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ARL, CNI and EDUCAUSE release second part of Sarah Lippincott’s report on Research Library Engagement with Emerging Technologies -

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL), the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), and EDUCAUSE have released the second part of a report by Sarah Lippincott, Mapping the Current Landscape of Research Library Engagement with Emerging Technologies in Research and Learning, that will be published in its entirety by late spring 2020. This installment introduces the context and scope of the report, describes the study’s methodology, and explores opportunities that cut across multiple areas of research library services.

Conducted before the COVID-19 pandemic, this study is projected to be an excellent resource for research libraries as they identify strategic opportunities to adopt and engage with emerging technologies. Lippincott’s research considers policies and practices already underway, the ways in which research library values and professional expertise inform and shape library engagement with technologies, the ways library and library worker roles are being reconceptualised, and the implications of a range of technologies on how the library fulfills its mission. Some installments to-be-published are available at

This work is part of a joint ARL-CNI-EDUCAUSE initiative to advance research libraries’ impact in a world shaped by emerging technologies. Last week, the initiative published—along with the executive summary of this landscape analysis—a summary of interviews with experts in research and academic technologies from several allied sectors. In May 2020, the initiative will also release a report on two invitational workshops focused on identifying achievable and desirable opportunities for research libraries.

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