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China Collaborating Closely With EU and US on Green Investment Standards

The People’s Bank of China (PBC) announced that China is working with the European Union (EU) to adopt a common green taxonomy across the two markets later this year. China is also planning to engage in more comprehensive discussions on developing a globally recognized green taxonomy at the upcoming G20…

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Experts Break Down Knowledge Graphs and Machine Learning

Knowledge graphs coupled with machine learning are becoming the go-to solution for enterprises looking to connect the data world and the business world. However, enterprises find it challenging to gain meaningful results from this potent combination. Therefore, KMWorld held a webinar to throw light on how to get started with…

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New open resource: Market Watch Relaunched

The Efficiency and Standards for [Open Access] Article Charges (ESAC) initiative has relaunched Market Watch. The intent is to help research institutions, libraries, and the library consortia understand their position in the scholarly publishing market and publishers' relevance for scholars and scientists. Market Watch throws light on the growth of…

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