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Elsevier publishes five new geology books essential for professionals in the oil and gas industries
- 23 Jan 2015

STM publisher Elsevier has announced the publication of five new geology books. These include the updated and revised third edition of Elements of Petroleum Geology, written by preeminent petroleum geologists, Dr. Richard Selley and Dr. Stephen Sonnenberg.

Elements of Petroleum Geology reviews the concepts and methodology of petroleum exploration and production, and reflects the vast changes in the field since publication of the previous edition. It features new information on drilling activity and production methods including crude oil, directional drilling, thermal techniques, and gas plays as well as additional coverage of 3D seismic interpretation. With first-time sections on pressure compartments, and hydrocarbon adsorption and absorption in source rocks, it is a comprehensive resource for geophysicists, geologists, and petroleum engineers in the oil industry.

Editor Dr. Richard Selley is a Senior Research Fellow and Emeritus Professor of Petroleum Geology at Imperial College, London. He has more than 50 years of experience in the teaching, research and practical application of geoscience to petroleum exploration. Co-editor Dr. Stephen A. Sonnenberg is a Professor and holds the Charles Boettcher Distinguished Chair in Petroleum Geology at the Colorado School of Mines. He specialises in unconventional reservoirs, sequence stratigraphy, tectonic influence on sedimentation, and petroleum geology.

The five new geology books are: Elements of Petroleum Geology, 3rd Edition by Richard Selley and Stephen A. Sonnenberg; Education in Training for the Oil and Gas Industry, Volume Two: Building A Technically Competent Workforce by Phil Andrews; Structural Geology: The Mechanics of Deforming Metamorphic Rocks by Bruce Hobbs and Alison Ord; Geoethics: Ethical Challenges and Case Studies in Earth Sciences by Max Wyss and Silvia Peppoloni; and Practical and Applied Hydrogeology by Zekâi Sen.

The books are available on the Elsevier Store and on ScienceDirect, Elsevier's full-text scientific database offering journal articles and book chapters from over 2,200 peer-reviewed journals and more than 25,000 book titles.

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Elsevier publishes new book titles for the petroleum geology industry
- 29 May 2013

STM publisher Elsevier, Netherlands, has announced publishing fourteen new book titles for the petroleum geology industry. The new publications provide geoscientists with additional high-quality, foundational content that supports oil and gas exploration. Elsevier showcased the books at the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Convention and Conference held in Pittsburgh last week.

Many of these books are included in the new Geo-Explorer Books portfolio on ScienceDirect. Consisting of more than 240 titles custom curated by Elsevier's oil and gas exploration content experts, the portfolio is an added resource to Geofacets, Elsevier's research tool for geoscientists working in exploration for the oil and gas and metals and mining industries.

The titles, published by Elsevier or under the Gulf Professional Publishing or Academic Press imprints, include: Volcanic Reservoirs in Petroleum Exploration by Caineng Zou; Dynamic Well Testing in Petroleum Exploration and Development by HuiNong Zhuang; Basin Evolution and Petroleum Prospectivity of the Continental Margins of India Volume 59 by Rabi Bastia and M. Radhakrishna; Unconventional Petroleum Geology by Caineng Zou; Geology and Sedimentology of the Korean Peninsula by Sung Kwun Chough; Reservoir Exploration and Appraisal by Luiz Amado; Advanced Water Injection for Low Permeability Reservoirs by Ran Xinquan; and Heavy Oil Production Processes by James Speight, among others.

All of these books are available through the Elsevier Store or can be found on ScienceDirect, a full-text scientific database offering journal articles and book chapters from more than 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and more than 11,000 books.

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