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Enterprises expend time and effort in documenting and maintaining processes and models without first building and perfecting a process framework that binds it all together. The Process Classification Framework (PCF) ® addresses this challenge by sharing its cross-industry taxonomy of business processes.

The taxonomy offers a common language for discussing, benchmarking, and organizing the work that is to be accomplished. PCF, developed by the American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC), provides a baseline for organizations to crystallize their process definitions. Users of the PCF can use the baseline to standardize processes and design a custom framework that specifically reflects their enterprise. This shortens the period required to establish context and define activities, which otherwise would have been long and laborious.

With APQC’s PCF, all that needs to be done is to identify the processes in the catalog most relevant to a department or an enterprise and translate its scope, definitions, and task hierarchy to the enterprise’s model. PCF is one of the frameworks that consistently define the breadth of an enterprise.

Enterprises can use the PCF as a guide to help select and build their process models. This facilitates structured and effective discussions around process definitions. APQC’s PCF offers much-needed stability to organizational frameworks. By establishing a common language based on a comprehensive view of enterprises’ process priorities and goals, the PCF simplifies and streamlines the way a process framework is defined. Thereby, it ensures there are no errors thus saving tons of time and resources.

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