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Academic Libraries as Digital Gateways

Digital collections of full-text e-books are proliferating on the Web and provide a wealth of open content for students. To examine whether academic libraries are providing a digital gateway to these resources, ten e-book titles from open digital collections were searched in the online catalogs and Web pages of ten academic libraries serving distance learners. Only three of the digital collection e-books were available from any of the library catalogs, and none were found on library Web pages. Availability of the ten e-book titles through Google and other digital discovery tools also had mixed results. Continued projects for improved delivery of open online content are necessary. In order to fulfill their role as digital gateways for their academic communities, libraries must pursue metadata standards to support cross-searching, collaborative projects, and development of e-resource search software, which integrates with the library catalog.
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Does metadata matter?

This is a 30 minute slidecast by Andy Powell (using 130 slides) covers a broad sweep of history from library cataloguing, thru the Dublin Core, Web search engines, IEEE LOM, the Semantic Web, arXiv, institutional repositories and more. The focus is ultimately on why Eduserv should be interested in 'metadata' (and surrounding areas), to a certain extent trying to justify why the Foundation continues to have a significant interest in this area.
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DRIVER: Building a sustainable infrastructure of (European) Scientific Repositories

This presentation was presented by Nobert Lossau, Scientific Coordinator Gottingen State and University Library, during the recently concluded LIBER Annual conference in Istanbul. Driver is a joint initiative of European stakeholders, co-financed by the European Commission, setting up a technical infrastructure for digital repositories and facilitating the building of an umbrella organisation for digital repositories. In his presentation, Lossau talks about the benefits of joining the Driver community and what are the further actions needed.
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Creative Commons Business Models

This documentary film by Frances Pinter and David Percy draws attention to business models in the publishing world that use Creative Commons licenses. Frances has been heading a CC-based publishing project in Africa, and Percy is an award-winning film-maker. The film is 30 minutes long, with three 10 minute interviews.
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What Can Universities Do to Promote Open Access?

What can universities do to promote open access? In this presentation, Open access leader Peter Suber, Professor of Philosophy at Earlham College and Senior Researcher at the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), answers this question thorough and engaging lecture he recently at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet&Society. The talk, co-sponsored by the Berkman Center, Science Commons and Harvard's Center for Research on Computation and Society, gives a tour of five ways that universities can promote open access to research.
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