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Technical Standards Targets Better Data Transactions on Bitcoin Satoshi Vision

The Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) Technical Standards Committee (TSC) published a new technical standard. The standard details the envelope specification that wallets and data services could use to read and write transactions. The envelope specification is a part of the TSC’s roadmap for building out a series of baseline standards…

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Ontology for Media Creation Published

The Ontology for Media Creation (OMC) is the first version of a common ontology for production technologists designing Software-Defined Workflows (SDW) for the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry. It provides a conceptual framework and a set of defined terms to enable both people and software to communicate unambiguously with greater…

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Clause Library and Taxonomy to Streamline Contract Negotiation Launched

The International Securities Lending Association (ISLA) announced the launch of the ISLA clause library and taxonomy. The launch will help modernize the management of securities lending contracts. Securities lending operations are not governed by carefully negotiated terms of contract. Firms’ relied on outmoded procedures to report critical information to financial…

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