Blogs selected for Week Mar 19 to Mar 25, 2018

1. Openness and The Two Cultures What will happen to social research on aging (gerontology), if funding and openness is increasingly sidelined. Is this in fact a path to a deepening divide of the “two cultures”? In his post in the Scholarly Kitchen Blog, Robert Harington addresses openness, and the widening divisions in the “Two […]

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Blogs selected for Week Mar 12 to Mar 18, 2018

1. Research Services: A New Approach It is increasingly clear that a truly integrated approach to research services management is needed to ensure data coherency, enhance visibility and increase compliance. Adi Alter and Eddie Neuwirth, in their post in the Ex Libris Blog, explores the challenges involved in research management and possible solutions. The blog […]

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Blogs selected for Week Mar 5 to Mar 11, 2018

1. A Curious Blindness Among Peer Review Initiatives The world of scholarly communications is awash with innovation around peer review. There is, however, a worrying thread running through many of these initiatives. The common refrain is that academics should take back control of peer review, which carries the heavy implication that journal staff and publishers […]

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Blogs selected for Week February 26 to Mar 4, 2018

1. Is it time to nationalise academic publishers? After decades of free-market ideological dominance on both sides of the Atlantic, nationalisation (or at least anti-monopoly state intervention) is back on the agenda. With state intervention back in vogue, and publishers’ profit margins still sky-high, journals could be the next monopoly to come under scrutiny, discusses […]

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