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Angewandte Chemie announces inaugural group of Advisory Editors and new practices to drive greater inclusivity -

Angewandte Chemie, a leading chemistry journal from the German Chemical Society, has announced a new group of Advisory Editors and set of policies and practices to support greater diversity, equity and inclusion, delivering on key commitments made in June 2020.

In the past year, Angewandte Chemie has made strides to foster greater inclusivity through its editorial team and processes. As part of this effort, the journal announces an inaugural group of Advisory Editors, who together constitute the Scientific Advisory Committee. These editors will provide a connection between the scientific community and the journal, helping to shape its scientific profile and providing input on editorial strategy. The Advisory Editors are active research scientists from around the world and will bring their diverse perspectives and experience into decision-making processes at the journal.

A new International Advisory Board has also been assembled. The Advisory Board represents a variety of voices from the whole community, including those from industry and academia, as well as both early career and established researchers.

Over the past year, the journal has adopted new editorial guidelines, which incorporate DE&I principles. These include adopting new practices to expand reviewer pools and decrease the potential for bias, for example, by prioritizing diversity among peer reviewers; revising procedures for appeals and sharing the new process transparently; helping inform – and adopt – Wiley’s new author name change policy, which makes it easy for authors to change their name on published research at their own discretion; discontinuing the author profiles and news sections of the journal, recognizing that the profiles did not reflect the variety of success stories across the chemistry community. The journal has now launched a new type of profile focusing on first-time corresponding authors in the journal, with a greater focus on showcasing diverse voices; raising awareness of DE&I among editors and team members through training and dialogue sessions held by Wiley; and creating forums for external dialogue on DE&I issues, including a recent event with IUPAC entitled “Empowering Diversity in Science: Gender in Academia and Publishing.”

Angewandte Chemie is committed to representing the global chemistry community, fostering greater inclusivity, and moving science forward. Efforts to promote inclusivity are ongoing and will be communicated via the journal website.

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