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Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and STM – Webinar Series -

There are many publishers in the scholarly ecosystem and new ones are entering the business every week. In the past years, there is a growing concern among researchers about predatory publishers (journals). It is quite challenging to find up-date guidance when choosing where to publish. The campaign ‘Think.Check.Submit’ (TCS) has been produced with the support of a coalition from across scholarly communications in response to discussions about deceptive publishing. In order to raise awareness for TCS but also to offer real practical guidance to Indian researchers on the question ‘of how to find a trusted journal for publication.

TCS offers checklists; researchers can use them to make sure that the select the right publisher and journal. All stakeholders in scholarly communications, including research institutions, universities and publishers need to help to share and explain about the importance of Think.Check.Submit

Event Date: March 9, 2023

Event Location: Online

Event Website:

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