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Peer Review in Scholarly Publications – Opportunities and Challenges

Peer review is as an essential component of the publication process since it provides a seal of approval on which academics can establish their reputations. The process has become the cornerstone of the scholarly publishing system as it reveals an author’s work for evaluation by other specialists in the field.… Read More

Scientific publishers expedite name changes for authors

In an effort to expand inclusivity for transgender researchers, some scientific publishers and societies worldwide have adopted policies that allow rapid and discreet author name changes to be made on digital editions of published works. These include research articles, conference papers, books and book chapters. Some publishers are also extending… Read More

Transformational OA agreements: help or hindrance?

Covid-19 has been something of a double-edged sword for open access (OA). While the pandemic has highlighted the importance of all things open, its relentless virus continues to swallow up more and more of the community's scholarly budgets, making affordable routes to paying for OA as important as ever. Liam… Read More


White Papers

Harnessing Science for a Sustainable Future: Narrowing the Policy, Research, and Community Divide

This white paper presents key takeaways and recommendations from a virtual conference held last year that brought together policymakers, government representatives, UN officials, and leading researchers from over 100 countries around the world to discuss the role of science in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), how to better integrate… Read More

How scholarly publishers can use Agile methodologies to respond to change more effectively: New White Paper (

As the rate of evolution in the scholarly communication landscape continues to accelerate, how can journal publishers become more readily adaptive? The answer to that question may start with changing the way they approach project management. This new white paper from Scholastica explores how implementing principles of Agile project management,… Read More

Researchers at the Centre: Content Discoverability, Visibility, and Access

In March 2019, Springer Nature and ResearchGate entered a unique partnership to explore new ways for researchers to share content. The goal was to combine Springer Nature’s expertise in publishing high-quality research with ResearchGate’s online platform of millions of scientists, and deliver a better experience for the communities served by… Read More



Elsevier in China – a brief

Paul M. Evans, Vice President of Elsevier, China, has given a brief on the STM publishing industry, his company's proposed activities in China and ethical publishing standards. Read More

Andrew Berin, US Health Sciences Journals, Elsevier, on open access

Andrew Berin, Publisher of US Health Sciences Journals at Elsevier, made a presentation on open access at The Anchasl Spring 2005 Meeting held on April 1, 2005 at Wesley Long Community Hospital. The presentation examines the functions of open access journals, the role of commercial publishers, the rights of the… Read More

Developing country access to on-line scientific publishing: Sustainable Alternatives

Carol Priestley made a presentation on access of developing countries to scientific researches published. Read More


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