Blogs selected for Week November 23 to November 29, 2015

1. Increasing the Scope of Researcher Engagement Through Technology It is an accepted reality that the role of scholarly publishers with respect to their ultimate customers, researchers, is changing. In 2012, Annette Thomas outlined her personal vision of the ways in which publishing, as we know it, should adapt to the changing face of digital […]

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Blogs selected for Week November 16 to November 22, 2015

1. Academic publications to become less important when funding university research The Turnbull government is set to overhaul the way university research is funded by dramatically downgrading the importance of publishing articles in little-read academic journals. Prime Minister Turnbull wants to end the “publish or perish” culture in which academics are pressured to focus on […]

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Blogs selected for Week November 9 to November 15, 2015

1. Dismantling the Stumbling Blocks that Impede Researcher Access to E-Resources The user experience of working with e-journals and ebooks in an academic setting has failed to keep up with changing practices and preferences for how researchers now expect to access the scholarly literature. Roger C. Schonfeld called attention to some of these limitations in […]

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Blogs selected for Week November 2 to November 8, 2015

1. Sharing peer review experiences and knowledge BMC Medicine has launched a new series of specialised ‘How to’ peer review articles written by experienced members of the journal’s editorial board. Jigisha Patel, in her guest post in the BioMed Central Blog, tells us more about this, explaining why there is a need for such a […]

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Blogs selected for Week October 26 to November 1, 2015

1. Open Access at a Crossroads Last week marked the annual celebration/marketing event that is Open Access Week, and this year it seemed something of a mixed bag. Open access (OA) is growing into maturity, and has rapidly become integrated into the scholarly publishing landscape over the last fifteen or so years. We have now […]

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