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APA teams up with ResearchGate to enhance journal article visibility -

In a strategic move aimed at increasing the accessibility and impact of its research, the American Psychological Association (APA) has joined forces with ResearchGate, a professional network for scientists and researchers. This partnership aims to bolster the visibility of APA-published journal articles by granting ResearchGate members direct access to this esteemed collection of academic work through the platform.

Renowned globally for its expansive array of peer-reviewed journals that cover the entire spectrum of psychology, the APA has consistently demonstrated a commitment to fostering the advancement of psychological science. Many of these journals are produced in collaboration with APA's specialized divisions as well as various national and international psychological organizations. With this ground breaking partnership, the APA is set to offer ResearchGate members access to over 5,000 new articles annually, in addition to a rich backfile of over 300,000 articles.

One of the distinctive features of this collaboration is that authors of the articles included in the partnership will experience a seamless integration between their published content and their profiles on ResearchGate. This integration not only grants authors direct access to valuable statistics showcasing the impact of their work but also provides a unique avenue for authors to engage with their readership on a deeper level.

The partnership aims not only to provide unprecedented access to valuable research but also to cultivate a stronger sense of community among researchers and scholars. By facilitating the direct interaction between authors and readers, this collaboration seeks to foster meaningful dialogues that drive innovation and progress within the field of psychology.

For those interested in exploring the APA's extensive collection of journals, additional information can be found on their official website at More insights into ResearchGate's Journal Home offering, a key component of this partnership, can be accessed at

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