Fast) pilot programme can also upload and integrate their own materials such as design sketches, test results, presentations, and other documents for a comprehensive, searchable knowledgebase.

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McGraw-Hill Professional launches custom e-Books covering key business topics
- 21 Apr 2010

Medical, technical and business information resources provider McGraw-Hill Professional, US, has announced the introduction of Essentials, a line of custom e-Books covering vital business topics written by acclaimed experts. Selected Essentials are now available exclusively in the Amazon Kindle Store (www.amazon.com/kindlestore) and the Barnes&Noble.com eBookstore (www.bn.com/ebooks).

Designed specifically for time-pressed business professionals, each Essentials is 50 to 100 pages in length and provides readers with concise and timely information on building and enhancing critical business skills in areas including leadership, communication, presentation skills, customer service, management and more. The e-Books are from leading McGraw-Hill authors, on the subjects readers seek most from them.

Essentials is the latest addition to McGraw-Hill's extensive digital offerings, which include traditional e-Books, Select e-Chapters, online learning platforms, mobile apps, and more.

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ebrary launches Government Complete with DASH!
- 14 Apr 2010

Digital content products and technologies provider ebrary, US, has announced the availability of the first e-book collection for government agencies, institutes, and centers.

With more than 47,000 e-books and other titles from over 425 leading publishers including AMACOM, McGraw-Hill, MIT Press, Oxford University Press, Taylor & Francis and Wiley, ebrary's Government Complete subscription database spans a vast range of topics relating to government functions. This includes Business & Economics, Computers & IT, Education, Engineering & Technology, Environmental Studies, Health Care & Medicine, Life & Physical Sciences, Military Science, Political Science, Social Sciences and more.

Additionally, agencies and other organisations that subscribe to Government Complete may use DASH! (Data Sharing, Fast) to upload existing PDF documents, or any information that can be converted into PDF, and transform them into a searchable, highly interactive database for internal use. Customers may also use ebrary's Software as a Service (SaaS) for external information distribution and other capabilities. All documents submitted through DASH! and SaaS integrate seamlessly with Government Complete and other ebrary collections.

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HighWire releases results of librarians’ survey on e-books
- 05 Mar 2010

HighWire Press, a not-for-profit division of Stanford University libraries, has released the full results of a Fall 2009 survey of librarians on their attitudes and practices related to e-books. The survey, available online at http://highwire.stanford.edu/PR/HighWireEBookSurvey2010.pdf, was conducted as part of HighWire's ongoing exploration of the fast-growing scholarly e-books market.

The results and accompanying analysis draw together the input of 138 librarians from 13 countries. The responses are seen to underscore the significant growth librarians expect in e-book acquisitions and point to their current preferences and possible trends in this evolving area.

The survey data was analysed by Michael Newman, Stanford University’s Head Biology Librarian, and the report presents his perspective on what his librarian colleagues had to say about e-books. The report is observed to put forth certain familiar themes, such as: simplicity and ease of use seem more important than sophisticated end-user features; users tend to discover e-books through both the library catalogue and search engines; and while users prefer PDFs, format preference will likely change as technology changes. It further states that DRM seems to hinder e-book use for library patrons; and that ability to print is essential. The most popular business model for librarians, according to the survey, is purchase with perpetual access.

HighWire has been producing the online versions of books and reference works alongside its journals programme. With the number and diversity of requests for e-book hosting growing substantially, the need for data is seen to be significant. Data is particularly sought on how e-books are being used by researchers and scholars, and how librarians manage the collection development and acquisitions process.

HighWire is also conducting one-on-one interviews with students and faculty to determine their needs and expectations. Through a series of interviews, surveys and data collection activities throughout 2010, HighWire seeks to continue to help its scholarly publisher customers understand the evolving needs of libraries and individual readers.

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Serials Solutions to implement new E-Books Metadata Normalization Process in KnowledgeWorks
- 17 Nov 2009

E-Resource Access and Management Services (ERAMS) provider Serials Solutions, US, has announced the development of a new E-Books Metadata Normalization process for Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks knowledgebase. As a result of this new process, KnowledgeWorks will now be able to deliver the best possible access to e-Books through 360 services and OPACs.

E-Book metadata is normalised in the KnowledgeWorks knowledgebase to provide more accurate and consistent e-Books holdings information to improve access and management of e-Books. To enable normalisation of e-Books metadata, Serials Solutions metadata librarians have developed innovative and trustworthy algorithms that efficiently aggregate and authoritatively link data from all available sources. For each e-Book in the library’s collection, KnowledgeWorks aggregates holdings data from all subscribed databases and normalises them into a single record. This makes it easier for patrons to find and access the e-Books in the collection, thereby increasing usage and return on investment in e-Books content.

Serials Solutions acquires E-Books metadata from all available resources without preference or exclusion. E-Book records harvested by Serials Solutions populate the KnowledgeWorks knowledgebase, and are distributed to patrons through the patron-facing interfaces of Serials Solutions 360 access services and the library’s OPAC via 360 MARC Updates. Each Serials Solutions 360 service shares the same KnowledgeWorks data and administrative interface to eliminate redundancy and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of each service.

The new e-Books normalisation process will be implemented in Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks knowledgebase in January 2010.

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