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2022 Seminar: New Directions in Scholarly Publishing -

SSP’s 2022 New Directions Seminar gathers experts in the field to review the latest developments and innovations in Scholarly Publishing industry. Featured presentations will highlight the advancement of new ideas, technologies, and collaborations that are currently shaping the future of academic publishing, including new directions in open access; new agreements and collaborations that could change the course of research and research funding; ethics in peer review; new technologies in scholarly publishing and the importance of adapting to a data-driven future; and much more. Topics will be presented by a diverse and passionate group of speakers from academia, scholarly publishers, librarians, and industry service providers. The New Directions Seminar should be attended by anyone eager to learn more about the new technologies, policies, global movements, and negotiations that are shaping the future of academic publishing.

Event Date: September 21–22, 2022

Event Location: Durham North Carolina, USA and Online

Event Website:

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