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A Classification System That Reflects the State-Of-The-Art Scientific Evidence in Psychotherapy

Most psychotherapy research is based on the traditional categorical system. Barring a few exceptions, psychotherapy research has not established specific psychotherapy approaches that are effective for specific diagnoses. This is because of the problems identified in these diagnoses. The Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology (HiTOP) attempts to address this gap in…

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Some Key Trends and Insights from the Global Standards Mapping Initiative

The Global Standards Mapping Initiative (GSMI) is an unprecedented effort undertaken by the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) and World Economic Forum in partnership with blockchain and digital asset leaders across industry, academia, and industry consortia groups. The overarching intent was to outline a path towards universally accepted standards, which…

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The Role of Ontologies in Enhancing Precision Medicine

Accurate classification of patients would enable precision medicine to improve medical diagnosis and treatment. The availability of a vast amount of clinical data and scientific information makes it difficult for a physician to organize and analyze this data and improve patients' classification. This challenge can be overcome by using ontologies…

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Ensuring Long Term Success of Investment in an Enterprise Knowledge Graph

As a representation of an organization's knowledge, an enterprise knowledge graph allows for the aggregation of a breadth of information across systems and departments and provides valuable business outcomes. However, a few key considerations and approaches need to be kept in mind to ensure that the investment in an enterprise…

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Tagging Content Is Teamwork

The inability to find content impacts customer experience, sales efficiency, and marketing return on investment. The problem increases exponentially with growth. A root cause is the practice of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) tagging their content with metadata such as product name and market segment. However, effective tagging requires a system-wide…

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The Synergies between Terminologies and Ontologies

The importance and relevance of terminology and ontology are increasing in this age of digitalization and automation. Even though terminology and ontology are considered separate disciplines, there are synergies between the two disciplines. This becomes apparent when the ontological processes and an ontology are examined for existing or missing terminological…

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The Importance of Putting Metadata at the Heart of Work

The Data Standards Authority's mission, which is part of the Office of National Statistics' (ONS), ensures it is simple and easy to use and share data across government. A substantial share of the work involves making metadata accessible. The digital transformation it had undertaken taught the Data Standards Authority many…

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