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AIP Publishing unveils new OA journal - APL Quantum -

AIP Publishing has announced addition to its rapidly expanding portfolio of Open Access journals: APL Quantum. The new journal is dedicated to the growing fields of quantum information sciences, the development of quantum technologies and algorithms, and the use of quantum computing in novel applications.

APL Quantum seeks to build connections between academia and industry and accelerate important translational research. The journal will welcome research articles, comprehensive reviews, and perspectives. APL Quantum will consider submissions that substantially describe quantitative models and theories, especially if the research is validated with appropriate experimental results.

APL Quantum will be AIP Publishing’s latest OA journal, sitting alongside APL Energy, APL Machine Learning, APL Materials, APL Photonics, and APL Bioengineering. Together, these journals advance open science while maintaining the high-quality peer review ethos that serves as the hallmark of AIP Publishing’s portfolio.

APL Quantum will open for submissions in mid-2023, with an aim to begin publishing at the end of 2023. AIP Publishing will waive article processing charges (APCs) for the first year of publication. The search is currently underway for the journal’s Editor-in-Chief.

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