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ACM unveils Journal on Autonomous Transportation Systems -

ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, is now accepting submissions for a new publication, the ACM Journal on Autonomous Transportation Systems (JATS). In launching the new journal, the ACM JATS editorial team recognizes that the area of autonomous transportation systems is at a critical point where issues related to data, models, computation, and scale are increasingly important. Based on the significant growth in research activity around autonomous transportation in areas including computer science, electrical engineering, civil engineering, sensor technology, and artificial intelligence, the new journal is envisioned as a timely addition to the field.

The ACM Journal on Autonomous Transportation Systems aims to cover the topics in design, analysis, and control of autonomous transportation systems. The expected topics of interest include: Data Science in autonomous transportation systems; Communication and real-time control in connected transportation systems; Smart traffic analysis, management, and control solutions; Public transit planning and operation; Algorithm design for autonomous transportation systems; Mathematical modelling of traffic flow; Computation in transportation networks; Algorithms for urban and inter-city logistics systems; and The latest advances in unmanned aerial systems.

The first issue of ACM JATS is slated to be published in 2023. In addition to Co-EiC’s Ukkusuri and Aggarwal, the JATS editorial team includes 10 Associate Editors. Reflecting ACM’s global membership, the JATS editorial team is made up of professionals working in countries including Australia, China, Singapore, and the United States.

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