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Amagine's new interactive programme to help physicians determine health IT priorities
- 20 Jun 2011

Amagine, Inc., a subsidiary of the American Medical Association (AMA), has introduced the health IT index. This interactive programme allows physicians to identify their individual health IT priorities in just three minutes so they can begin working towards adoption. Physicians attending the AMA's Annual Meeting, taking place June 18-22 in Chicago, can try the health IT index at the AMAGINE booth.

The AMAGINE physician platform, introduced nationally earlier this year, brings a plethora of health IT solutions to physicians, including electronic medical record products, electronic prescribing software, claims management solutions and clinical decision support and reference tools. The AMAGINE team continually reviews services and solutions to ensure its products fit physicians' needs.

Within the last month, three new products were added to the AMAGINE platform. These are: DrFirst Rcopia-MU, WellCentive EHR-M and DocSite Registry.

DrFirst Rcopia-MU is an upgraded version of DrFirst's e-prescribing product Rcopia combined with a national patient registry. Rcopia-MU meets core and menu objectives to help physicians qualify for Stage 1 meaningful use requirements.

WellCentive EHR-M is an upgraded version of WellCentive Registry that has received appropriate certification to help meet the meaningful use requirements. Using WellCentive EHR-M, along with a certified e-prescribing system, is expected to help physicians qualify for Meaningful Use of Certified EHR Technology and federal incentives.

DocSite Registry is an online patient-centric registry that brings evidence-based measures to the point of care. The DocSite registry also organises relevant clinical information from the patient record allowing physicians to see a patient's medical history and health status at a glance.

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i2i ties up with ophthalmology institution for telemedicine initiative
- 20 Dec 2010

i2i Telesolutions, an India-based start-up, is partnering with Narayana Nethralaya, an ophthalmology centre, to pilot a series of initiatives to detect and treat retinopathy of prematurity (RoP), it has been reported. RoP is a condition that affects nearly a tenth of the 27 million children born in India every year.

i2i has developed a software that links ophthalmologists at urban centres with patients in remote areas. In the 18 months since the company was set up, it has focused on developing technology that allows data transfer of medical images from ophthalmology to sonography. Using this technology, specialists at partner hospitals can diagnose potential birth defects in foetuses by screening pregnant mothers within the first 13 weeks.

The i2i platform requires trained technicians to take retinal photographs of the babies and upload them on the move to a secure remote server using a data card. From here, the photographs can be downloaded onto a phone or a regular computer to a specialist who diagnoses and provides corrective feedback within 15 minutes of the image being first uploaded.

Currently, this model has been adopted as part of the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) in the Indian states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu with primary health centres across 23 districts having this capability.

According to experts, rapidly-expanding mobile phone networks is seen as one leg of the expansion for telemedicine, while a spurt in the use of hand-held medical devices with wireless capability could also drive this growth. These devises are expected to play a pivotal role in telemedicine.

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Ingenuity Systems and Sage Bionetworks announce new collaboration
- 17 Nov 2010

Ingenuity Systems, a provider of information solutions for life science researchers, has announced a new collaboration with Sage Bionetworks, a nonprofit medical research organisation focusing on predictive disease network research.

Under the collaboration, Sage will leverage IPA, Ingenuity's industry-leading analysis software, and the Ingenuity Knowledge Base of structured biomedical Findings, to inform and enhance Sage's predictive disease networks. Additionally, Sage's web portal will provide links to the Ingenuity Knowledge Base and to IPA, to help visitors access timely, context-rich biomedical information and better understand it in a biological context. Sage's content, algorithms, and predictive disease networks will also be made available within Ingenuity products like IPA.

The Ingenuity-Sage collaboration will support therapeutic area researchers who are working to understand the complex developments in the diagnosis, treatment, and etiology of diseases. Researchers will be able to use the content and algorithms from Sage within IPA to analyse molecular data, generate testable hypotheses, and build and visualise predictive disease models. These models will enable researchers to more rapidly identify and prioritise therapeutic targets for drug development and assess toxicity of potential drug candidates.

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LWW, ProtoMED to develop student version of medical practice management, EMR tools
- 15 Dec 2009

Healthcare publisher Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW), part of Wolters Kluwer Health, US, has announced a partnership with ProtoMED Medical Management Corporation (PMMC). The partners plan to build a student version of the ProtoMED medical practice management software and the ProtoCHART electronic medical record (EMR) software.

With this, LWW is doubling its initial order after the national launch of the ProtoMED and ProtoCHART student software. ProtMED is packaged with LWW’s Comprehensive Medical Assisting Third Edition, which is published for education institutions that offer medical assisting and medical office training.

The third edition of Comprehensive Medical Assisting is focused on electronic support resources for medical assisting students and faculty. These resources include ProtoMED and ProtoCHART, which seek to let students get hands-on experience using practice management software in their coursework. Students using ProtoMED can expect to enter the workforce with solid experience using medical management software and electronic medical record software.

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