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ALA TechSource announces new workshop, Getting Started with Open Access -

ALA TechSource has announced a new workshop, Getting Started with Open Access, with Emily Puckett Rodgers and Meredith Kahn. This workshop will last 90 minutes and is scheduled for January 15, 2014 at 2:30 p.m. EST.

Journals continue their transition to becoming increasingly digital publications, experimenting with new publishing models such as Open Access (OA) and incorporating multimedia into their formats. In addition to these changes in scholarly output, the process of research is also changing due to mandates from funding agencies to publicly share research findings and data. In this workshop, Emily Puckett Rodgers and Meredith Kahn will provide attendees with tools, techniques and advice on how to successfully engage with emerging open publishing practices in their own library.

After participating in this event, participants will be able to recognize foundational aspects of these trends in order to understand, evaluate and apply open scholarly practices at their own institution; know techniques to develop a customised elevator pitch to your faculty or administration when they have question about these issues; and be able to engage with these trends in their own library.

Registration for this ALA TechSource Workshop is available on the ALA Store. ALA TechSource is a publishing imprint of the American Library Association.

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