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Aurora and OpenAIRE partner to make Open Science more accessible and demonstrate the Societal impact of research with SDGs -

The OpenAIRE-Nexus consortium and Aurora recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Under the deal, both parties will collaborate to map research output to the SDGs, provide new functionalities like SDG-oriented discovery and statistics on Open Science, and learn from each other.

In this collaboration, Aurora will offer the Aurora SDG text classification service that enables everyone to map academic texts in multiple European languages to the SDGs. A website (concept) where you can insert the abstract of your research paper, and it returns the predicted values of how much this abstract is related to the 17 SDG’s, based on a multi-lingual AI. Additionally, it generates an SDG donut with the relative SDG predictions, you can use it as a badge along with your research paper.

OpenAIRE will offer a CONNECT Gateway, a portal for Aurora Universities, as a single entry-point to all academic publications, data sets, research projects, software, and other research outputs of the Aurora universities. Adding to that the OpenAIRE MONITOR Dashboard will offer insight into the uptake of Open Science practices and the SDG-related research.

OpenAIRE and Aurora will enhance their training material and courses: Aurora will include OpenAIRE services like Amnesia for data anonymisation, Argos for data management, Zenodo for data deposition, and EpiScience for setting up Open Access journals, in its training courses on Open Science practices; OpenAIRE will exploit the program and outputs of the Aurora Open Science project to improve the documentation and training on the services of the Nexus portfolio.

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