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About SCOOPE - Knowledgespeak subscribers, on the move, can now access quality STM News of their choice any time any where with the all new SCOOPE service. SCOOPE is the only mobile application that allows subscribers to customise content.
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Advantages of SCOOPE - Knowledgespeak Newsletters can now be downloaded into local memory and read at leisure. No Waiting time, no Connection Charges - read as you please with several options like Search for Customized alerts, Keywords, Links, Settings etc. These are NOT possible in a direct portal access especially from a Mobile Phone.
[Download SCOOPE]
(Customizable) List of topics for News Alerts through SCOOPE - In addition to general industry updates, subscribers can choose to receive updates on

- Big picture information (consortium news, Google updates, M&A, etc);

- Thought leadership, insights (end user insights / behaviour, market data, new publishing models / trends, etc);

- Technology information (e-readers / tablets, search technologies, social web, etc);

- Other topics (library information, licensing, pricing, etc).
[Download SCOOPE]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SCOOPE?
SCOOPE is a Software Application that transforms an ordinary Mobile Phone into a powerful Business Companion.

SCOOPE is an INNOVATIVE yet SIMPLE to USE, Mobile application that allows subscribers to access CURRENT and ARCHIVED NEWS on different categories and topics and themes, directly from the convenience of their Mobile Phones.

SCOOPE provides the subscribers to access quality STM Information of their choice anytime, anywhere without the need for a Computer
Where does SCOOPE work?
SCOOPE is the Software Application that will function in any Mobile Phone (Cell Phone) which has Java Run Time Environment enabled..
Mobile Phone / Cell Phone / Hand Phone Ė Which is the right terminology?
We have chosen to use the terminology Mobile Phone to refer to Phones that use GSM / CDMA / 3G technology for communication. Mobile Phone or Cell Phone or Hand Phone all mean the same.
How do I know if SCOOPE will work in my Mobile Phone?
If your answer is a YES to the following questions, SCOOPE should work in your Mobile Phone without any problem.
Does my Phone have Bluetooth Capability?
Does my Phone have a Memory Card?
Is my Phone a GSM / 3G Phone?
Are there other working Java Applications that came with the Phone or that I have downloaded?
In case of doubt, please contact the Service Centre or Dealer from whom the Mobile Phone was purchased.

What are the Phone Models where SCOOPE will work?
This will be a very long list considering the numerous models that get launched on a daily basis. In general most models of Nokia, SonyEricsson, Samsung, Motorola will support SCOOPE.

In case you are not sure, send us a mail with the Name and Model Number of your phone and we shall help out or contacting your Phone Service centre.

In which Phones SCOOPE will not work presently?
SCOOPE will NOT function in Smart Phones that use Windows Mobile Operating System and iPhones, for the present. The versions which will address these issues, shall be released in due course.
What are the other limitations / hiccups one will face while attempting to use SCOOPE?
Some Phones that use CDMA Network, even if they are Java enabled, may not be able to access SCOOPE Contents.
Low end Models of Phones that offer basic functions only, will not support SCOOPE.
Some Models will require one or more additional components to be downloaded from the Internet.
Some Models though seemingly compatible may have a lower version of the Operating System loaded.
Contact the Phone Service Centre or the dealer in such cases or send us a mail giving details of your Phone make and model and we shall try to sort out.

I would have expected SCOOPE to work just like any Software Application in my Computer System?
Well, most Computers now support one single Operating System and hence are standard. This type of standardization have not yet happened in the case of Mobile Phones. Perhaps this may happen in the future.
How does one download SCOOPE to a Mobile Phone?
Method 1: Portal to Phone via direct access to Portal:
If your Mobile Phone is GPRS enabled , directly access the Download link and transfer the SCOOPE application to your Phone.

Method 2: Portal to Phone via a WAP Link:
In case you had received a URL Link as a SMS Message, click on the URL Link to access the Portal as in method 1.

Method 3: Portal to Computer to Phone:
Access the Download link in the Portal via a Computer, download the Application to your computer and then transfer the same to the Phone by linking the Phone to the Computer with the help of Bluetooth or Infrared or Cable.

Method 4: Portal to Computer to Phone via a WAP Link:
In case you had received a URL Link as an EMAIL, open the EMAIL and click on the Link to access the Portal as in method 3.

