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ASPIRE awards JSTOR 100% score for accessibility statement -

ASPIRE, the first verification service for accessibility statements in the publishing industry, has awarded JSTOR a perfect 100% score. JSTOR is now ranked as one of the top resources in ASPIRE’s audit of more than 50 digital platforms.

ASPIRE was launched in 2018 to encourage platforms and publishers to provide clear information about their accessibility features. JSTOR adheres to Section 508 and WCAG AA standards to improve the user experience for everyone; creating a clear and informative accessibility statement to communicate what this means is essential.

According to ITHAKA President Kevin Guthrie, enabling everyone to interact with academic resources in a meaningful way is an important aspect of ITHAKA’s mission of expanding access to knowledge and education. The organisation will continue to strive to improve accessibility for all, especially as reliance on JSTOR continues to grow, with students and researchers using it a record 288 million times last year.

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