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Revisiting: When is a Publisher not a Publisher? Cobbling Together the Pieces to Build a Workflow Business

Author: Roger c. Schonfeld Workflows are neither features, nor products, nor businesses. They are sets of activities that can be understood as a process and to some degree systematized. Researcher workflows focus on the individual or collaborative research process, including everything from undergraduate paper writing to the most leading edge laboratory research. University business processes […]

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Infrastructure is key to supporting the sector’s shift towards open access for monographs

Author: Caroline Mackay In a little more than 18 months, the new UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) open access (OA) policy for monographs, book chapters and edited collections will take effect. Jisc is considering the implications for this policy and how to support the sector through this in an affordable way. Institutions and libraries can […]

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At what point do academics forego citations for journal status?

Author: Rossella Salandra, Ammon Salter and James Walker The limitations of journal based citation metrics for assessing individual researchers are well known. However, the way in which these assessment systems differentially shape research practices within disciplines is less well understood. Presenting evidence from a new analysis of business and management academics, Rossella Salandra and Ammon […]

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What author order can (and cannot) tell us: Understanding contributorship

Author: Lindsay Morton Our systems for allocating and representing academic credit have not kept pace with the ways researchers work today. The importance and yet the ambiguity of the author list creates, at the very least, inaccurate and unfair perceptions about the contributions and capabilities of the researchers involved. It can also conceal bias and […]

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Democratising publishing or dodgy spammers? What ‘inclusive’ publishers tell us about the state of academic book publishing

Author: David Mills and Natasha Robinson In disciplines where the academic book is the primary means for communicating research and establishing oneself in the field, academics may have a mental shortlist of desirable publishers. However, not everyone can access the most elite or reputable presses, and so some choose publishers with less supposed academic ‘credibility’. […]

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