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AIP Publishing unveils first digital book collection -

AIP Publishing, a leading not-for-profit scholarly publisher in the physical sciences, has announced the launch of its first digital book collection. The first titles in the collection are now available online on, where the books are fully integrated with AIP Publishing’s journal portfolio.

AIP Publishing’s digital book collection helps global research scientists, students and educators discover, investigate, learn and explore. Access to the collection is available through an institutional license, and content is available to read online in HTML and pdf, or to download in ePub format.

Principles books survey a topic, with introductory material for new entrants and recent developments for experts. Methods books examine new techniques for data collection and analysis through tutorial content and protocols. Professional books provide guidance on training and development for educators. Perspectives books offer an in-depth analysis of a specialist topic.

The first new titles include Real and Complex Numbers for Physicists by Nicolas A. Pereyra, F=ma Contests by Branislav Kisačanin and Eric K. Zhang, and a three-volume set Teaching High School Physics by Carl J. Wenning and Rebecca E. Vieyra. Also available is a growing Archive collection of historical texts, digitally remastered to provide modern options for readers and available online for the first time. The first books to join the Archive are through a partnership with the American Association of Physics Teachers.

Covering fields as diverse as materials science, biophysics, optics and photonics, chemical physics, nanotechnology, condensed matter, mathematical physics, and applied physics and engineering, AIP Publishing’s books drive discovery, enable learning, and encourage best practice in research and scientific analysis.

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