Addressing Keyword Targeting Challenges with an Ontological Approach -

The ongoing deprecation of third-party cookies means that to execute contextual marketing, marketers should go beyond traditional keyword targeting to conduct relevant and successful campaigns. A way to navigate this pivot would be to deploy an ontological approach.

The traditional keyword targeting requires marketers to curate, manage, and make last-minute changes to optimize huge lists of keywords. The marketers in addition have to overcome the lack of context in a given content. This approach can limit the effectiveness of campaigns for brands that do not have the expertise or the time to optimize extensive lists of keywords.

An ontological approach, in contrast, eliminates the need to enter keywords for every unique variation on a general concept. In addition, this approach helps in disambiguating ideas with multiple meanings and sophisticated contextual targeting by organizing language into concepts. Deploying an ontological approach keeps the definitions of concepts dynamic and therefore there is no need for marketers to manually update their keyword lists.

To sum up, the ontological approach eliminates the need to tie user-data to relevance. By enabling contextual targeting, the approach offers a solution to reach users without relying on third-party cookies. Furthermore, the ontological approach facilitates the use of custom contextual categories either alone or in conjunction with other segments and targeting parameters, to improve reach and relevance.

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