AMA announces open access educational modules to support physicians -

Responding to the exceptional challenges and demands that strain physicians during the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Medical Association (AMA) has announced a new series of open access educational modules offering proven strategies to support the well-being of physicians during a time of acute stress.

Now more than ever, it is important for health systems and healthcare organisations to have an infrastructure and resources that support the well-being of physicians and care teams. The modules providing practical strategies for health system leadership to consider in support of their physicians and care teams during the COVID-19 pandemic are: Caring for the Health Care Workforce During Crisis; Establishing a Chief Wellness Officer Position; Chief Wellness Officer Roadmap; Peer support programs for physicians; and Patient portal optimisation.

The five new modules are among a collection of more than 60 others available in the AMA STEPS ForwardTM series that cover transformative medical practice solutions in key areas such as practice efficiency, patient care, patient health, as well as technology and innovation. The STEPS Forward series is accessible through the AMA Ed HubTM online leaning platform containing education from trusted sources, including JAMA NetworkTM, American College of Radiology, Obesity Medicine Association, Society of Hospital Medicine, AMA Journal of Ethics® and more.

In addition to the new modules, the AMA is offering two free surveys to help healthcare organisations monitor the impact COVID-19 has on their workforce during the pandemic. The surveys can be used to track trends in stress levels, identify specific drivers of stress, and develop supportive infrastructures based on these drivers.

Other AMA resources can help physicians manage their own mental health and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic and provides practical strategies for health system leadership to consider in support of their physicians and care teams during COVID-19.

The AMA continues to work on every front to support physician health and well-being. Through research, collaborations, advocacy and leadership, the AMA is working to make the patient‐physician relationship more valued than paperwork, preventive care the focus of the future, technology an asset and not a burden, and physician burnout a thing of the past.

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