Method 5: From a CD to Phone
In case SCOOPE was made available to you in a CD or a DVD or a Pen Drive, copy the application to a folder in your computer and then copy the same to the Phone via Bluetooth or Infrared or Cable.
How does one Install SCOOPE?
In some Models, a Java application (and SCOOPE is no exception) gets installed directly in the Galleries or Games Folder. (A Choice is given to the Subscriber to determine the folder).

In some Models, the application is received in the Inbox as a SMS message and clicking on the message, installs the Application.
In case of any issues contact us or your Phone Service centre or consult the Phone Manual.
How does one use SCOOPE?
Locate the Application from the folder where it is installed. Click on the application to invoke the same. Follow on screen messages.
How much memory will SCOOPE occupy?
SCOOPE occupies less than 200 Kilobytes of memory space.
Will SCOOPE affect other functions of my mobile phone?
SCOOPE will not affect other functions of the Mobile Phone.
How many copies of SCOOPE one requires to load?
One Copy of SCOOPE application is enough to access all categories of NEWS.
What happens if I receive a Phone Call while using SCOOPE?
SCOOPE will prompt the subscriber if s/he wishes to suspend the application while answering the call. If YES, the application gets suspended and can be resumed once the call is completed.
What happens if a SMS is received when using SCOOPE?
The SMS Message gets stored in the Inbox as usual.
What happens if a Call is received while using SCOOPE and I donít pick it up?
The Call will be recorded in the MISSED CALLS list like any other Missed Call. In some phones a popup message may appear. These will not disturb SCOOPE nor SCOOPE will affect the Popup message.
Can I make a Phone Call when using SCOOPE?
No. Just like any other application, EXIT from SCOOPE and make your Phone Call or Send a message or invoke another application.
How does one remove SCOOPE from a Mobile Phone?
Go to the FOLDER where SCOOPE is stored and delete as per the DELETE option in your phone. Consult your Phone manual or contact the Phone Service centre in case of doubts. Alternately Contact Us giving your Phone make and Model number and we shall sort it out.
How much data one can read using SCOOPE?
It must be remembered that a Mobile Phone is NOT a computer with a powerful processor or a large easy to read screen and very large memory size. Though the News Size is limited only by the capacity of the memory card, a very large news item will be slower to read. News Published, therefore will be always a gist / summary with focus on ease of use and high availability.
SCOOPE does not seem to work even though my Phone is Java enabled?
Perhaps the Mobile Phone does not have the latest Operating System or some components are missing. (Some Models of SAMSUNG and MOTORLA require some additional components to be downloaded and installed). In case of any issues contact us or your Phone Service centre or consult the Phone Manual.
I have downloaded various news material to my Mobile Phone. How do I remove them?
SCOOPE will have a feature to delete the files. Alternately you can also delete the files from the memory card directly.
Is Memory Card a MUST-NEED item for SCOOPE to work?
Yes. This is because, the downloaded files are stored in the Memory Card. We do not use the Phone Memory to avoid any clash with other applications in the Mobile Phone.
What is the Minimum capacity of the memory card?
These days Memory cards come in many sizes. Even a 512KiloBytes memory card is sufficient.
I have more than one Memory Card which I keep replacing every time. Will SCOOPE function in such a case?
SCOOPE refers to the memory card to locate the News Files which are stored in a special format. In case the files are present in the currently installed memory card, yes, they will be accessible.
Is GPRS a must?
GPRS connectivity is required to access the SCOOPE NEWS Portal and to download the NEWS Item. GPRS is automatically disconnected once the News Item is copied to the memory card.
Can I load a file direct to the memory card?
The News Files are in a special format and cannot be copied direct to the memory card outside SCOOPE.
Can I have a direct access to the SCOOPE Portal?
Yes, SCOOPE Portal can be accessed directly from an Internet enabled Computer system.
What are the features of SCOOPE?
Please view another page in the Portal for details.
How do I Contact the Publishers of SCOOPE News?
    How do I register for SCOOPE?
These can be done via the SCOOPE Portal or by Sending a message directly from the Application.
How can I refer SCOOPE to a friend?
SCOOPE application has an Inbuilt option to send a SMS Message.Alternately, the same can be done via the Portal.
I wish to inform my friend about a NEWS I read in SCOOPE. How do I do it?
SCOOPE Application has an option to send the News Title and a brief description to a number stored in the Contacts List of your Mobile Phone. The information is sent as a SMS Message.
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