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Scientific community must act to restore publishing’s purpose

Author: Geoffrey Boulton and Lizzie Sayer Publishing has lain at the core of the scientific enterprise for more than three centuries. By enabling ideas to circulate rapidly between distant readers it catalyzed a creative chain reaction that triggered an explosion of knowledge. Its efficiency and effectiveness are not peripheral issues; they are critical to the […]

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Want to make your research credible online? Image matters

Author: Clara Boothby Whether it is via videos, blogs, social media, or mainstream news outlets, research findings are communicated in many formats and media other than the traditional research article. However, especially when they are divorced from standard markers of academic quality, what makes these communications credible? Drawing on a study of the perceived creditability […]

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Life in a Liminal Space; Or, The Journey Shapes the Destination

Author: DAVID CROTTY Scholarly communication is in a state of rapid change, a period I called “The Great Acceleration” a few years ago. We are leaving our traditional, print-based, subscription-based past behind, and moving toward a digital future of openness, transparency, access, and reuse. We know the end point of our journey, and we’re on […]

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Why scientific journals should become more accessible to the general public

Author: Indiana Lee As both real information and fake news become increasingly available online, the scientific community is looking for ways to keep misinformation at bay. Scientific journals of all types regularly publish peer-reviewed scientific research and articles that have been vetted for accuracy. Peer review is a form of self-regulation, fostering accountability and an […]

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Working collaboratively to support an open research future: Lessons learned

Author: Eugenie Regan COVID-19 may be the most visible example of scientific data to date that has been shared, used, re-used and discovered in the most collaborative and collective way across all research stakeholders, across all nations and continents. It has had an essential role to play in increasing the credibility of that research – […]

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