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Blogs selected for Week February 20 to February 26, 2017

1. Who Has All the Content? Looking across the scholarly publishing sector, there are many delivery platforms, representing a diversity of models, such as ACS Publications, PLOS One, Project Muse, and ScienceDirect. In conducting their research, scholars and students find that the voyage from discovery to access can frequently be tortuous. The need to use […]

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Blogs selected for Week February 13 to February 19, 2017

1. Monograph Output of American University Presses, 2009-2013 This is a report on the monograph output of American university presses. The report had the cooperation of 65 presses, which contributed their historical data to the project. The report shows the output of the presses and provides a more granular analysis by subject area and press […]

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Blogs selected for Week February 6 to February 12, 2017

1. The importance of being REF-able: academic writing under pressure from a culture of counting Writing is crucial to an academic’s role of producing, shaping and distributing knowledge. However, academic writing itself is increasingly being shaped by the contemporary university’s managerial practices and evaluation frameworks. Sharon McCulloch, in her post in The Impact Blog, describes […]

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Blogs selected for Week January 30 to February 5, 2017

1. Carving Out a Content Discovery Strategy Publishers often struggle to keep pace with content discovery demands. Emerald’s user-centered discoverability strategy provides some important lessons in how publishers might adopt a more deliberate, evidence-based approach to facilitating scholarly information seeking and retrieval, discusses Lettie Y. Conrad, in her post in the Scholarly Kitchen Blog. The […]

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