Centralizing, Optimizing and Cutting Costs

Author: Barbara Rad-El Academic libraries are currently facing shrinking budgets, while at the same time finding themselves having to support inefficient existing programs or novel costs. This conundrum, called “the third rail” of modern academia, is another one of the challenges with an especially significant impact on small and medium-sized libraries. Chronic budget constraints make […]

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Publishers Care about the Version of Record, Do Researchers?

Author: LISA JANICKE HINCHLIFFE Control of the “Version of Record” has come to serve as one of the greatest assets of scholarly publishers. It allows them to maintain their centrality in the scholarly communication system. An important strand of the green open access movement has as its purpose to disrupt the value of the Version […]

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What is “Publish or Perish?”

Author: Sofía García-Bullé Publish or perish refers to the constant pressure on academicians to conduct and publish research and studies, especially in universities where research is the hub for attracting funds. Academicians are employed and remunerated in proportion to their research. The most common measure accrediting a researcher is the number of publications. This push […]

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Content accessibility, Metadata & Discovery take center stage at NISO Plus 2021

The second NISO Plus conference was a huge success with 850 participants from 26 countries. The conference, virtually held from February 22-25, hosted 167 speakers and moderators at 52 sessions. As the ‘nuts and bolts’ of scholarly and technical research communication become increasingly complex, I think NISO Plus is quickly becoming one of the most […]

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Imposters and Impersonators in Preprints: How do we trust authors in Open Science?

Author: LESLIE D. MCINTOSH Preprints play a crucial role in open science but offer an opportunity to be gamed. Thousands of manuscripts have been posted on preprint platforms in 2020, with many papers gaining significant media attention (Kwon, 2020). We have seen the good that comes from rapid scientific communication through faster vaccine development, as […]

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