Blogs selected for Week October 19 to October 25, 2020 -

1. Open with purpose

Author: Liz Bal

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that open access is essential in providing fast, unrestricted access to research. At the same time, it has exposed and exacerbated many inequalities in academia and society. Rebuilding research ecosystem to be open by default presents an opportunity to build more equitable foundations. As a global community, this means recognising that structural inequalities, discrimination and exclusion continue to persist, even in spaces where open principles are valued.

The full entry can be read: Here.

2. PLOS and Transparency (including Plan S Price & Service Transparency Framework)

Author: PLOS

As a non-profit, mission-driven organisation PLOS abides by commitment to transparency. PLOS openly share information and context about its finances, including target revenue amounts in its emerging business models. The Plan S Price & Service Transparency Framework provided PLOS — and other publishers — a clear, uniform structure to share information about the services PLOS perform. Many of PLOS’s mission-driven publishing activities go well beyond peer review and production services. PLOS seeks to provide commentary on some of the services, including how the varied editorial setups of journals contribute to different percentage price breakdowns per title.

The full entry can be read: Here.

3. Are publishers learning from their mistakes?

Author: Roger C. Schonfeld

At the STM Association Annual Meeting in ‘virtual Frankfurt’, much of the focus was on how scholarly publishers are responding to the COVID crisis. Publishing executives reported how they have accelerated their editorial and peer review processes for COVID submissions, rightly taking pride in the contributions they have made to fighting the pandemic. They also emphasised again and again that they want to be more trusted. This is a formidable challenge in light of some recent failures. To achieve their objectives, publishers need to become more comfortable talking about their mistakes to prove convincingly that they are learning from them.

The full entry can be read: Here.

4. 8 common problems with literature reviews and how to fix them

Author: Neal Haddaway

Literature reviews are an integral part of the process and communication of scientific research. While systematic reviews have become regarded as the highest standard of evidence synthesis, many literature reviews fall short of these standards and may end up presenting biased or incorrect conclusions. In this blog, Neal Haddaway highlights eight common problems with literature review methods, provides examples for each and provides practical solutions for ways to mitigate them. Researchers regularly review the literature – it is an integral part of day-to-day research: finding relevant research, reading and digesting the main findings, summarising across papers, and making conclusions about the evidence base as a whole.

The full entry can be read: Here.

5. International Open Access Week 2020: What can a university press do to drive open access?

Author: Ella Percival

Open Access Week is an opportunity to celebrate, discuss, and push forward open access throughout the scholarly community. 2020’s theme is ‘Open with Purpose: Taking Action to Build Structural Equity and Inclusion’ so, to kick off the week’s conversations, a look is made over the open access (OA) publishing taking place at Oxford University Press (OUP) and how the Press is working with researchers, societies, and libraries to support and develop the wider OA landscape. OA publishing makes research free to read and easier to re-use and build upon. As a university press, OUP is embedded in the scholarly community and can use the position to drive OA publishing forward through cooperative action and compromise, working alongside OUP’s library customers and society publishing partners.

The full entry can be read: Here.

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