Best Practices for using Adjectives as Terms in Taxonomies -

In taxonomies, terms denote what content is about, its aspects, and attributes. Terms typically are either nouns or noun phrases. However, when there is a facet for a kind of attribute or a characteristic such as color, the terms could be adjectives. In some cases, taxonomies might use these adjective terms for tagging. Hence, adjective terms should be created with great care and attention.

Adjective terms for facets/attributes, including color, size, style, type, status, etc., are reasonably straightforward to implement. In contrast, descriptive adjectives could prove challenging to include in a taxonomy because their meaning is more subjective than noun-based terms. Hence, it is complicated to tag or index consistently with adjectives.

Some of the best practices for including adjectives terms in a taxonomy are:

• Keep them separately in their own term list, vocabulary, or facet • Limit the number of adjective terms to a few clearly distinguishable terms • Implement auto-categorization if resources are available • Prepare multiple examples of assets/content items for each adjective term to demonstrate what is the appropriate content for tagging with each adjective

Successfully developing, editing, and maintaining adjective terms, would involve more time and possibly expertise, in addition to taxonomy development expertise and in-depth knowledge of content. The four-step process described above should be used in conjunction with the best practices of taxonomy development, to save time and effort.

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