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Revolution and Evolution in Scientific Communication: Moving from Restricted Dissemination of Publicly-Funded Knowledge to Open Knowledge

This presentation by Paul F. Uhlir will describe the author's vision of open knowledge environments (OKEs) for digitally networked scientific communication. OKEs would bring the scholarly communication function back into the universities, much like law journals are published in the United States today. But the OKEs would go beyond the law journal model, integrating the disparate institutional open access developments in a holistic, thematic hub of interactive education and research. The production, dissemination, and use of public knowledge thus would be managed directly by the universities themselves, eliminating the artificial market created by the legacy intermediaries for these public goods and supporting the universities' mission. Paul Uhlir is Director of the Board on Research Data and Information at the U.S. National Research Council, Washington, and Director of the InterAcademy Panel on International Issues' Program on Digital Knowlege Resources and Infrastrucure in Developing Countries.
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Different Views on Digital Preservation

This presentation was presented by by Sayeed Choudhury, Associate Dean for Library Digital Programs and Hodson Director of the Digital Research and Curation Center at the Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University, during Portico's ALA Annual Participants' Meeting. The presentation provides a perspective on what the obligation to preserve longevity of scholarly materials and future access across a wide range of digital and print materials means today and for the future.
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Bridging the Geographic Science Gap: Modes of Quantitative Analysis for

How are scientific papers and journals ranked and evaluated? This presentation by Patricia Brennan, MSIS, Manager of Evaluative Products and Services, Thomson Reuters, gives an in-depth overview of quantitative evaluation systems for scientific papers, looking at the long-established and the newer methods to rank and correlate scientific research.
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Leveraging Institutional Repositories to Support Your Institution's Strategic Mission

This presentation by Richard W. Clement of Utah State University addresses how to improve the chances of a successful Institutional Repository. The presentation was given at the Association for College and Research Libraries 2009 conference.
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Open Access Publishing: a PKP User Group Workshop

This presentation was presented by Andrew Stammer, Journals Publishing Director, CSIRO Publishing, during a two-day Public Knowledge Project Workshop in Sydney. In his presentation, Stammer gives an overview of the scholarly publishing scene and offers his thoughts on Open access. According to him, access to scholarly literature is better now than it has ever been due to the Internet and investment by publishers in electronic delivery. He further opines that access could be further improved if subscription barriers were removed leading to greater ability to exploit information.
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