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Better Taxonomy and Accurate Attributions Can Help Businesses Improve Sales

A taxonomy is crucial for an enriched customer experience. It offers a clear and concise system for classifying merchandise, which means customers can quickly and easily find relevant products. Correctly classifying merchandise translates to a higher visitor count, a higher conversion rate, and higher sales numbers. One of the…

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Tips to Build and Work with Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge graphs are becoming an indispensable tool for information and knowledge managers, researchers, and executives. It is therefore essential to deploy industry best practices to get the best out of them. Traditional information management approaches often rely on forcing information into controlled structures that impose assumptions. Therefore, mapping the…

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How Semantic Search Can Save Time in Prior Art Searches

Semantic searches can be effective and time-saving in prior art searches, even when prior art is intentionally vague or unclear. It is handy when a researcher has vast knowledge about the domain and market usability. In semantic searching, what is lost in terms of transparency and control, is gained in…

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Knowledge Graph and why it Matters for Manufacturing

Knowledge Graph brings power to data management, and it can be used to solve many engineering and manufacturing problems. Conceptually, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems are very close to the knowledge graph concepts. PLM is about connecting and managing various silos of data, including information about the product's lifecycle over…

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Why Granularity in Game Classification in App Stores Are in Order

During the last decade, the mobile gaming industry has enjoyed exponential growth as mobile game developers created new games and new types of games to keep up with the player’s appetite. The only factor common to most of these games is their app store category even though some games differ…

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How Knowledge Graphs Help Overcome Data Management Challenges

A majority of the data-driven initiatives fail because machines, unlike humans, do not have contextual intelligence. Therefore, to successfully automate, machines need to know what we know. Enterprise Knowledge Graphs (EKGs) have arisen to bridge this data management gap by bringing business meaning to machines. Today, knowledge graphs play…

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How Does Artificial Intelligence Think About Taxonomy?

There are several ways to leverage technology for categorizing procurement activity. Some employ top-down business rules, while others leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI). Historically, the rationale for taking a top-down, business rules-driven approach was the challenge of categorizing complex transactions quickly and at scale. Fortunately, neither of these are a problem…

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