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Altmetric partners with Austria’s National Open Access transformation initiative -

In an industry first, Altmetric is partnering with Austria’s National Open Access transformation initiative AT2OA2, supplying altmetrics data on over 250,000 research outputs from Austria’s academic institutions.

AT2OA2 is the successor project to AT2OA, which ran from 2017-2020 and subsequently secured funding for another four-year cycle from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.

AT2OA2 comprises five subprojects (TPs) and Altmetric data will be used for one of those in particular, TP5. The fifth sub-project aims to investigate whether Open Access, in addition to improving the availability of scientific literature, also promotes increased visibility.

Altmetric will support AT2OA2 and provide social attention data on over 250,000 publications as well as support in the analysis of the data. Summaries, reports and conclusions drawn from the massive Altmetric dataset will appear on the project website in due course.

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