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Baker & Taylor’ MyLibraryBookstore ecommerce solution integrated with Axis 360 digital media platform -

Baker & Taylor, a distributor of digital and physical books, has announced that its MyLibraryBookstore ecommerce solution for libraries has been integrated with the Axis 360 digital media platform. MyLibraryBookstore, which powers customised bookstores and patron-direct fulfillment of books, movies and music, has been expanded to offer library users the option to buy ebooks and digital audiobooks via Axis 360 with a simple click.

Queens Library in Jamaica, New York is the first library to offer patrons the ability to buy print and digital content through Axis 360, Baker & Taylor's revolutionary digital media circulation platform.

Now patrons who borrow digital books and audiobooks from Queens Library's Axis 360 website can also purchase content they would like to own by clicking a "Buy Now" button, which provides a direct link to the library's MyLibraryBookstore ecommerce site -

MyLibraryBookstore websites are customised for each library and operate as an extension of the library's service to patrons. Baker & Taylor handles all of the ecommerce duties such as credit card processing and order fulfillment. Digital purchases are processed immediately and offer patrons a choice in download formats.

MyLibraryBookstore's inclusion of digital content will help libraries such as Queens meet their patrons' growing needs.

Baker & Taylor also offers marketing materials to help libraries advertise and build awareness of their MyLibraryBookstore service. Through CustomReach, Baker & Taylor's marketing-on-demand website, libraries can select and customise bookmarks, posters and more to promote their MyLibraryBookstore service and its benefits to the library and the community.

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