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Dancing With the 800 lb. Gorilla: Publishing in the Google Era -

The media and blogosphere continue to buzz about new online players threatening the turf of traditional publishers. These include Amazon’s CreateSpace service, which puts publishing directly into the author’s hands. What can information providers do when Google and Amazon have agile technology infrastructures and scalability that they simply don’t have yet? Plenty, according to Outsell, a leading information industry market research and analysis firm. Publishers still have the advantage when it comes to authoritative content and marketing authors. Additionally, new tools are making agile publishing processes easier to implement. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear recent findings and insight on the Googleplex and CreateSpace from Outsell’s Chief Analyst Leigh Watson Healy, and Director and Lead Analyst Ned May. BONUS: All attendees will receive a copy of Outsell's latest report "Google as Publisher: Is Google Poised for a New Push into the Information Industry?"

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