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Emerging content formats in scholarly publishing

Advancements in digital technologies have played a vital role in modernising the entire scholarly publication process, writes Prabhakar Bisen. The future belongs to alternative content formats such as videos, podcasts, posters, infographics, and plain-language summaries. The majority of users today use smartphones and tablets to access and search for information.… Read More

COVID-19 medical papers have fewer women first authors than expected

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many governments have shuttered schools and implemented social distancing requirements that limit options for childcare, while simultaneously requiring researchers to work from home. Some have argued that the authorship gender gap in academic medicine is best explained by a slow pipeline and the historical exclusion of… Read More

China’s research-misconduct rules target ‘paper mills’ that churn out fake studies

China’s science ministry is set to introduce its most comprehensive rules so far for dealing with research misconduct. The rule is designed to tackle researchers’ widespread use of companies known as paper mills, which produce manuscripts that are often based on falsified data. In 2017, China’s Ministry of Science and… Read More

Preprint servers have changed research culture in many fields. Will a new one for education catch on?

Academic research moves at a famously sluggish pace. It can often take well over a year between the time a paper is submitted to a peer-reviewed journal, and when that article is published. And then, only those who can get to a library that subscribes to the journal can see… Read More

Breaking the English language barrier in scientific research

Science is the universal language of discovery, ideas, and improvements across time and distance. However, science itself uses a universal language, and not everyone is on an even playing field when it comes to receiving recognition for their contributions. The reality is that practically any important scientific report will be… Read More

New publishing model pins hopes on ‘unity of purpose’

Higher education leaders in South Africa are looking to move to a European model for open access (OA) publishing of scholarly articles as soon as possible, according to the body that coordinates the country’s public universities. The plan to move to the new model has been slammed as unduly expensive… Read More

Innovating the Peer-Review Research Process

A team of scientists led by a Michigan State University astronomer has found that a new process of evaluating proposed scientific research projects is as effective – if not more so – than the traditional peer-review method. Normally, when a researcher submits a proposal, the funding agency then asks a… Read More

Transformative Journals: Rationale

Transformative Journals approach is one of the Transformative Arrangements proposed in the Guidance to the Implementation of Plan S, in addition to Transformative Agreements, and Transformative Model Agreements. Like the other Transformative Arrangements, Transformative Journals are designed to provide a means for researchers to continue publishing results from projects funded… Read More

Do preprints improve with peer review? A little, one study suggests

Every day, scientists post dozens of preprints—studies that have not been peer reviewed—on public servers such as bioRxiv. Preprints allow scientists access to cutting-edge findings faster than when authors submit their findings to traditional journals, which often take months to complete reviews. But what preprints gain in speed, they may… Read More

Peer review process best method to determine scientific funding, study finds

While everybody these days has an opinion about science that affects all, the wisest approach involves consulting with key experts in the field. That also applies to funding research, according to a new article affirming that peer review is the most effective method of helping government agencies predict what ideas… Read More

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