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ARL, CARL, and Ithaka S+R collaborate to address historical marginalization -

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL), the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL), and Ithaka S+R have announced their latest joint effort in advancing inclusivity and equity in the realm of academic research. Titled 'Redressing Relationships with the Historically Marginalized,' the newly released issue brief sheds light on strategies employed by research institutions to foster meaningful connections with historically marginalized communities.

Building on the foundation of a 2022 report that delved into how research libraries can align with their parent institutions' strategic directions, this issue brief highlights a specific aspect of alignment—namely, the imperative to forge strong relationships with historically marginalized communities.

The 2022 report drew insights from over 60 leaders within research universities, including presidents, provosts, and senior research officers. This comprehensive study unearthed a plethora of nuanced strategic directions, emphasizing the need for customized approaches in each institutional context. Amid these diverse pathways, the report identified a common thread: the significance of rectifying relationships with historically marginalized communities.

The new issue brief takes this thread and weaves it into a tapestry of actions, presenting four compelling examples of institutions that have embarked on successful journeys towards this alignment goal. The selected institutions were chosen with care, reflecting those that have shown considerable progress in embracing and implementing strategies to bridge the gap with historically marginalized groups.

The highlighted institutions are a diverse mix, representing both universities and national libraries. Among them are Brown University and the University of Manitoba, both universities; Library and Archives Canada, a national library; and the Library of Congress, another renowned national library. These institutions serve as beacons of progress in the mission to redress historical marginalization.

"Redressing Relationships with the Historically Marginalized" serves as a beacon itself, guiding research institutions on the path towards inclusivity and equity. The issue brief is a valuable resource for those seeking to better understand, learn from, and implement strategies that strengthen connections with historically marginalized communities.

Interested parties are invited to download and read the full issue brief, gaining insights from these success stories and considering how they might apply similar strategies to their own institutions. For additional information, please reach out to Mary Lee Kennedy, Executive Director of ARL; Susan Haigh, Executive Director of CARL; or Roger Schonfeld, Vice President, Organizational Strategy and Libraries, Scholarly Communication, and Museums at Ithaka S+R. Together, these organizations are driving positive change and fostering environments of inclusivity within the academic and research landscape.

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