Building Topology Ontology – Unlocking Smart Building Value -

Designing, planning, constructing, and maintaining a building involves many stakeholders. Most of the stakeholders are related to the construction industry. There are other businesses connected to the construction industry in the context of a smart city. The element common to all these stakeholders is the need to describe their tasks, products, or devices so that other stakeholders understand. Therefore, a minimal, extendable ontology that describes anything in the context of a building is indispensable for maximizing smart building value.

The Building Topology Ontology (BOT) is a minimal Web Ontology Language (OWL). It defines the relationships between the sub-components of a building. Moreover, BOT is considered as an extensible baseline for use along with other domain-specific ontologies following the World Wide Web Consortium principles of encouraging reuse and keeping the schema uncomplicated. Furthermore, BOT is designed to describe building-specific topology and provide detailed spatial information from Building Information Modeling and Industry Foundation Classes.

In combination with BRICK Schema – a uniform metadata schema for buildings – and RealEstateCore – a common language that will enable control over buildings and development of new services – BOT will give property owners an excellent starting point for making a semantic-based digital twin.

In practice, this means that smart building benefits will become easily accessible in the present and the future, along with the evolution of smart cities.

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