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Peer Review in the Google Age

In this presentation, Peggy Dominy and Jay Bhatt, Librarians at Hagerty Library, Drexel University, introduce the history of peer review. The paper further discusses current issues from a librarian's perspective.
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Milestones on the Green Road to Open Access - Policy and Practicalities

The ubiquity of the internet in general and the development of repository software packages and internationally-agreed standards have helped scholars to share their outputs as never before. However, with some notable exceptions, scholars have not rushed to take advantage of repositories. This paper by David Prosser, Director, SPARC Europe, surveys some of the major policy activity across the globe and concludes that the coming together of technology and policy mean that we are in the calm before the storm!
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Online Publishing - Strategies and Issues

This presentation by Pipa Smart, Head of Publishing Initiatives, INASP, Oxford, UK, generally discusses about Online Publishing and covers topics ranging from archiving&preservation, alternative publishing models, interoperability and alternative online initiatives.
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Data integration in Biosciences

As increasing numbers of research groups are making efforts to understand biological design and control principles at a systems level, the need to combine comprehensive sets of accurate and reliable quantitative data is also increasing. However, there are several biological data repositories that vary both semantically and syntactically. Seamless access is just one of the several prerequisites for a successful systems biological approach. This presentation gives an overview of the current status.
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Archiving Large Scale Information Systems

Like all publishers, Elsevier is also trying to come to terms with the drastically changed demands that have emerged from working in a digital environment. The changes are more reflective in the area of long-term preservation of the publishing output, and the STM publisher is constantly looking for ways to keep its content both secure and accessible for future generations of scientists and historians. In this presentation, Tony McSean, Elsevier's Director of Library Relations, outlines the changed environment and priorities in which archiving now takes place and explains why a systematic preservation policy is an important priority for all STM publishers.
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