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How Semantic Search Enhances Scientific Search

Generally, a search tool optimized for a specific domain or a subject is unlikely to work well when applied to another domain or a subject. This inability to perform optimally across multiple disciplines or topics limits the utility of the search tool for scientific search. A way to overcome this…

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An Ontology for Aquaponics System’s Knowledge

The realization of aquaponics 4.0, a strategic initiative characterized by the fusion of emerging technologies, requires an efficient flow and integration of data due to the presence of complex biological processes. However, a key challenge is dealing with the semantic heterogeneity of multiple data resources. An aquaponics ontology solves the…

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Knowledgespeak is a leading online STM publishing news aggregation service reporting on all developments within the Scholarly publishing industry, including open access, author support, peer review, etc. . OntoSpeak is a part of Knowledgespeak that caters to the taxonomy, thesauri & ontology and semantic publishing segment.