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At what point do academics forego citations for journal status?

Author: Rossella Salandra, Ammon Salter and James Walker The limitations of journal based citation metrics for assessing individual researchers are well known. However, the way in which these assessment systems differentially shape research practices within disciplines is less well understood. Presenting evidence from a new analysis of business and management academics, Rossella Salandra and Ammon […]

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What author order can (and cannot) tell us: Understanding contributorship

Author: Lindsay Morton Our systems for allocating and representing academic credit have not kept pace with the ways researchers work today. The importance and yet the ambiguity of the author list creates, at the very least, inaccurate and unfair perceptions about the contributions and capabilities of the researchers involved. It can also conceal bias and […]

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Democratising publishing or dodgy spammers? What ‘inclusive’ publishers tell us about the state of academic book publishing

Author: David Mills and Natasha Robinson In disciplines where the academic book is the primary means for communicating research and establishing oneself in the field, academics may have a mental shortlist of desirable publishers. However, not everyone can access the most elite or reputable presses, and so some choose publishers with less supposed academic ‘credibility’. […]

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Scientific community must act to restore publishing’s purpose

Author: Geoffrey Boulton and Lizzie Sayer Publishing has lain at the core of the scientific enterprise for more than three centuries. By enabling ideas to circulate rapidly between distant readers it catalyzed a creative chain reaction that triggered an explosion of knowledge. Its efficiency and effectiveness are not peripheral issues; they are critical to the […]

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Want to make your research credible online? Image matters

Author: Clara Boothby Whether it is via videos, blogs, social media, or mainstream news outlets, research findings are communicated in many formats and media other than the traditional research article. However, especially when they are divorced from standard markers of academic quality, what makes these communications credible? Drawing on a study of the perceived creditability […]

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