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PIDs for Peer Review!

Author: Alice Meadows and Phill Jones To make this world a reality, we need to look in more detail at how persistent identifiers are, or could be, used in all research workflows — from grant application to publication. A number of PID experts from around the world have been working on exactly this for several […]

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Preprints, Publishing Models and Citation Advantage

Author: PABLO MARKIN The growing prominence of preprints, such as in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, has significantly affected the manner in which the paper abstracts are worded follows from the study of Frédérique Bordignon, Liana Ermakova and Marianne Noel (2021). More broadly, their findings suggest that Open-Access-first formats, e.g., preprints, that provide access […]

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Guest Post — Why the “Who” of Peer Review is Important

Author: MATT GIAMPOALA, RANDY TOWNSEND and PAIGE WOODEN This year marks 125 years that the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU’s) publications have been in operation. The foundation of AGU’s 22 journals and portfolio of books is built on the long tradition of robust peer review. Continuing their series of posts for Peer Review Week 2021, guest […]

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Open Reviewer Identities: Full Steam Ahead or Proceed with Caution?

Author: VÉRONIQUE KIERMER and ALISON MUDDITT Open peer review has been growing steadily but its implementations take many different forms (in fact, Ross-Hellauer has catalogued 122 definitions). The call for increased transparency has been gathering pace over the past few years with increased funder interest, and there is growing support for publishing reviews and making […]

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Looking Forward with the RightsLink for Scientific Communications Platform

Author: Andrew Robinson Open Access (OA) publishing itself — as an organized, global initiative — is barely over 20 years old, as is (coincidentally) CCC’s RightsLink platform. Over the past decade, more than 30 scholarly publishers representing over 2600 journals have adopted RightsLink for Scientific Communications to manage their OA article processing charges (APCs). During […]

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