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Benchmarking Report on the Use of Knowledge Graphs

A new benchmarking study illustrates how large corporates are embracing semantic standards and knowledge graph technology. The report released at the recently concluded The Knowledge Graph Conference highlights how knowledge graph adoption is still in its emerging stage. 50% of the companies surveyed for this report…

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New Independent Group Formed To Work on UK Green Taxonomy

A new group, the Green Technical Advisory Group (GTAG), has been established to provide independent, non-binding advice on developing and implementing a green taxonomy in the United Kingdom (UK). GTAG will oversee the delivery of a common framework for environmentally sustainable investments. By clearly defining environmentally sustainable economic activities, the…

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Unifying Disparate Data with Ontologies

Data classification can be broadly defined as the process of categorizing data points into a hierarchical and systematic structure called a taxonomy. Well-defined taxonomies are mutually exclusive. In addition, they are collectively exhaustive hierarchical categorization systems. So, how do we traverse two datasets, each having its own taxonomy, using a…

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