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Consumer Wellness Center launches new open source science journal - Natural Science Journal
- 03 Jun 2016

Non-profit Consumer Wellness Center has announced the launch of a new peer-reviewed journal on food and environmental science. The journal, Natural Science Journal, focuses on independent science pursued by laboratories and scientists who have no financial ties to pharmaceutical companies, agribusiness giants or government funding sources.

The Natural Science Journal is a free, open source science journal available for immediate download as a PDF document.

Publisher and founder of the journal, Mike Adams, is an independent scientist and laboratory science director of an internationally accredited (ISO 17025) food and environmental science lab. Adams, who also serves as the executive director of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center, says that science needs to be "democratized" and placed back into the hands of the people instead of being dominated by corporate interests.

The first scientific paper published in the journal looks at lead contamination in municipal water supplies across America. Entitled, 'ICP-MS analysis of toxic elements (heavy metals) in 100 crowd-sourced municipal water samples from across the United States,' the paper reveals dangerous levels of lead and other heavy metals found in water samples taken across America.

Future issues of the Natural Science Journal will cover mercury contamination of pet treats, excessive copper in children vitamins, toxic pesticides in fresh produce and alarmingly high levels of cadmium in organic protein supplements.

All issues of the journal are available for free, as they are published, at NaturalScienceJournal.com

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De Gruyter set to publish natural sciences journal Zeitschrift für Naturforschung
- 24 Jul 2014

Academic publisher De Gruyter has announced that it will publish the natural sciences journal Zeitschrift für Naturforschung (ZfN), starting in 2015. The journal was originally founded in 1946 by Hans Friedrich-Freksa and Alfred Klemm at the Tübingen institutes of the Max Planck Society (formerly the Kaiser Wilhelm Society).

Zeitschrift für Naturforschung will be published both in print and online in three parts – Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences and Biosciences.

De Gruyter publishes over 1,300 new titles each year in the humanities, medicine, natural sciences, and law, more than 650 journals, and a broad range of digital media. The Group owns the imprints De Gruyter Akademie Forschung, Birkhäuser, De Gruyter Mouton, De Gruyter Oldenbourg, De Gruyter Open, and De Gruyter Saur.

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